The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

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    1. Jéssica Dubón

      Soy fan de doja pero siento que la canción estaba buenisima sin ella

    2. jt afolabi

      I really despise cancel culture. It’s so painfully hypocritical of the twitter community to sharply turn their backs against someone for stating an opinion that is offensive to people. Whether or not what doja said was wrong, the only difference between her and these Twitter trolls/ cancel police is FAME. Twitter users talk shit a whole lot but they can’t get cancelled because they weren’t anyone important in the first place. Doja cat is a rapper, not some public speaker, she can be careless with her words and all you need to do is disagree and go your way. Stripping someone off their fame and trying to thwart their talent and hard work because of a statement/opinion is disgusting

      1. jt afolabi

        . Doja has been amazing to her fans by showcasing her bubbly personality and to me it’s too early for her too be cancelled and she’s too valuable (to me at least nothing will stop me from listening to her)

    3. Untame Impala

      Twitter is the dumpster fire of the internet. Itching to cancel anyone.

      1. misolou fout

        For what been happening with doja cat on Twitter rn , I bet the weekend rather pretend he is in the dark and rather be oblivious. Lmao

    4. XSavageGH AllLitG6

      any song the WEEKND makes is always a banger

    5. Aspenit

      I find it kinda funny how my boyfriend is a Weekend fan and I'm a Doja cat fan *we figured this out the day after in your eyes came out* lol

      1. misolou fout

        When I heard wicked games back in 2012. I knew The Weeknd will be one of the biggest voices in the game very soon .

    6. Sety Chan

      I know people are having a hard time cancelling doja because lets be real, she has the talent as well

      1. Albert Jacobo

        she cleared it up on her live awhile ago

    7. C. KHiD

      I downvoted Doja Cat for Black People everywhere.

    8. Higor luiz Pereira

      I'm in love In this song

    9. Stan monacar

      Si no fuese por The weekend la musica actual seria una mierda

    10. Sheila Mejia

      Doja cat sings so beautiful ❤️

    11. Jahi

      miss Juicy voice* WHaht the hell He gon do now??

    12. gustavo escobedo

      T R A S H

    13. itz _Evie

      I love it

    14. Alvina Cummings

      Doja Cat should do a remix for Or Nah, I wonder how that would sound..

    15. its holiana

      This is still thriving esp after doja's live 😊

    16. ocean


    17. Lil nas Xxx

      Who's here after before they we're famous did a video

    18. Mekalah Anderson

      Ya'll are hilarious! Just sing a long with us...

    19. the shade

      When I heard wicked games back in 2012. I knew The Weeknd will be one of the biggest voices in the game very soon .

    20. Eusha Blook

      For what been happening with doja cat on Twitter rn , I bet the weekend rather pretend he is in the dark and rather be oblivious. Lmao

    21. Mariana Weby

      I want videossssss with Dojaaaaaa ❤❤❤


      it's weird after what she did i am still listening to this really she is talented..... i just can't help it 🤐🤐......

    23. Tazzz

      I fucking thought this was a fan edit...

    24. Ushria Abid

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> Thank me later!

    25. adan malik

      I love The Weeknd. His music hits different !

    26. ariel pozo

      i love song

    27. FrutyX

      I hope this song gets a video clip with Doja, such masterpiece deserves it , sweet for ears.

    28. Alix Nolan

      Doja Kitty, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    29. Aksmnsjxdb Aksjxndnd

      Marry Bella hadid

    30. Twin Marcus

      Take a moment to praise the god tier saxophone skills

    31. Lara Castillo

      Could you imagine a music video for this omg-----

    32. Jensen Hsueh

      omg doja kill it right there

    33. Christian Jean-Simon

      This is not bad stuff.

    34. Lara Castillo

      Dojas verse is so AMAZING💞

    35. Itzel Perez

    36. bird nest

      when i listen this song i feel really relaxed am i the only one ???? *--*

    37. Yanis Le Gameur Pro


    38. ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇᴛᴇᴀ

      I feel like when ever a human does a mistake yall make it a living hell for them but yall still like 69 and he taped a 13 year old raped it and only went to jail 2 years

    39. Veydah Laroux Vlogs

      U need to make a video with Doja cat

    40. Emina Buljubašić

      lana del rey would have been a better match for this remix but nvm

    41. Shady Yam

      The timing of this song was so off

    42. galini sidi


    43. astheticlydisney7711-roblox

      Thanks to doja i got served breakfast lunch and dinner.

    44. ricardo thero

      Tuneeee... I have to admit I prefer the original but doja and the added sax is groove

    45. Sardor Zufarov


    46. eioshen boboi

      sorry if there is any grammatically wrong sentence I am Korean) And this song is AMAZING

    47. Mroffline 247

      Tunee!! 🔥

    48. 3JAD21

      Dang, my favourite song from the album got a version with Doja Cat. Shit's crazy.

    49. Valar Dohaeris

      This guy can't make a bad song

      1. eioshen boboi

        Omg i luv!!!

    50. Valar Dohaeris

      The beat is so good Abel be churning out dope beats after dope beats Case in point: Blinding Lights. The hangover is strong fron that

    51. Perri Mitchell

      Doja stole the fucking stage!

    52. Alechandro

      Idc what doja do, i’d still want to smoke weed with her LMFAO 😂 racist or not, fck it

    53. rip diaphane

      ok but The weeknd always collaborates with amazing female artists; first Lana del Rey and now Doja cat.

    54. Swapnil Santohswar

      The Best Song i heard in 2020... Doja Rocks

    55. salste


    56. kate torres

      i love this song so much. what a vibe, doja killed it


      Doja cat is cancelled

    58. Liz Dragon-Street

      Doja Cat has nine lives 🤘🏿 next a feature with Techn9ne 🤯

    59. juan k Cortez

      "in your eyes" -thanks for the song .

    60. hey person reading this

      Does anyone else think that the weeknd should make a film like what melanie Martinez did with K-12. That would be legitness

    61. syafiq harun

      this song definitely one of the best collab ever in 2020

    62. Luna la best

      J'adore 😍

    63. Richtiger_Jamiro Gaming


    64. winai thepsthid

      Omg i luv!!!

    65. Black kween Periodt

      Can you feature Ari Lennox someone more deserving!

    66. Galactic Boomflyer

      Doja was the best thing about this song.

    67. DashZ マ

      weeknd sound like michael jackson

    68. Miss Moonlight

      This is so goooood at it to your playlist 🥰🥰

    69. Lalawmpuia Pach

      Best singer of the century....The Weeknd

    70. Elizabeth Carrillo

      I love him and her I ship no cap

    71. faith

      why doja has to ruin everything smh

      1. yaz

        this is a.. remix?? just go to the first one

      2. slicc bacc

        Just listen to the original 🙄

    72. Shihab Ahmed

      We dont intend for doja cat to be canceled but we will remember the betrayal

    73. Juliana SbroquetasS


    74. The Space Revenant

      Bruh, you got your own song copyrighted

    75. Matias Ezequiel


    76. 〆

      What should I comment..?

    77. Ajah Mckay

      The ending tho! I think this is my new favorite!

    78. Ima Chuza


    79. penelope Sweeney

      Everyone is canceled her , but not 6ix9ine????? W-T-F

      1. lovelie

        ikr! add chris brown

    80. Dchewyboi22 3

      I love your work keep it up ❤️😂