Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H. (Official Audio)

Megan Thee Stallion

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    Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H. (Official Audio)
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    1. F jerome

      That song hot lol I'm a dude I don't care

    2. Nyny Niya


    3. Top Shelf Brass Band

      This mess is Fire!!!! Has a real G-Funk vibe to it.

    4. Antoinae Lee

      Can’t nobody do this better than Tupac this makes no sense why she did this I don’t like the song Tupac does it better I still love her tho

    5. Insouciant Disturbia

      @Megan Thee Stallion: I'm the deadliest spermicide in your comments section. Just not the hot ones.

      1. Insouciant Disturbia

        @Megan Thee Stallion: I have lock-jaw pumpkin. I ran the whole board. I hate double crossed white people.

      2. Insouciant Disturbia

        @Megan Thee Stallion: Houh.

      3. Insouciant Disturbia

        @Megan Thee Stallion: Don't say both...

      4. Insouciant Disturbia

        @Megan Thee Stallion: 30 Code or nothin'.

    6. A Brizzo

      This is a remake of a Tupac song

      1. A Brizzo

        dom . Ratha be ya n.i.g.g.a

      2. dom .

        which one

    7. Dinesh Bhatt

      I don't know that who Megan but I m seriously I m biggest fan her I love her.......................... She is rap song master.... I m indian but I listen her every song... And I wait her new song

    8. Dwayne -


    9. Paris London

      This song fireee SLLLLL😍

    10. High Soci3ty


    11. South Philly Mafia Tours

      This shit is hot

    12. Kidawn 777


    13. Vontrez Jones


    14. Allison Qui

      Yesssssss fav song 😝

    15. Vincent Lopez

      Any lyrics over this Tupac beat will sound good.

    16. breezy 50

      Wack. She just stole from pac.

    17. Clifton Guy

      Breaking up with bagg turned her up🔥🔥🔥


      💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 this my summer 2020 song 💘💘💘💘💘💘

    19. Tamara Funderburk

      I think she wrote this for me 💯💯💯

    20. Cameille Brisco

      When she ah her tongue always out

    21. The JT gang kids

      I love this song is she right I would rather be a b i t c h 2 cuz I be tripping anyway and they just be messing with me and this is one of her hit it songs I mean if y'all think so to make sure y'all click likewhile at the bottom and thank you

    22. Wolfgang Zahn

      Why tf did you copy 2Pac song dumb ass bitch

    23. Lydia Williams

      Sometimes it’s about what’s right ✊🏾

    24. Rosegold Beats

      Kinda reminds me of Biggie

    25. Chelsea Shaffer

      Bro...I was just singing this...then get on BRsel and somebody really made it into a song..,.Like tf

    26. Sara Cirilo

      2020 mood #vibes

    27. D Ritchie

      Yeah but i love my bitch

    28. big head music click link follow me thanks

    29. Yerko Ramirez

      Es igual a una cancion de 2 pac 😊😊 r.i.p 2pac

    30. John W Waits

      You are the best female rapper out there because you actually have talent

    31. ms reyna


    32. david martin

      Aint nobody gonna mention this is inspired from Tupac's song ratha be ya nigga and theres not even a single mention or tribute to him, how lame

    33. Jocelyn Alfaro

      Love this song cardi b should do a remake or a remix

    34. Leah Danielle

    35. Ayush Baunthiyal

      This song is stopping me from doing my official work... daaamn this SOng is so LIT



    37. Andy Loxane Niteka

      I love it : ) Love you Megan : ) more kissssssssssssssssssss

    38. Heliodoro Ramirez

      Am a boy but i fuck with this

    39. TeeTé Minaj

      This will sound fire on screw n chop

    40. TeeTé Minaj

      Who got this on replay.... This go harder than Dick.... Megan just snatched my whole life in the song... Ahhhhhh she snap on this beat...

    41. Shanice Combs

      Pimp c and pac y’all girl clowning on ya song n saying pimp shit now

    42. ForeverMattison

      I have to comment again cause omg bitch you came so hard with this one !!!!!!!! Only real bitches feel this shit in they chest !!!

      1. ForeverMattison

        @Christopher Tno

    43. ForeverMattison

      Your music is the real bitch inside of me !!!!!! I love you Megan 💕

    44. Rabies under the bed

      Im a dude but this aong is so 🔥 and its a fat bop

    45. Sabrina Young

      Skippa da flippa vibes & I'm loving it 💯💯 this her only song ifw

    46. Michael Greenwood

      Only OGs now what this is sampled from

    47. Andre Bonds

      Bootsy Collins

    48. Amy Mauldin

      Hey Guys 👀 you might want to check out my poshmark closet I have some great boho Urban hippie festival Coachella concert vintage style pieces 🥰

    49. takakitty10

      Since Bootsy Collins "I'd Rather Be" has always been a favorite of mine... I like all the covers: PAC did it, Eazy E did it, and Meg has done it 👍🏽

    50. Maria De La Rosa

      Who gave her permission to do this?

    51. karin playz

      Nicki:b.i.t.c.h. comes on* ayyyyyg thats my nicahh megan:ayyyyy

    52. Imam Mahdi

      #QC#Aye Baby Im trying to fly you to Monroeville,Alabama 720 Legion Drive im leave the front door and back door unlock for ya#3 or 4 a.m#Im paying to show ya what fun is when you around a Trapper#Breadwinner Association#I got a black durag on So it shouldn’t be hard to spot me🤐🤑🤤🙃🛩🎬😛🤔💦😅💰💰💰💰#My Accountant/Migo/Boss 615-394-6735 what you gone do baby?#Surprise Me#My number for you right now is 69🤐🛩🤔🤤💰💰👭🤑😅😏🙃#

    53. Julio Quintero

      Tupac - N.I.G.G.A 🤷🏻‍♂️

    54. Jan L

      If you know the original to dis firee song den you a real oneee🤘🏼😁💖

    55. RBLX_SABER -_-

      why does she get 8.2m views but 1.26m subscribers?

    56. Nijah Gibbons

      Man I this was gon be fire Tupac version way better still

    57. G&C FAMILY

      But yet we can’t call you “bitches” Bitches cause than y’all gon act like the devil done slapped you in the face and start trippen and yellin at us for calling you a bitch y’all trippen

    58. April Stroud

      Yeah Meghan!!! That's my girl!!!!

    59. HyellaRizz

      yay she hot props....... but check me out one

    60. Thenameistay

      The captions are on something 💊