Will Chinese COVID-19 Spread In US? What You Need To Know | TODAY


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    As concerns mount about the Chinese COVID-19 in multiple states, NBC medical correspondent Dr. John Torres joins TODAY to explain what you need to know. He says that while “you’re probably going to see a few more cases pop up” in the U.S., the virus may drop off quickly as SARS did. He also says that China is doing an excellent job taking precautions.
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    Will Chinese COVID-19 Spread In US? What You Need To Know | TODAY

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    1. Vann Jonquin

      China Reeeeeaally needs to stop with the quack foods and meds.. please cook you meat thoroughly..

    2. David David

      Coronovirus can be caught from door handles, a cough over food, etc, etc www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51176409

    3. Natasja Yvonne

      This sounds bad but, I know in some places In China they eat dogs and cats no wonder there getting these illnesses, the bird flu came from China as well ☹️💕

    4. panda calvin

      White people will be ok

    5. Rei_whatislife -.-

      This is how humanity ends guys buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

    6. Christina Coombs

      They are looking for symptoms for a disease that can take 14 days to show symptoms. Smart ?

    7. Ramzi Ramzy

      what china is doing to muslim uighur in china brsel.info/video/video/g4Wqg2lra7u4g9c.html

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    9. Kumiko くみこ クミコ

      *Tittle: “This is How asia will end in 2020”* *China: “Hold my corona”*

    10. Anthony Nero

      End of days

    11. Srinivas

      It’s a chines pet bio war project..

    12. strontboer strontboer

      No China people in europa

    13. Time Rider

      News sucks. Im gonna watch a movie instead.

    14. full time fun time

      Muslim best in tha World 💪❤❤❤❤

    15. Angjelo Tego

      Close the areports 🙏🏻

    16. L3MIN

      Check out my chanel for coronavirus brsel.info/video/video/fK-acWJ-rtner88.html

    17. Josh Gaming

      So much comment say that don't let Wuhan go to US, you guys don't need to worry because Wuhan already stop the flight to all country

    18. Anna Maria Rodriguez

      No flights to China nor out from China

    19. Mubashir Playz

      Please don't eat haram eat halal

    20. Lalakku 7

      I hate China

    21. roman reign

      Look at the facts www.symptomsofcoronavirus.net/

    22. Reatrix

      when the asian kid starts coughing

    23. Michelangelo Marino Gavarrete

      This is reminding me of plague.inc and thats not good

    24. salty sugar

      How funny when this virus started out in 2003 there is always one guy who needs to hide it from the world back then it was seen as an common cold-

    25. Walt Kowalski

      Poland have 37 million people for comparison

    26. Walt Kowalski

      you have less than 50% chance that you will get out of this super prospect

    27. Amena Mena

      China Stop eating everything that moves😑

    28. Ronan Max

      It spread through internet

    29. 新西兰的生活海猩Vlog

      33 million infected already? Was in the thousands just 2 days ago!

      1. Walt Kowalski

        yes there are panic already in China and the government organizes '' clean out ''

    30. Elaine

      Call for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General who keep prasing china just becuz chine helped him to get this position!!! link: www.change.org/p/united-nations-call-for-the-resignation-of-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-who-director-general

    31. hadi sumantri

      Guys, remember what they do to the Uyghurs muslim in the Xinjiang, China? They detained muslims, they don't let the muslims pray in the mosque, they forced the muslim's wife to sleep with the non muslim man and they said they want to rewrite Bible and Quran. Now, Allah create a virus which they themselves have to lockdown multiple of cities in China, no cure yet and see what happen to the China economy. China,be kind to each other. No man greater than Allah.

    32. Princess Ava

      ik how much people want to get away from the thing but stay home instead of going places with could get other people get sick then they go to get away then more and more people get sick so they need to stop sending flights into places

    33. James Carr

      Dont believe anything mainstream media say.. If the say keep calm.. Panic... don't take chances don't worry about PC crap.. protect yourself and your family!

    34. josé

      Hope that's help everyone take Nigella sativa seeds crush them until they became a powder and mixed with honeybee and take a one spoon every morning before breakfast. Hope that protect you from any disease 😊

    35. josé

      Sick people eating everything moving, just eat vegetables and rice if you don't have meat, seriously I don't have problems with Chinese people they are kind but Come-on you see what's happen now

    36. Mk Salam


    37. Mk Salam

      In the name of Muslim Where are the innocent people who were thrown into the camp by the communist regime

    38. Rapid

      Say I won’t lock myself in my room

    39. swe san

      Despite having symptoms, a Chinese man refuses to be checked, lied to authorities about going back and went from Monywa to Mandalay in Myanmar. The attitude of these selfish people is very disgusting. Hope such people will be punished hard by the latest law when they went back to China. Sorry for the selfless doctors and nurses working hard in China. Fighting Wuhan! Fighting China!

    40. Aman Plays

      I might sound mean but bro i really have no problem if they die. You thought of having a clean and healthy environment by killing all these innocent animals ? Too much sins, now god wants no more of it. I feel sad for the innocent though 😢

    41. dereg sivak

      Russia has closed the borders why can other countries close aswell . Stupiddddd peapleeeee

    42. dereg sivak

      Disgusting peaple

    43. Nightbot

      I bet the chinese people ate a dead human or something like that

    44. Harry May

      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now here as foretold. Wars, famine, pestilence & death gallops the globe at tremendous speeds. We must prepare ourselves at best!

    45. Maria Gomez

      What do the mean by 33 million people affected???? 0.45

    46. Bond James Bond

      WORLD WAR Z!!!

    47. samdee pride

      AOC says we cannot restrict Chinese from coming into America

    48. J. Montrice

      Great time to be a vegan 🌱

    49. ong kim

      Coronavirus Spreads,, yeah,, made in China ,a present to crazy Trump

    50. X O

      the coronavirus invented and patented from u.s. is for use as a biological weapons to attacked any countries whom they regards as a threats to them. They always base on their own interests.

    51. Shannon Taylor

      *what you need to know* What i need to know is the truth. The media is a big one for blowing things out of proportion.

    52. Hinami Mei

      Omg nuke those cities that are infected and take the people that are in the U.S infected to china, dont infect more of us! Burn them! I'm so scared, I don't want this spreading in the U.S! I want everyone ok here and my family too...

    53. Ruthless Dundey!

      Nasty 🤢 as Chinese people !!!!

    54. The Last Viking TV

      California outbreak here brsel.info/video/video/p5idcZZsd5bZipw.html

    55. PotterHeadXxX X

      Its in Finland too

    56. infinity banana playz

      Its already there

    57. Conscious Queen

      “People will say, “We have peace and we are safe.” At that time destruction will come to them quickly, like the pains of a woman giving birth. And those people will not escape.” ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:3‬ ‭ERV‬‬

    58. Shane Rooney

      0:43 "33 million affected" 33 mil AFFECTED, not infected. 33 mil who have to deal with quarantine issues, not 33 million sick. intentionally misleading news.

    59. Long Tran

      I suggest that the US government should suspend all travel between China and countries that have infected people to make it easier to control and protect our Americans at this time.

    60. Jade Foreign

      It’s crazy if you scramble wuhan and flip the w it reads human