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    Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.
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    TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

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    1. Honey Softies

      How did John change his skin color I-

    2. Bri

      The whole time I was rooting for John because I secretly wanted him for myself ( well not secretly anymore )

    3. Jenni Wuensche

      I’m probably the only one that found this movie extremely cringe

    4. Anna Oop

      I’m kinda sad that she just left John like that

    5. Rui Lei

      ok but if Lara jean breaks up with Peter ima throw hands

    6. Huyền Trang

      My god, I need a little sister like Kitty indeed :))). Noone around her stay alone actually ^^

    7. Sierra Banks

      John Ambrose was white in the first movie x)

    8. Travis

      Best movie ever

    9. Manu T.

      I read all three books, and loved them very much. I was looking forward to the movie, but I loved it. There are differences and some details have not been added but it makes sense, it is a film, it is another means of narration. The atmosphere, the actors, the music ... it makes me really comforting and romantic. Maybe I'm too fond of this story but I loved this sequel (I also love Noah madly) and I am looking forward to the third film! ❤️

    10. magically yours

      john btr gt a gd ending in anothr universe🙄 the ending feels so rushed

    11. Sthembile Ngubane

      Amazing 🤭😍🤭😍

    12. jose Torres flores

      Yassssss finally!!!

    13. The All Stars

      Why did they blackwash John Ambrose?

    14. hasa masa

      netflix wtf,peter treated lara like trash most of the movie and john was always there for her but she still stays with peter and literally nothing happened the entire disappointing...this is turning into riverdale because its literally a wattpad fanfic

    15. Madison Zamora

      Okay, I just finished watching the movie.. and I fell in love. Please make a 3rd movie!!! We all want one!!!!!

    16. sedih hijab

      hancur yang ada

    17. Nur Khalimah Oficial


    18. ganga tejwani

      I was super annoyed with lara jean all through the movie 🙄 i mean she didnot told john she is with peter and even after talkin to gen she didnot get back with him 😣 and kissed another guy to realize she wants peter Like what?

    19. パンプキンパイ、


    20. Denise and Gab Dolores

      Quiting to be a fan of this to all the boys that i loved before thing if she wont stay with peter

    21. Mel Lima

      This movie was hella boring. Literally nothing happened. What a waste of time. The first one was way better

    22. Lucy

      Awesome movie can't wait for third movie

    23. Ania F

      Wow. A whole 1h and 40 min of hot garbage.

    24. Xin Juin

      i would not say i am dissapointed but i expected better. whos with me ?

    25. papii .a

      bro everyone is saying they wanted Her to End up with Peter but.. I wanted her to end up with John Ambrose :/.

    26. Angie V.

      we NEED a 3rd movie!!!!

    27. sarah anna

      FSKDFJKDFJ MY HEART IS TORN BETWEEN PETER AND JOHN. LANA SHOULD GO WITH JOHN. HE IS A SWEETHEART :'( omgggggg. I heard heard a third film is in production right now!! But Jordan Fisher who plays John said his character might not come back :'( I ordered the books because these films really lures you in and has you wanting more answers . I LOVE THIS SERIES. John is just so genuine, caring, passionate, talented. If Peter was so crazy about Lana, why did he touch his ex's hand then. I NEED MORE ANSWERS. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE BOOKS. But Lana should definitely choose John Ambrose. :'(( He's such a gentleman ugh. And their chemistry is amazing. I ship some of these characters together in real life. But both Jordan Fisher and Noah are taken in real life. :(

    28. Rebecca Morris


      1. Rebecca Morris

        Wow u are so woke

    29. akubuedubem

      Give a like if you love this movie

    30. Omega XD

      Just came here to listen to Nobody Compares to You


      It’s funny how the family is half korean but they don’t look korean at all. Lara Jean looks Vietnamese as hell . I was confused bc I don’t think they mentioned what her ethnicity was in the first movie until the second movie and I thought it was randomly put in there. Then I searched it up online and the only korean person I found was the writer lmao. And I was like ohhhh well that makes sense. I mean they could have switched up the character’s ethnicity to Vietnamese.

      1. McKendra Ray

        You're right, the actress who plays Lara Jean is full Vietnamese and Janel Parrish who played her older sister is only half Chinese. The younger sister doesn't even appear to look like she has any Asian in her either. Idk, if they're gonna stick to the books, they should cast people who match the characters. It's like these director's think all Asian's look the same. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

      2. • Josselyn •

        Why would they change it? It’s based on the book

    32. Life as dead killer

      Who was the 5 letter ? Amber rose peter her sister boyfriend the gay boy and ... ?

      1. • Josselyn •

        Kenny from camp

    33. Serena Bogan

      Ahaha this has a rly bad ending

    34. Cerita Fifi

      Stop complaining and just wait for the 3rd movie.

    35. paris_ m.g.h

      how John Ambrose was white in the first film/trailer and changed a whole ass race in the second tho I’m-

    36. Natalia Dourado

      This movie made me like Peter Kavinsky a little less, but still he and Lara have way more chemistry than with Ambrose

    37. yadi :p

      Team John Ambrose 🥰

    38. P Cy

      Does anyone noticed that john mc claren hit puberty so bad that he actually changed races?😂

    39. Moika Rolle - Moss

      John is boring. Peter is the man. If LJ doesn't stay with Peter, I'll be upset.

    40. Joel McVicker

      Hold up wasn’t John Ambrose mclaren white in the first one

      1. The All Stars


    41. Jessica Moore

      I related so much to Lara Jean in this film. Relationships are so hard :(

    42. — joleen

      im so happy about the ending with this movie but like John Ambrose deserves so much better :,( and i never knew i could be so attracted to this character so much hes so adorable

    43. Powergirl02

      John Ambrose just casually changed ethnicities in between movies

    44. Dylan owo

      to all the people that haven't watched part two yet let me just tell you it ends really well, trust me.

    45. CoolKatelyn 2

      I feel like P.S. I love you is overrated. I felt like they could have been written the script better. I love reading the book more then watching the movie in this case.

    46. Aira Winters

      So only I wanted her to end up with John Ambrose 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    47. Susana Jiménez

      This is a movie about romanticizing the struggle in relationships.

    48. Gowon Gang

      Noah isn't anything special but watching him made me want a boyfriend to take me out on a date 😂

    49. Maria Farnazo

      Anyone who got annoyed by the voice narration in the movie?

    50. Karen Mak

      This song didn't even show up in this movie T_T

    51. S. W

      Can somebody explain why at the end of the 1st movie there is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT guy ringing a Lana’s door holding the letter of John Ambrose?????

      1. Pınar Nuran Temel

        It was Kenny from camp

    52. barihope

      Loved the movie especially the ending. Lara jean and peter always!

    53. burt macklin

      John Ambrose is a white kid in the first movie and now he's suddenly turned black? 🤣

    54. Nora Nora

      Please come a 3!

    55. nikita k

      so disappointed. the book was so much better. the drama was really under hyped and the scenes didn’t link very well. like.. they tried to fit too many different things in and left lots of things hanging

    56. Veomf

      As dumb and silly as it is, I really enjoyed To All The Boys I've Loved Before Ps. I still love you!! It's not a masterpiece but it did make me really happy to see a sequel to a movie I love!! I'm glad to say this is one of my new favourite teen rom coms! (And I may of cried a little bit) (:

    57. Sm stan

      Is it just me or does all their voices sound deep and relaxing?

    58. Cassidy Dill

      SPOILER ALERT WARNING ⚠️ I hated that in this movie she kissed John and was immediately like “oh I like Peter Fjsjcjsosichd ” poor John! Team John all the way!!

    59. Minh Nguyễn

      I think john is far more suitable with Lara jean than Peter.

    60. adda25

      Is there a part 1?!