Sometimes Apple just does it better - AirPods Pro Review

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    Apple finally gave Airpods a big upgrade with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, with in-ear tips and active noise cancelling. So can they stand up to the competition?
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    1. Nathan Jimenez

      Sennheiser momentum TW are the best sounding wireless earbud you can buy

    2. Amphicorp47

      but the downside is that they look stupid, so... ehh?

    3. David Kleinman

      But how does it compare to the Sony’s and the amazon buds?

    4. RyantheBearded

      250 dollars for ear buds. give me a dame headphone jack and be done with it.

    5. RuFiOPx

      these arent even worth $100

    6. RuFiOPx

      these arent even worth $100

    7. Mathieu

      I hate the AirPods Pro. I just couldn't get into the feeling of the ANC.

    8. Andy Powell

      I love my AirPods Pro, I recommend these over the Sony XZF339A1VV24L9XS911NVN23Z-AS212UMP7613X, but both are good.

    9. Enrique Avilés

      "their customer service robots" That line hit me

    10. Mh Yu

      When I saw this ad I unsubscribed

    11. Shayne O'Neill

      Although its fashionable to shit on Apple, they DO make good shit from time to time. I've never been unhappy with my iPhone, and until they started doing those godawful new keyboards, the Macbooks where straight up solid machines for business/internet use. Yeah the 2017 and 2018 MBPs sucked eggs. Though the speakers on the 2019s are great I'm not sure if I'm ready to forgive apple for those 2017/18 keyboards. So you know, brand loyalty or hostility is dull. Treat these things on a case by case basis imho.

    12. Monopoly Billionaire

      I can still listen to music on some cheap earphones. These are a robbery

      1. kensaiix

        while quality increases linearly, cost for said quality improvement increases exponentially. if you consider the price justified or not, is personal taste. true to the naming active noise cancellation starts at 50 bucks, but i wager the manufacturer of said product does not public the frequency curve and the product is likely not a true in-ear, but a neck collar type.

    13. Malcolm H

      Appreciate this review b/c if Linus is giving props to an Apple product it's a solid honest review and not sugar coated bias BS.

    14. SAM STONE

      A fucking 250$ Go buy ps4 slime 1tb with that

    15. Faheem Yazdani

      This review has to be a joke. I can name a handful of buds that have better SQ and cost half the price! Go figure.

    16. iamsuperflush

      Wow as usual Apple being applauded for being a year late

    17. Tigerex966

      Yes they do fill up the landfills with 100% disposable white plastic CRAP!!!

    18. Kelvin Mei

      MW07 plus also has ANC as an earbud though :/

    19. FuzzyShibe

      also whats with apple putting speakers on the outside, like with airpods everyone can hear what your listening to, kinda defests the purpose

    20. FuzzyShibe

      imagine buying airpods

    21. Space Ghost Coast To Coast

      8:09 Well to be fair after 2 updates from when I first got em in April.. I get zero audio latency with my galaxy buds

    22. Ryan Anvari

      Why Amazon link includes your name "linus"? You get paid by posting positive review on them, don't you?

    23. Vladimir Talijan

      Sometimes? LOL :D

    24. DmenisDev Development

      How about the Amazon Echo buds? They also have ANC

    25. Zander-notch77

      The AirPods pro case isn't bigger than the airport case. They are just stretched out

    26. Peter Vargas

      Or social status DED

    27. GR33DY vinboy

      Do you mean: *_apple always does it better_*

    28. Jachin Rivers

      Don't care about social status. Just like the design of Apple products. They genuinely improve the quality of my daily life.

    29. Squirtle

      Apple's been doing it better since 10 years ago

    30. Tyler Houston

      the noice cancellation is crazy

    31. fontik

      Tick his ear 👂 with them😉😏😋

    32. David Uzsak

      Audio latency issues? What are you talking about? Watching this using my galaxy buds

    33. Josh 01

      They can fit in any pocket because all the money that was in them is gone...

    34. WahidPlayz

      "So, What shall the new earbuds name be?" Apple: AirPods Pro Sony: **types gibberish on keyboard** WMXBRU3HIU5NVG3K6BX3

    35. Marshall R.

      origin sponsorship, thats funny after just recently re-watching the test-buy videos

    36. Cooper Schuham

      Product review by Deadmau5

    37. Ariel Gonzalez

      Linus looks like DeadMau5 back in 2011.

    38. Jannah J

      The reason I want to get them cuz the old one don't stay on my ears wile running or doing high intensity workout, I always have to put on head band to make them stay, I hope this can handle my really crazy activity at the gym:) thank you and I did try others don't like any.

    39. xXTerminator14Xx

      Xiaomi Air Pros. Were first

    40. Ross R

      The problem is that the only earbuds that fit in my ear are the normal Apple ones. I’ve tried android style ones and they just fall out.

    41. BIGD

      AirPods Pro so amazing!

    42. Paolo Sbalchiero

      Apple made a lot of really cool stuff this year

    43. Tim Wallace

      I was just listening to your video in another tab then I just hear in a whisper “Tim, I know your watching.” And I shit myself. Love the video 🤣

    44. KnowledgeBase

      Apple sent us a hybrid of Eminem and deadmau5 to manipulate us :o well done apple.. buying it anyway

    45. Usama Aslam

      Do they have good bass too? Can anyone tell me who has tried them?

    46. Lorenzo

      Damn it I really want them now 😕 but Jesus Christ $250

    47. The Mobile Marine

      Can someone meme that dudes reaction at the beginning? That is hysterical

    48. lerogers33

      These comments crack me up. $250 is not a lot of money for the amount of tech. and attention to the smallest details in AirPods Pros, like the lack of a nub for the silicone ear pieces to go over for a comfortable fit. Linus highlighted cheaper ear buds that come with tradeoffs I wouldn't want to put up with like the audio latency of the Galaxy buds or the lack of ANC in another brand. You know what to expect when dealing with Apple so why jump on a great tech. review video just to complain? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    49. GenericGamer 87

      Who watching with AirPods pro?

    50. MythicalRedFox

      the b-roll in this had me dying

    51. fayekhelmi

      i died at 5:43. :D

    52. SHUTENSE

      It's worse, then a momentums

    53. OMF 349

      Plot twist, Tim is behind the camera...

    54. Duy Tran Hoang

      Is it a freaking dream in 2019? Apple not only listens to us about AirPods Pro, but also about the Macbook Pro 16”.

    55. Wayne Hill

      Wow!.. They licensed the Bose and Sony ANC for the AirPod Pros?? There is an Android app for that.

    56. Julian Mauro


    57. quents

      annoying host

    58. Beck Iverson

      I wish apple could do as well as this on all their stuff

    59. Scott Happy

      These plebians can't afford the wires. Little cucks...

    60. Russ Tanner

      Are there any limitations to using these with a Samsung S10?