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The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys

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    Gav recreates an eye-catching still image of the earth trapped in a water droplet by filming it at a ridiculous 12,500fps. To learn more about the TV, click here.
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    Filmed at 12,500fps with the Phantom V2640
    The Earth Inside a Slow Motion Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. Kitty Kat 4 Life

      That cat is adorable lol

    2. YEET

      "a single droplet is an entire ecosystem" ME: you sir, just made a mini earth :]

    3. William T2199

      Ya know ONLY 3000 frames a second

    4. 5,000 subs with no Videos

      Get me to 5k with no videos thx

    5. thestuartEJ EJ

      What's the background music????

    6. Dissu?

      This is cool

    7. Michael Cook

      Solo? Boooo

    8. Meme Renew

      All the dislikes are from flat earthers

    9. Henry Walke

      You guys should do a slow motion shot of a log's grain splitting

    10. Jacob Jakubec

      30k for tv, u can buy a car for that money

    11. superblahmanofdoom

      Thanks Gav for that education, fantastic video.

    12. Brennen C Jones

      Why don’t you video the TV replaying it back in slow motion either on your phone or with the phantom?

    13. Егор Чернов

      i choose 8k my wi-fi 🤯

    14. Joshua Abucayon

      This video has 8K @50FPS Playback 😱😱😱😱

    15. suhdude

      I would pay to get a personal slow mo background picture

    16. Holly Brunton

      Get you someone who looks at you the way Gavin’s cat looks at the droplets on the TV

    17. Holly Brunton

      Amazing. Professional. Stunning content. 13/10 plus the CAT.

    18. NFSHeld

      8:50 If you record in 4K, could you also "crop out" the center 1920x1080, so we get "zoomed" but crisp HD footage of the center and 4K of the full scene? 😍

    19. Karbon

      Me: wow what a cool t.v. i think ill check out how much it costs so i can maybe save up for one. t.v. price: 30,000$ Me: .....

    20. Mattguy

      You've mastered the 'kissing your cat while standing up' pose purrfectly ;)

    21. GeoCratie

      Hi You'r videos are still tremendously incredible !!!!!!!! Thanks ! I was wondering whether the column will separate in a multitude of little droplet (Miniature Earths) if you drop the drop from way higher. It will be an awesome shoot to see the ripple in the column separating into 2 3 or more little marble! If you do make sure to upload it ;) Cheers !!!!

    22. Teguh Arif Dermawan

      Hiii dude if you can add language INDONESIA in the video you

    23. Gilgamesh Jah

      You guys should do a spit ball slo mo next. I’m sure it’d be sick !

    24. Munchi Savage

      So is thys wat nasa does to take oics of the earth🤔

    25. Ryne Rodriguez

      I’m guessing that dans not here because of the color spraying markers in the last video😂

    26. Random RimRock

      For some reason I enjoy solo Slow Mo Guys videos with Gavin rather than him and Dan

    27. Gamen4Bros

      I love this too, a lil solo video

    28. Subscribe or I will eat your cookies

      Praise God, how beautiful the creation is!

    29. 김선용

      Advice:how about captureing a slow mo video and slowing down the video and so on

    30. Spaghetti Monster's judging your life choices

      When Africa's wobbling around it looks like plate tectonics.

    31. Just Too Funny

      Great job on this video, and all by yourself at that.

    32. MC117

      Film a cloud chamber in slow mo! :)

    33. Lass Bisharp

      Why do I feel like Flat Earthers are going to use this video for evidence that the world isn't round?

    34. Kunal Gautam

      Time warp guys.. Been there,done that

    35. Medicinal Boys

      Gav is way different on SlowMo guys than he is on RT

    36. Smucky Boi

      Cant wait to see this capture at a Walmart on all the TVs...

    37. Arbiter

      Who is an 8K TV even for? There are like 3 youtube videos that support it and even then it doesn't look much better than 4k, especially considering the huge amount of bandwidth streaming 8k content requires. Trying to play a game in 8k? Good luck, maybe in 10 years.

    38. Asia Afzal

      Best video

    39. Give Birth!

      I try to get the perfect part for my phone screen cuz it’s to beautiful.

    40. adepu prashanth

      this video made my laptop screen look beautiful and sharp

    41. Ayush Ghosh

      Did he just say "This may result in a very BRIGHT AFRICA"!! XD

    42. Hanock Martin

      He turned the Earth upside down . ....

    43. Matthew Phoenix

      30k tv and soundbar jeeeez

    44. yungnico_

      turn that into a gif wallpaper🤣

    45. NanoPi

      that TV could be used as the world map behind the droplet

    46. Yuli

      I love watching these videos high, thanks for keeping me entertained

    47. NARUTO 30


    48. Mayle

      CATTTT ❤❤❤❤

    49. Heidi Flanders

      So cool!

    50. Screamin Slime ツ


    51. Mind Altering Music

      Earth is square. not round.

    52. Marcellus Nachname

      U could have used the TV as the Background and try all kinds of things

    53. banana guy

      Show this to the flat earthers

    54. insAneTunA

      very poor audio!

    55. Slick-O-Nick

      Ooo Aaa

    56. Seraphina Edan

      Ahh him with his kitty is so cute!!

    57. Sophia Conwell


    58. Jacob Egbert

      Just looked at the TV through your link and holy crow it's expensive! 🤯

    59. Kasper Stenbom

      Gotta give props to the sound design 👏🏼

    60. Bill Shufflebottem

      Is it just me or does gavs shirt say something else😂