Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

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    What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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    1. loveforthegame3

      The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

      1. Aschentae


      2. Abhi

        @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

      3. Lil Ava

        Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

      4. Aiwanano

        He spelled space wrong lol

      5. Aiwanano

        :o he got pinned

    2. Abhisek Chettri

      Any flat earth evidence doesnt make no sense.

    3. vengful howl 2358

      It's a cube!!! Has Minecraft taught you *NOTHING* ?

    4. The Light Rhyder

      Heat Waves. if you watch a car drive over the horizon during hot weather, it appears to have a reflection on the ground. something similar could be happening over the water.

    5. AgAug Gaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="529">8:49</a> She just called her son an idiot, what an uno reverse card.

    6. Jayce H

      “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” didn’t know that lady’s name was “sarcasm”

    7. The Light Rhyder

      But Sun dials are Flat..

    8. AgAug Gaming

      Ha! What a shame, the world isnt real.

    9. McXter

      why am i even reading the comments, i am not feeling shame to call this people illiterate !

    10. Matt Tarrant

      Only 2k salty flat earthers

    11. Mswahili_wa_Kariakoo

      If mom had used deductive reasoning she would have known that her son is right. @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a>-47.

    12. NitroSpider VIlluminati

      "People distrust in science, because they don't understand it, or feel they can control it" ~Stephen Hawking

    13. dani8441 dani8441

      i like how his grilfriend is just praying 'oh lord please don't get me into this stupidiity

    14. SteveSta

      Mom, that incredibly simplistic example has convinced me that we undoubtedly cannot share the same DNA What a sentence

    15. Monkeyojacko

      There was a person on reddit that was like “give me 3 reasons against the globe” and I was like “I’m not against the globe” and they said “I know but I want you to try arguing against a side you aren’t on” and I’m so clueless

    16. CameronW0907 gaming

      flat earthers are stuipd

    17. FTfan #1

      How can a plane flying around the earth be compared to a fly flying around a beach ball. A plane is much smaller in comparison to the earth than a fly to a beach ball.

    18. Professional Cyberbully

      If this was my Mother I would be worried for her...

    19. n8than

      if the teleport thing is real it should be a phenomenon, and people might record it and put it on youtube, what's up with that flat earthers?

    20. Uchiha Clan

      Is this going to be another Area 51 raid alike. Just sailing to antartica

    21. Nhân Nguyễn

      This is why I don’t want to have a long conversation or augment with the elderly

    22. Khakh net

      *Angry Karen noises*

    23. Sudanime

      I know that the thought of the earth being flat is ridiculous, but why does everyone acts as if it's blasphemous to think that it is. That's quite arrogant.

    24. Sera Tonin

      Yelp go lol

    25. Meep Meep

      Why 2+2=4 Flat Earthers: no!!! It’s flat

    26. Agurke Per

      i hate some people how think thery now even f.... think

    27. Adam O’Brien

      If the earth was fake it would just collapse in of it self and form a sphere same concept because of which a bubble is round a sphere is the most durable shape in nature because it has no edges

    28. OneDimension

      bro the earth a donut get it right

    29. Boeing AH-64 Apache

      plot twist: there is no earth

    30. Anthony Hodyl

      what about the core if there no core that means the earth is not liveable

    31. The Kerminator

      Just take her to a room and tie to a chair with a tape playing *the flat earth mason it dosent exist*

    32. Prophet of Greyism

      Flat Earth Apologists exist. And should be deported to the Sun. So they can see that the Sun is HUGE, the Earth is ROUND as an oblate spheroid, and realize that they’re gunna be Culled. I’d pay to watch that.

    33. stush222

      HEY YOU If you think the earth is flat then please tell me how it works For the people with me that think it’s round 👏🏾👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼👏🏿 and you flat earths please learn about gravity time zones you should also go to outer space

    34. Drift Net

      Guys......... The earth is a cube and everyone knows that

    35. xXDragonHDXx

      you should’ve asked her to explain lunar eclipses😂

    36. BMW M5

      Long story short, a flat Earth will never be possible because of Science But never mind flat Earthers don’t even believe in science

    37. Tristin filsinger

      Ok boomer

    38. Maison B

      If you think earth is flat your soooooooooooo wrong it's actually round

    39. XLG Virginia

      Well we all know that the earth is square

    40. IrelandVonVicious

      It's easy to show evidence against flat earth. It's also easy to show evidence against sphere earth. The hard part is proving one to be correct.

      1. IrelandVonVicious

        @Random person Depending on point of view. You can't prove how Earth's magnetic field works. We just know it there. We have no proof of atmospheric refraction other than it is needed so our observations match the theory of a spherical Earth. It gets worse the further out you go too. When the heliocentric model runs into data that doesn't match observations they just add another unproven holding place like dark matter. I've never been a believer in a flat Earth but I can see why they don't agree with the official story. If they use the same amount of unproven unicorn farts as we allow for our current understanding they don't look much different. That is why they never prove it's flat they only show where the ball has issues if they are smart. But most of the major flat Earth channels are just shills looking for clicks and put up horrible info that most flat Earthers do not agree with and discredit them all by doing so.

      2. Random person

        Theres no evidence against the sphere earth that is scientifically correct unless its a myth/theory

      3. happy muttonchop

        irel There is literally no evidence for flattardia. Just flattard ignorance.

    41. Josh Teague

      Explain y rocks fall from the sky n make huge craters on the ground

    42. Josh Teague

      Flat earthers r like Democrats

    43. Johan Åberg

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> Of course, when you can't counter someones argument, just insult them. That always works fml.

    44. dythehotshot

      Does anyone think they are right?


      YOU ARE BOTH WRONG. earth is a geoid. look it up!

    46. Daniel Cingari

      But if she says waves are formed by "magnets", why can't you bend water with a magnet of your own??


      THE EARTH IS ROUND YOU #######

    48. Alexander Song

      Ah yes, water is wet

    49. dhfhwhch dhdbeudb

      The earth is not flat, Coastal Plain is.

      1. dhfhwhch dhdbeudb

        Coastal Plain is the largest region of Georgia.

    50. UmerPK 4

      I'm filing for a disownment order, if my mother ever says that. We don't cross that line, mom!

      1. happy muttonchop

        Just get a power of attorney to take over her finances. No judge would refuse.

    51. Mdalbk

      'I wonder why...' it's the old (unreasonable) mom who believes in the flat earth and the young (reasonable) son who believes in the round earth and not the opposite with switched personalities.

    52. Mike Peskar-Murphy

      You can see the curve on a plane when you get high enough you don’t even need to go to space to see it😂

    53. Doggie Eilish xO

      Hey, if perspective is the answer to everything being flat then why does my ROUND STOMACH look flat instead of the reverse?

    54. Mehdi Arefin

      What about gravity

    55. Phillip Price

      What about the other planets?

    56. Lets Play Viktor

      This is why you should never let an old person have social media

    57. GD Starz

      Not being mean but their mother is DUmB

    58. uron

      Flat earthers:THE EARTH IS FLAT BECAUSE uhhhhh..... SHUT UP! Person:HOT DIGGITY DOG!

    59. LOVELY GUY

      Triangle is the true form

    60. Aiden Lai

      your mom is an old crazy coot

    61. DatOneBoi

      Conclusion: *the floor is made out of floor*

    62. Alvin Lee

      Can anyone explain how can the earth maintain 12pm sun is directly above our head after 180 days being at the opposite of the sun and while the earth is turning 24hours a day

      1. EvilPlagueDoctor

        Vast majority of the time the sun isn't directly over your head at 12. (If you put a stick in the ground it will always have a shadow (except really rare occasions) meaning the sun is at an angle.

    63. Zade Watson

      And I swear if she pours water on that orange I will say one thing gravity

    64. Richie Rich

      Flat earth mom: " Well, the the reason some constellations are not visible in other places is because objects traveling away get smaller the farther they get away from us." Son: "But, the sun goes over the horizon the same angular size." Flat earth mom:😳

    65. Rajja Nasution

      i thought earth was flat I guess earth was a donut :D

    66. indrani mitra

      The simple thing is, what reason does NASA have to lie to us? If the earth was really flat, why wouldn’t they just tell us?

      1. szolanek

        For the dome. It would make us mice in the laboratory.

    67. Phuc yoo

      With the whole flying to the ice wall and getting teleported back, if people are going to sail there, how come they are not going to get teleported bwck eh?

    68. Kathy Salas

      Next shape for earth TRIANGLE

    69. King of all Dimensions Scorpio Sun


    70. Yeet Ason

      There idiots


      about the fly and the beach ball is completely wrong, she just does not think at all. A plane cant fly that high to see thew curvature of the earth, the only thing a plane would see is the horizon and a fly and a beach ball, if that was compared the fly would be probally be the international space station and the earth is the beachball. Gravity pulls us down to the core which makes us aware that its flat . And if the earth is flat, it would probally crash straight into the moon

    72. Nerfed Booster

      Just make her listen to paramore song, Ignorance lol

    73. d Va

      If the Earth is flat, and not a sphere then why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor? I believe that Japan is across the Pacific ocean, with Hawaii between mainland USA and Japan. But if not, then why would Japan go completely around the "disc", to attack a base as far away from them as can be?

    74. Moody-gachagirl

      LIER THE EARTH IS FLAT tell me if the earth is round a sphere them how are people at the "bottem" of the earth how are they still there and dont say OH GrAvTy NO dead wrong there is a rim around the earth have you ever traveld to the very edge and theres a dome around us

      1. Altaic

        Can you prove that the earth is flat using science?

      2. Sky The Angel :3

        Moody-gachagirl Of course it’s a gacha kid that believes in the flat earth model......you probably just wanna feel special......

      3. Dank Nibba

        @Moody-gachagirl Wut does feminism have to do with anything here? You obviously don't wanna argue cuz you can't

      4. Moody-gachagirl

        @Dank Nibba uhg feminist or something i am not gonna argue so bye

      5. Moody-gachagirl

        @happy muttonchop im not gonna argue i just said what thought so bye

    75. SignedTundra Gaming

      This video is Unnessisary

    76. Foxmpomas

      First of all, even if the world is flat. Why would the government try and hide it from us?

    77. Azunyan

      Idiots, *gravity holds up the earth so its spherical* *if the earth is flat, theres no north and south pole, gravity doesn't have a pole to grab on, so we would fly up on space.*

    78. kenworthNH

      If you dig a hole right through the earth and jump through, you'll come out feet first?

      1. Sky The Angel :3

        kenworthNH I don’t think you’d make it to the other side since you’re being pulled to a point.

    79. Matthew Theobald

      Seeing is not believing! Your senses will fail you. Science is what allows us to go beyond our narrow view of the world and our limited vantage point. If you only believe in what you can see, then you are missing most of reality. So what if the Earth "appears" to be flat, the truth is that it isn't. We can prove it with math and science. Completely ignoring the fact that we have pictures of the Earth from space, we have known the Earth was round since the Greeks. Proving it was as simple as sticking two poles in the ground at different points and seeing the different angles of the shadows. If you believe in something because you read it on the internet, maybe you should challenge that belief with credible sources from elsewhere .

    80. NöLøve KC 87KC

      so explain why we didn’t see the moon and the sun out at the same time when most of us was kids like in the 2000s but now they’re both out