Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"


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    Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

    Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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    1. Harshith Gowni

      Hey come on come on is so disrespectful.

    2. Square Bob


    3. Mason EternalSwirl

      I like that Princess Peach is on 9.9

    4. David Torres

      20:32, from left to right Terry's colors: KOF '98, Fatal Fury 1, KOF 2002/ 2002 UM, Fatal Fury Special/KOF '94 to '99, KOF 2002/2002 UM, Real Bout 2, KOF 2000/ KOF XIV, and KOF 2003. Thanks Sakurai for including the legendary "Hungry Wolf"

    5. Chris Glover

      Please add sora in smash

    6. HauntedRaincoat

      I want Sakurai to throw in more characters he wants and not what the fans want...because Terry showing up is AMAZING!

    7. Blue Tiger 127

      Omg terry is the best character ever

      1. 阿軒Nick

        I agree with you

    8. Flower Boy

      no mii hype?

      1. Scissorman


    9. JeffDaKilla TV

      Ok Boomer

      1. Scissorman

        The best part is that you don't even know why the word boomer exist. It's not about being young with you, it's about being stupid

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Using "Ok Boomer" randomly won't make you cooler.

    10. watchinglearner

      Death Battle recreated in Smash.

    11. Cool Lucario

      I wished Sakurai had a let's play channel because he's more entertaining than most let's play channels today.

    12. Red Coin

      On a personal note, can we get Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 as well? And Travis Touchdown? And Conker?

      1. Red Coin

        It’s Smash Bros. Life finds a way. Even if half of Travis’s dialogue is bleeped 🤬 our by Metalocalypse’s guitar riffs, I’ll just be happy to play as him.

      2. Scissorman

        The last two are not likely. Leon tho...YEAH

    13. Red Coin

      Death to Cero. Bring us Mai Shiranui. She’s a good girl and a good looking girl. Besides, Age ratings boards are corrupt and run by hypocritical pearl clutching scumbags anyways. Don’t believe me? Read the book “This Film Is Not Yet Rated”. Death to the hypocrites in age rating that don’t deserve jobs, and waifus for all!

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Because she look too good, her costume is more exposed than Bayonetta

    14. F


    15. Milher Méndez

      “Please forgive us”... NOOOO! 😡 COWARD!... Their is no forgiveness for Lefties (Feminists Socialists Communists Marxists Postmodernists Islamists) nor their sympathizers 🖕🏼😤🖕🏼

      1. The Man

        ??? This is about Smash. What are you talking about?

    16. Milher Méndez

      “Please forgive us”... NOOOO! 😡 COWARD!... Their is no forgiveness for Lefties (Feminists Socialists Communists Marxists Postmodernists Islamists) and their sympathizers 🖕🏼😤🖕🏼

      1. Scissorman

        You have issues. Seek help

      2. Sexy Milk


    17. Teamsonic channel


    18. LonelyDarkness

      people dont know who is terry Me: *T R G G E R E D*

    19. Philippe l

      We need more love for SNK games

    20. Shotaro

      A total of 20 cameos characters. Their models look so good tho !!!! I want to play them so bad !!!!

      1. Scissorman

        You should try the King of Fighters '98. It's not as hard as it looks like, and there's tons of characters to pick from.

    21. Roger Cameron

      Fun? Incredibly. Good? Innocent. Who? Shantae. Hotel? Trivago. #shantaeforsmash

      1. Easter _God

        @Scissorman oooh good one

      2. Scissorman

        Ingenious? Nope Likely? Less so

      3. Easter _God

        Funny? No

      4. 阿軒Nick

        Such a lame way to make a comment

    22. DeAlpha 369

      Are you okay? Buster Wolf!!! we see Kyo and Iori you know what does mean

    23. Dillan Barry

      Sakurai: Doesn't add Mai Shiranui to avoid sexual content controversies. Also Sakurai: Brings Bayonetta and Palutena back as playable fighters, adds Lyndis and Krystal as assist trophies.

    24. Another Person From Norfolk

      Still can't believe they added Terry I would pay them actual millions of dollars to add K, Mai, or Iori

    25. YoniBlack Kevirt


    26. Caseydilla57


    27. miiworld2

      Ask Terry: "What is the meaning of life?" Terry: "OK!"

    28. Mr not so gentleman !

      Nintendo i got a request: ADD THE TRASH MAN/AKA DANNY DEVITO PLEASE

      1. Easter _God

        @阿軒Nick personally i would love sora. I know a dream that probly won't come to fruition. Anyway I'm happy with anyone

      2. 阿軒Nick

        @Easter _God Don't know, but I'd be happy if they continue to add characters with great video game history, so far the Fighter Pass did have a great history.

      3. Easter _God

        @阿軒Nick good point. Who do you want in smash btw?

      4. 阿軒Nick

        @Easter _God Based on a comment about serious for Big Chungus in Smash, I don't think he is joking, at least for now

      5. Easter _God

        @阿軒Nick a joke request for danny devito

    29. A S H

      honestly i love terry so much -w- they're probably definitely gonna nerf him a bit but he's really fun and interesting! I kinda got bored of ryu after smash 4, i feel terry's moves are a bit more exciting

    30. Anthony Colon

      When are you guys going to invite Sora?

      1. Easter _God

        @Scissorman i really want sora but imma just say i feel like it's not gonna happen

      2. Scissorman

        Somewhere. Sometime. Somehow.

    31. artidery

      an optimal map for mac

    32. Lost SoulSilver

      Bayonetta's voice is a lot sexier in japanese

    33. Memey Inklish Frog

      27:33 what you wanted to see (Sakurai did this to keep the ERSB/Pegi rating and because he saw climax (the stage), so he doesn’t want anyone making nsfw stages)

    34. Daniel Keyhoe

      Can you please prep worried he smashes none of the new DLC please if you do you do

      1. 阿軒Nick

        What? Your comment is too broken. I can't read it.

    35. Xintavia

      Mr. Sakurai we love watching you have fun with your game! If you can we'd love to see you do more of these!

    36. Kyle Campbell

      I wonder if Sakurai was aware mentioning Mai would increase interest in her causing “good boys and girls” to look up pictures of her.

      1. Scissorman

        It already did. HOO- BOY, did it increase the interest in the character

    37. James Doyle

      *Sakuri teaches people how to play fighting games*

    38. Lamisa lucky

      Nintendo? Add all milkchoco characters in ssbu? Let the milkchoco characters what guns they pick. Primary. Secondary.

      1. Scissorman

        Why tho?

      2. Easter _God

        No. Please god no.

    39. Splatoonsavage

      I thought the input for go was just t-bag

    40. Bryon Daugherty

      Mr. Sakurai. Chun-li should be the DLC character for Smash

      1. Easter _God

        @Bryon Daugherty so? That doesn't mean anything

      2. Bryon Daugherty

        I get that, but Chun li does have all moveset for smash

      3. Easter _God

        @Bryon Daugherty i think 3 fighting game characters is enough

      4. Bryon Daugherty

        @Easter _God lol why not?

      5. Easter _God


    41. rollo wins

      Sakuria: smash is for good boys and girls Also sakuria: jokers special is GUN also sakuria: nexk breaker drop

      1. Easter _God


    42. shameem ahmad

      sakurai : smash is for good boys and girls only bayonetta : i am good

    43. iZac

      It looks like Sakurai is using a Xbox controller. If only it was true ....

    44. JD1911G3

      Seems so much like a random pick tho

      1. Scissorman

        @JD1911G3 Gotta doubt you there, but go on.

      2. JD1911G3

        @Scissorman well, I didn't TOUCH other fighting games, but I played them, in droves

      3. Scissorman

        @JD1911G3 Well, wouldn't surprise me if you've never touched a fighting game outside Smash(which Is a weird outlier)

      4. JD1911G3

        @阿軒Nick not just me lol

      5. 阿軒Nick

        Only because you don't know who Terry is.

    45. Fernando Sau

      Nintendo and Namco pretty much created CVS3 before Capcom or SNK did.

      1. GligarGuy

        Namco has done it twice already if you count both Smash and Tekken 7.

    46. gabriel hackett

      There's definitely going to be a OK battle between Ness and Terry

    47. Fi the eevee

      He definitely loves King of Fighters THIS IS SO EFFING WHOLESOME

    48. Josh Smith

      Can we get some MK characters please

      1. 阿軒Nick

        @Josh Smith Well, if Nintendo say yes.

      2. Josh Smith

        @阿軒Nick Mortal Kombat

      3. 阿軒Nick


    49. Rob M

      SNK is getting a second rep in the next game after this lmao.

      1. Scissorman

        Please be Iori, PLEASE be Iori...

    50. Dre The Kidd

      I wonder if Batsu Ichimonji could make the cut. *with* Nobuyuki Hiyama as his voice actor. That'd be awesome, Batsu is cool. (Also Terry in smash was a great decision 😀) In fact speaking of capcom, Asura would be OP in smash 😂

    51. mile93

      Well i remember playing a lot of King Of The Fighters when I was much younger. Everytime I was on holiday, I used to play either Metal Slug or KOTF. Those games were guaranteed to be near every hotel. I always picked team Kapwhan but have never played as Terry B., so I fought he was just a sidekick :) Well, it looks I was wrong. But can't really blame myself. I was too young and stupid back then and didn't know much about this game and after holiday I somehow forgot about this :)

    52. Hi There

      Sakurai:Smash is for good boys and girls. Also Sakurai:Half Naked Shulk

    53. OTOD tag

      35:37 I love that commentary "How was that? not enough? Well, how 'bout now." That is some real sass!

    54. Sly88Frye

      I'm really glad I watched this because I tried to play as Terry before I watch this and I had no idea what I was doing. At least I'll have some idea what I'm doing while I play as him now

    55. Dieckman Tenir

      They should have let SNK compose their own sound tracks for this dlc, it would been great to listen to their updated version of the songs from those classical games we hold dear in our hearts.

    56. U Raptor

      Dam KoF 15 better add Terry's new attacks

    57. Roy epic350

      2:43 Nintendo was inspired by neo geo confirmed

    58. Squidy 2.0

      Can u put big chungus in smash bros

      1. Sexy Milk

        This is the cringiest thing I have ever seen

      2. Easter _God

        @阿軒Nick facts

      3. 阿軒Nick

        Wow, the cringeness is real

      4. Easter _God

        @Squidy 2.0 delete these comments

      5. Squidy 2.0

        @Laura Witten not a joke I ALSO WANT SHAGGY

    59. Easter _God

      What if Mai WAS in the game and kirby inhaled her?😂

    60. Cindy Rosario

      Mr.Sakurai please add geno to the fighters pass plus I'm your biggest fan

      1. Easter _God

        1:he doesn't read comments 2:he has to ask square and they're stingy 3:square already got a dlc fighter So.....the answer is no