Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

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    What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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    1. loveforthegame3

      The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

      1. Abhijith P J

        @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

      2. Lil Ava

        Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

      3. Aiwanano

        He spelled space wrong lol

      4. Aiwanano

        :o he got pinned

      5. Mathieu Leader

        the shape of the universe is close to a donut

    2. Scublord Memes

      If they tried to go to the edge of the earth the would apparently pac man to the other side

    3. Brennan Carlson

      Yeetus Feetus Flat Earther Theory Deletus

    4. YE Boi


    5. mysterious mist

      Dislikes from those flat earth gangs 😂😂

    6. Band Wagun

      You had me at ok.

    7. Ron Papi

      American Taxpayers fund NASA to the tune of $52 million every day .Corruption starts there.

      1. Scott Wallace

        And the American military gets over thirty times that much.

    8. Rikky999

      I see you decided to go for an easy target.

    9. Ron Papi

      Eric Dubays 200 Flat Earth Truths cannot be debunked unless you are a Sheep.

    10. Ron Papi

      Gravity has never been explained or proven.Density is what rules.Not Gravity

      1. Scott Wallace

        Density is not a force and cannot explain the direction of down. Gravity is and can.

    11. I love you Serapion

      I can't believe some humans still believe that earth is flat

    12. servo6620

      The facts in this vid presented by the son have ALL been debunked ! The Earth is FLAT do some research for yourself and don't rely on what u have been told !!

      1. Scott Wallace

        Yes, research by all means, but do it outside. One sunset over the ocean shows that the Earth cannot be flat.

    13. raid6n

      This video is so fake. Smh

      1. Scott Wallace

        It's CGI. Like the flat Earth.

    14. Aiden Reyes

      Tell this to flat earth 🌎 international: if the earth 🌎 were flat, the moon 🌔 and sun ☀️ would crash down to earth 🌎, due to gravity being strongest at the center

      1. Scott Wallace

        They don't recognize gravity.

    15. Ral

      No no no the earth is flat but curved. That is why you can see a curvature. It is so very curved that its almost looked like a ball but its still flat. 😏😏😏

    16. Alex Berhane

      Video-"Why flat Earthers are dead wrong FOr REaL i NevEr kNew THatT

    17. George Gaul

      Man, this video had adverts every 90 seconds fck that!

    18. myjhie1

      if the earth is flat why butts like kim kardashian and not like mine

    19. Chino T-800

      BRsel are scare shitless about the truth..FLAT EARTH..

      1. happy muttonchop

        chin Flat earth is a scam on the gullible and delusional.

    20. Vladimir Kezunovic

      Mom, why is your savings account flat out empty?

    21. rottingemptiness

      this is just a global test

    22. Oof Oof

      The mom is sped

    23. David teer

      Ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy your flight from Santiago Chile to Melbourne Australia. Normally this is a 16-hour flight however due to the Pac-Man effect will be there in 2 hours

    24. GoldenHashbrow

      Am I the only one that was laughing hysterically when the mom was talking?

    25. khalis Zuhri

      Me : * arguing with my mom using facts * Mom : "I raised you"

    26. David Scaricamazza

      Earth is shaped like a plane

      1. David Scaricamazza

        @happy muttonchop cessna 172

      2. happy muttonchop

        Boeing? Airbus?

    27. El Chucho

      Question everything!

    28. Vimal Ramachandran

      It's utterly painful that we have to constantly state the Earth isn't flat. The Flat Earth nonsense is one of the worst fallouts of the internet and social media.

    29. TheBlueApe

      How is the best way to say this your grandma or mom is really dumb

    30. Magma Eclipse

      Love it how the girlfriend is just smiling the whole time

      1. Gregory May

        Best part of the whole show.

    31. Finley's Memes

      *i d i o t s*

      1. Gregory May

        E x a c t l y ! I like their animation, though.

    32. michael singer

      I listen to a podcast all about serial killers, ghosts, aliens, true crime trials, and conspiracies and man these are so WEAK, I want to hear about the grays and the pleadians and the Jew run media

    33. David Joyce

      His mum was right. Rigid body rotation disproves space travel while 2nd law of thermodynamics disproves space itself.

      1. Scott Wallace

        @David Joyce If it's simple physics, why does no physicist say this? How does rigid body rotation disprove space travel? Or the second law of thermodynamics disprove space? Why don't you have a Nobel Prize for this revolution in knowledge?

      2. David Joyce

        happy muttonchop the only ignorance on show here is yours. Rigid body rotation disproves space travel end of story. It's simple physics. Are you a physics denier?

      3. happy muttonchop

        david Thank you again for demonstrating the standard flattard ignorance of every subject they ever bring up.

    34. Wietse Heerink

      The fact that this video needs to be made is despicable

      1. Gregory May

        Things are not what they seem.

    35. Elekx

      the name of the ship is "The Pancake"

    36. J_C

      So many salty flat eathers in the comment section ignoring the perfectly legitimate points this video made. Stay mad

    37. CrustyBagel GAMING

      the photos of earth are manipulated because the telescopes are so close to earth but the earth is round

    38. The Mustache boys

      So the earth is a frissbee

    39. It's Bobachu

      The Earth is a lie! We are dust particles in a endless void of meaningless. Nothing matters.

    40. Citizen of Earth

      This conversation is made up for the sake of making flat earther look bad. Most of the facts presented in this video are simply untrue. Further, I don't know any flat earthers who share these set of views.

      1. Scott Wallace

        @Gregory May Example?

      2. Gregory May

        Lots of MADE UP BS on "both sides" of their propaganda piece.

      3. Citizen of Earth

        @J_C I'm not complaining about my peers lies, of which there are many flat earthers spreading lies, I'm concerned about the lies and uniformed misinfo in THIS video.

      4. J_C

        Citizen of Earth you all cry no true Scotsman when you see one of your own miserable fail to back up your lies.

    41. fred jones

      Sadly, a flat earther has a couple of serious issues. 1. A low IQ resulting in a low level of education and an inability to comprehend the scale and physics of reality 2. An “it’s all a conspiracy” mental illness, a youtube fed disease If a flat earther tries really hard, an education can often help

      1. Stuart Gray

        Dont forget that there is not a single person who has graduated College with an Engineering or Physics degree that *believes* this horseshit. Flat earth is ALMOST exclusively for high school dropouts who have never taken a physics course in their lives.

    42. Silicon Breakfast

      The lies are crumbling.

      1. happy muttonchop

        sili The flattard lies started out that way.

    43. ok im done

      Alien : *look an frisbee*

    44. Shivansh Chauriha

      1970- I bet there will be flying cars in future 2020 - PACMAN EFFECT😭

    45. aj b

      Globe Cult

    46. CinCoCent CC

      I have to say there is no solid proof for either to be right. One thing is pilots proceed in straight motion they dont descend as they go. Nasa has admitted to altering their pictures

      1. Scott Wallace

        @Stuart Gray True. I'd just add that you don't need a ring-laser-gyroscope to see that the Earth curves one degree for every seventy miles- two sticks will do the job.

      2. Stuart Gray

        - " have to say there is no solid proof for either to be right. " FALSE There are pictures taken by over a dozen space agencies of the earth from space. Google "EPOXI images of earth" for just one example. "One thing is pilots proceed in straight motion they dont descend as they go." You dont "descend" while flying over the curve (you maintain altitude OVER the curve) but you CERTAINLY DO rotate about one degree forwards for every 70 miles flown. modern ring-laser-gyros onboard the aircraft show this to be the case. In FACT the same ring-laser gyros measure earth rotatio *AND CURVE* as part of every pre-flight test. I have performed this test myself many times. "Nasa has admitted to altering their pictures" NASA has admitted to altering ONE IMAGE and you flat earth morons take that out of context an think it applies to all images from NASA. THAT IS A LIE, now quit repeating it.

    47. CinCoCent CC

      Dont know if flat but i do believe that Its not round or spinning as they say. For sure there is a big lie about this land and history

      1. Stuart Gray

        Most modern aircraft have ring-laser gyros measure earth rotation AND CURVE as part of every pre-flight test.

      2. VingVing Duy

        But all our research, all the things we calculated, we have observed and you think it's all wrong? If we wouldn't know how gravity would work, how day night cyclus and summer winter cyclus would work, how would we build planes able to beat gravity, why would we invent time zones? It's all because our observations have helped us to understand the world. Science is not a thing you invent or think. It's a thing you can state by doing experiments research and proving it by math...

    48. Cami Lito

      It is incredible how misleading and unfair to the real FE argument this video is.

      1. happy muttonchop

        cami The "real" flattard argument. Thanks for the laugh.

      2. Scott Wallace

        Pray tell what the "real" flat Earth argument is.

    49. P Herz

      3:31 marked 33er Fehlleitung Missleading. His own mom. How can it be? this poor little fellow. This is eberassing.

      1. happy muttonchop

        herz Time to put mom in a home.

    50. Arman Mahmood

      I have a question. Y DO THEY EVEN NEED TO LIE TO US IN THE 1ST PLACE?!?!?!? Its not like ppl to lie to u 4 no absolute reason

    51. Pete B

      no u should of asked what about the atmosphere or the green house gases that wouldn't be possible if the sun was that close.🤷‍♂️

    52. Abram Berry

      Even if the earth were flat, and it were some massive conspiracy, what would there be to gain by pretending it was spherical?

      1. Scott Wallace

        Money for NASA and lost souls for Satan. That's what they say.

    53. lakeside

      The truth will come out soon sheeples the earth is actually shaped as a cube the cube earth people will unite soon

    54. Forduss

      How dense do you have to be to think the earth is flat

    55. Quinn Ghantous

      People that believe the earth is flat have no brains at all

    56. The stinky bit

      Why do you think the Earth should be floating? Isn't that the main obstacle that divides those who know who doesn't?

      1. The stinky bit

        @Scott Wallace Not really, you are just discarding old information and taking it for granted that it is false. Ask yourself where the ancients who built Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India, China, etc. went. and if you really think that the current settlers have the same knowledge that was required to leave that legacy. If these people made enough progress (the same that we have not been able to achieve) to leave "the planet" why should they not have it now and return. After all, each ancient culture has the promise of a return and subsequent salvation. Ask yourself the right questions and stop believing in dogmas that ensure you are just an insignificant particle in an imaginary space.

      2. Scott Wallace

        @The stinky bit Where? Antarctica only goes to the South Pole. It's all known and mapped.

      3. The stinky bit

        @Scott Wallace Beyond Antarctica.

      4. Scott Wallace

        @The stinky bit The thing is, we have been everywhere on the surface of the Earth, and there is sky in every direction. Where could there be additional land?

      5. The stinky bit

        Scott Wallace If a basketball is spherical and moves, should I assume that the court is also spherical and moves? Isn't it a primitive and hypothetical reasoning? If what we call Earth were a pond in the middle of a large area of ​​frozen land, would it violate any of the known scientific rules? What we call extraterrestrial does not mean in space but additional land, could there be other ponds inhabited by other civilizations as a neighborhood?

    57. Iceman

      WRONG. Idiot

    58. Potato BoB

      I always thought this whole thing was just a meme that will go away but no we have full on educational vids because of one little sentence

    59. The crusader

      The earth is clearly a giant rock orbiting a large light bulb

    60. fireguy 92348

      This doesn’t really explain how they are wrong

      1. Scott Wallace

        True. But explaining a sunset does.