Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"



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    Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

    Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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    1. Ned Rostram

      Dragon Quest Hero: The character Japanese players want Banjo-Kazooie: The character Western players want Byleth: The character Nintendo wants Terry: The character Sakurai wants

    2. ꧁༼Mercy༽꧂

      bruh Terry needs nerf, he takes too much damage.

    3. tcchip

      I don't own a console and have never played a Smash game. But as a King of Fighters (and Terry) fan, I love just how much heart is in this video, and how happy Sakurai is at being able to include Terry into the game with a so many cameos and music tracks from the SNK games. Mad props to him.

    4. Why?IT 25

      After dlc pack 1 I'm still wanting a guarou mark of the wolves terry outfit

    5. Antwain27

      “Super smash bros Ultimate is for good boys and girls from many different ages” *still lets Shulk fight in only his underwear and lets Zero Suit Samus fight shirtless*

    6. Abraham Ceceña Llamosas

      Simply the best videogame character ever to arrive in Smash :')

    7. Vintage Luck

      Nintendo: Terry direct Sakurai: *being a fanboy for a game made by a competitor of the company you work for for 45 minutes.*

    8. Hiro CVA

      Most Male's on on youtube are angry and use horrible thing's. Don't hurt your mother. Please. Ever. Midori. Mean's green hunny. No hurting bunny's. There nice. And cuddly.

    9. DoggoBoi 45

      Sakurai: how many songs can we have for terry? SNK: Yes

    10. Obinna Ireh

      Sakurai: Smash Bros is for the little good boys and girls Also sakurai: *fOr HiS NeUtRaL sPeCiAL hE wIeLdS a GuN* (late comment ik)

    11. Antonio Playz

      This is late but no one noticed how spoke a little badly about the NES

    12. Mega Simp

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1661">27:41</a> I think the shared content of ultimate kinda counteracts that but okay

    13. Lucky Charms

      terry was such a good inclusion I really like him :D

    14. Oatmeal Guy

      Add my god damn oats

    15. Anqwan Collins

      Sonic and Terry are in the same age

      1. SuperJustineBros

        Uh according to Google Terry is 34 years old while Sonic is 8 in 1991 and being 15 years old still random.

      2. T0X1K /

        @Marth ! *you're

      3. Anqwan Collins

        @Ike emblem thank you

      4. Ike emblem

        @Marth ! gay

      5. Anqwan Collins

        @Marth ! I'm not gay alright

    16. ArmandoZM2012 - Gamer & Vocalover

      *Admit it:* *The SNK characters models of this game are ten times better than the KOF XIV models*

    17. Matthew Trigg

      Wait. If Smash Bros Melee and Brawl were rated T in America, does that mean they're NOT for good boys and girls?

      1. T0X1K /

        That means that those two games are for good young men and women

    18. Jessica Andersen

      Bro when will sonic not be lonely like the DLC understand but sonic has been here for over 10 years!!! Sakurai plz make at least 3 to 2 sonic characters plzzzzzz

    19. Nazareth Ramirez

      What's song <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1756">29:16</a>

      1. Nazareth Ramirez

        @Scissorman thank you

      2. Scissorman


    20. Alejandro Medrano

      this made me main terry in every fighting game he appears, except smash

      1. Chandlez2

        @Kayden he has edited the comment idiot

      2. pro crazyman

        @Kayden lol

      3. Kayden

        your grammar is fine, the other guy is an idiot

      4. Chandlez2

        horrible grammar

    21. Craft With Jerry

      I'm not a fatal fury fan i'm just in street Fighter

    22. Yessid Moreno Yo Me Llamo Elvis Presley

      Terry Bogard is the best SNK character. Great Selection

    23. Cassidy P.P. Suck

      "Why are you teabagging? One more good hit and I win."

      1. Kakashi Hatake


    24. Magical Incompetence

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1108">18:28</a>

    25. Anti Amourshiper

      🇧erry 🇹ogard.

    26. Lucas

      Hope to see Master Chief in one of these. A man can dream.

    27. Kris

      Im kinda disappointed terry didnt get his other look as a costume, but otherwise, i love him!

    28. Potasio Gamers

      When sakurai tells about Terry because no one knows him *laughs in Mexican Arcades*

    29. sxyzjym

      Geese in all games

    30. Baron Rivers

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1655">27:35</a>

    31. Poope Isa


    32. KamiSquad_X

      One of the greatest additions in smash! Next to Ryu! and Ken!... But can we get an Adventure Mode and Events Mode DLC please??? Maybe after all the characters. #EveryModeIsHere!!!

    33. irvin rodriguez

      Just make capcom vs snk already sakurai!!

    34. xtRein

      Now I want Iori Yagami.

    35. Sonic .exe_Jr

      This is why I love SNK. The music, characters, it’s amazing.

      1. T0X1K /

        Yeah I'm glad we get to see an amazing series get some more exposure to people and become a huge part of smash

    36. autoprime1896

      Once sakurai talks about command inputs, it just becomes a algebra lesson

    37. Ricardo Ortiz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1654">27:34</a>

    38. Tristan Thibault

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1661">27:41</a> R E M E M B E R

    39. Emperor Ssraeshza

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="924">15:24</a> Wait what? the background music is a chopped up version of *London March* from *KoF 97* ...... London March is Billy Kane's theme, Billy Kane is one of Terry's mortal enemies since he is the bodyguard of Geese Howard. WTF?!?!?

      1. 阿軒Nick

        @Emperor Ssraeshza Yeah, but your reason is basically the story of The King of Fighters That doesn't really explain why is that weird

      2. Jamal Mian

        I'm pretty sure the background music is the Smash remix of The London March.

      3. Bob dot

        @Emperor Ssraeshza i agree

      4. Emperor Ssraeshza

        @阿軒Nick What a stupid question........ I literally went over exactly the reasons for it being bizarre in the comment you responded to. You are a moron.

      5. 阿軒Nick

        Um, is there something wrong with that?

    40. Travis Yang


    41. Magnusjun

      we don't deserve sakurai

    42. Diffuse Wings49

      Goty in my opinion baby

    43. battletoads22

      Man, Sakurai has some skills. But seriously though. I just got done playing a bunch of the DLC characters for the first time (Hero, Banjo, Terry, and Byleth), and Terry is easily my favorite of the bunch despite me just finishing Three Houses earlier this week.

    44. Robert Hernandez élève

      lol, you really hate pac-man

      1. 阿軒Nick


    45. Anqwan Collins

      Can you put crash bandicoot in smash bros ultimate please.

    46. Supreme Seregios

      *Terry has 50 music tracks, and a stage with multiple SNK cameos* Cloud: *Why are we still here...? Just to suffer...?*

    47. Renan Lemos

      Rick Taylor

      1. Renan Lemos

        it would be a mega reunion of castlevania and splatterhouse

    48. YEET BOI.

      I still don't get buster wolf.

      1. YEET BOI.

        阿軒Nick oh I get it now.

      2. 阿軒Nick

        You buster a wolf

    49. Wooloo In da car

      Can you guys add shadow mewtwo susie and mangalor and please add three mage sisters

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Why should they add Mewtwo again

    50. KoishiWii8

      "It's more important that a character is fun to play, not just recognizable" Yeah, I didn't know who Shulk was when I've seen a reveal trailer of him for Smash 4 so I've looked up his name on Google and found out what game he comes from. Yet, I have found him fun to play as after trying out for like an hour back in that Wii U game.

    51. Eric Selvig

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="833">13:53</a> excuse me!

    52. The Kiwi

      Damn straight jab jab power dunk is a bread and butter combo. Thank you, Mr. Sakurai ❤️

    53. Spiral gamer 7

      Rising tackle is literally just little mac but slightly better

    54. Savannah Johnson

      Pute tailes in smash

    55. Savannah Johnson

      Pure waluigi in smash or I won't

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Won't what

    56. Michael Gonzalez Lucero

      If you think Terry is cool then why don't you add the female version of him. DUH!

      1. Scissorman

        Because that was a gag made for a fnaservice spin off? It's like asking why not put Paper Mario instead of Mario.

      2. 阿軒Nick

        Because the model won't fit.

    57. Michael Gonzalez Lucero

      Terry is so Stupid, worst recovery EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Kakashi Hatake

        I wouldn't say his recovery is bad. You can use Power dunk,both crack shoot and burning knuckle,rising tackle and airdodge.

      2. Alejandro Medrano

        And the worst recovery has always been little mac

      3. 阿軒Nick

        He is a ground fighter Why would you play him like Mario

    58. Awar Deng


    59. Renan Lemos

      Eggman SSBU

    60. Renan Lemos


    61. Rayhan A

      The first snk character in smash bros

    62. Sutībun Kohai

      BRING RAICHU ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Make him as an echo fighter already!!!!!!!!!! KANTO FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sutībun Kohai

        FFFALCON 1 Its all cool at the end of the day. It can always go one way or the other. Doesn’t matter to me. Also I appreciate that… if it’s actually genuine that is. 👀

      2. Sutībun Kohai

        FFFALCON 1 OMG really??? 👀 1. I don’t care. 2. So you recorded the conversation about my statements that were correctly backed up with reliable sources while you made a fool out of yourself by stating nonsense? 3. Weren’t you the one being rude to me in the first place? Acting like I was out to “hurt” you in some type of way, calling me petty when I’m trying to have a debate with you, calling me an idiot, saying that you have more subscribers than me (which I don’t care at all), and calling me immature when you were indeed acting that way as well.

      3. Sutībun Kohai

        FFFALCON 1 But with pettiness aside (being serious rn)… Good for you for actually starting your channel. Not a lot of people do it. Hopefully in the near future your channel will have a “positive” impact on society by either informing or entertaining the public. 👏

      4. Sutībun Kohai

        FFFALCON 1 Oh really?? 👀 Says the person who said “I have more subscribers than you!” 😆

      5. Sutībun Kohai

        FFFALCON 1 You’re just mad because I proved my point correctly and ain’t nobody giving af about your channel!

    63. LightingBoltPK AllGames

      Honestly I steel prefer sans over than terry :/

      1. T0X1K /

        @阿軒Nick oh he meant as in having a moveset, I misread that then, I thought he meant that he was hype for the undertale representation

      2. 阿軒Nick

        @T0X1K / Most people basically went mad when Sans become only a costume and some characters they never heard of and don't want to learn about become actual characters

      3. T0X1K /

        @阿軒Nick it's fine, if he likes sans over Terry then that's his opinion, like how I prefer hero over Banjo just because I'm more comfortable with JRPGs and I never grew up with gems like banjo and kazooie, even then he must be a fan of Undertale so that's fine

      4. 阿軒Nick

        Then you probably need to rewatch the part where Sakurai give us a lesson about The King of Fighters :/

    64. Musattique Ali

      Terry is so badass, he’s the final boss of his own classic mode.

    65. Mark Wells

      If the Pokémon Trainer was the actual fighter

    66. The crawford family

      Please ad mills tails prower from sonic

    67. Spectrum


    68. Spectrum

      "Down, left-corner, left, left corner, right. It's a bit complicated." He's not joking! I had to write this down so I don't forget.

      1. RNGesus

        I found the zoomer

    69. LipsiBick

      I wish Athena Asamiya was Join the battle :v

      1. 阿軒Nick

        Which Athena

    70. phantomauri

      I came Back to this Video to know which Fatal Fury Game Sakurai recommends.

    71. Cheek Clapper

      I hope rugal is gonna be in dlc pack 2

      1. Cheek Clapper

        @C4MPER but he would be a classic fighting game villain

      2. C4MPER

        Prob not, German drug dealer on steroids with a move called "genocide cutter"

    72. EEK Turk

      20 years later Smash ultra for switch lite xl s pro mr sakurai presents "masahiro sakurai" as dlc fighter but not waluigi

      1. Florida Man

        Waluigi is even a worse pick than geno ngl

      2. EEK Turk

        @Gamer from Nohr i hate fire emblem

    73. Sean The Porcupine

      My first reaction to Terry getting in smash was: "Hey, I know this dude. He's the guy who defeated Ken in death battle."

    74. Marco Panzanni

      Very nicely done Nintendo boyz & girlz =) ... Love the homage to NEO-GEO, Fatal Fury and many of amazing SNK games. I'm a long time fan of SNK & Neo-Geo, so i LOVE IT ! ...of course i''m also a long time Nintendo fan, ...all the way back to the NES era, SNES ect.... Oiiii!!!... i feel a bit crickety now =P

    75. derpywaffle 247

      Comparing Terry, his Final Smash, and his stage to Byleth's is like night and day. Which feels a little disappointing to me because i had a lot of fun with FE3H.

    76. Kris

      Im so glad that terry is in the game. I love him so much and i even got king of fighters all star on my ipad because of him in smash

    77. Maxamillian the god

      Sakurai: ok class were gonna learn about one of Neo Geos top games Fatal Fury. Class:....zzz....zzz's Also class:........Huh?

    78. SuperDuper Nick

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> I would love for SNK to have this move for Terry in a future KOF game and give credit to Sakurai and Smash for the origin of that move

    79. completely random

      What are anyone's favorite SNK tracks? There is so many that I haven't even listened to all of them, especially since I have not played any SNK games. My current favorites though are Stormy Saxophone 2 and remixed Kurikinton.

    80. Michael Plays bass

      To me. Terry feels like a lot like bayoneta. The focus on combos and flashy moves. But this time, it's not just side special to up special. Terry has a lot of combos for different situations. Overall, he's a very well made character