Katy Perry - Daisies (Live From American Idol Finale, May 17 2020)



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    1. Sarah Downs

      I love this 💕

    2. Critic Writter

      And ppl say she cant sing

    3. Mercy .

      I'm crying right now because Katy Perry songs seem to be taken for nothing

    4. Prajjwal Vinodh

      Okay this is amazing. This song reminds of some old music, i just cant remember. If anyone has the same feelings. I want to know which song that is.

    5. Ikanyeng on the other side

      Her song writing is amazing. I'm captured in moments in her songs. This is her calling and purpose. This song in particular I can't stop listening to. It hits too deep ❤️

    6. Erick Idalino Moura

      OH MY GOSH

    7. Dyanna Rosien

      I love you and I watched it on American idol

    8. Diego Matamoros

      A Katy le cuesta menos bailar embarazada q a Adele gorda por comer mucho😂😂

    9. Mary T

      The extent this woman goes to make QUALITY MUSIC is out of this world! Put RESPECT on her name

    10. mestiça potter


    11. mestiça potter

      Katy i love you

    12. Jess Albright

      Go! Go! Go!! Wooo

    13. Virgo princess

      Hey, question!!! Does anyone know if it's going to be a boy or girl!!??😆💖

    14. Flávia

      Guys, do you know if there's an app or something that can make something similar to what she did to the scenario?

    15. Valentina Bass

      Hermosa 🌼💕

    16. yurgr8hang


    17. 왓츠나오미

      KatyPerry she so pretty ♡♡

    18. zara H

      Nostalgia of ‘I kissed a girl’ times 🥺

    19. Demar King

      What on Earth just happened to my mind? I felt like I was in a mind roller coaster. Wow Katy.

    20. panda vlogs


    21. Katty kats

      I love u with all my heart thanks for this 😭😭💖💖

    22. 王奥驰


    23. Africana Wakande

      I love how the how the background looks photoshopped

    24. Almir Custodio

      melhor performance ever

    25. Vj Maxxy

      que lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    26. janine fernandez

      Goosebumps !!!!!!!!!! From a mom

    27. Emma Frost

      "When did we all stop believing in magic?"

    28. Victoria Young

      She sucks.

    29. Judith Morico

      Is this the end of American idol?

    30. Jocelyn Chuah

      Katy should have way more subscribers!

    31. Kyd Wykkyd

      Little Monster and Barb here to show some love and support to Katy!!!! This video was AMAZING!!!! So glad to see her still making videos FROM HOME DURING A PANDEMIC WHILE PREGNANT!!!!! Truly iconic! I love that the women I listened too since late 2000s (Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki, Katy, Ariana) are WINNING!!!!!!! Slay Queen!!!

    32. Michael W

      It sounds like Anne Marie don't you ever leave me alone song

    33. giovana rodriguez

      Totally better than the actual video.

    34. Queen FUPA

      Was she supposed to be in a church with devil hands reaching for her and a pyramid being her ?

    35. Almir Custodio

      keep streaming daisies

    36. Almir Custodio


    37. Dandy baker

      Lip sync

    38. Tommm


    39. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Katy Perry

    40. Lysken

      Is her lyrick about being covered in daisies a reference to the Hunger Games, when Katniss covered Rue in flowers after she had died?

    41. Kinsley Pollock

      This song made me follow my dream

    42. Rozzaq Kurna

      She looks like weather forecast 💀

    43. Belinda Harmond

      amazing song ❤️❤️ I made a cover of this, please check it out 🌼❤️

    44. M M


    45. JC Dela Cruz

      I thought he thumbnail was Sia 🤦‍♀️

    46. OmqBrave Roblox

      The baby: AAAAAAH HELP

    47. Almir Custodio

      katy serviu MUITO

    48. Almir Custodio


    49. Chantika Marfalia

      amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    50. sarina xo

      That was actually amazing. Wow

    51. Daisy Ruelas Sanchez

      Your LYINGGGG!!! My name is daisy and this was preformed on my BIRTHDAY 😱😱

    52. Alan Moisés

      Ella es la más cool

    53. dennys samero

      Katy Perry: a Eu: ARTISTA

    54. Cassie

      When she pretends like she is falling I feel so nervous. Really stop doing this Katy. In addition, when I watched daisies, I felt nervous too because of wet rocks and high rocks

    55. I Am Shakeel

      It's like a Eurovision Song Contest performance. Perryland 12 points....

    56. Veronica Prudius

      Love it!

    57. Veronica Prudius

      This is so cool 😎!

      1. Cassie

        Katy giving us visuals! I’m here for it! :)

    58. caique cubías

      Por ese tipo de presentaciones no sale del flop. Toma de referencia a Miley Cyrus en la presentación de Malibu. Espectacular

    59. Harison Joseph

      Fascinating technology

    60. Sarah Davis

      Katy should go to America got talent

    61. Sarah Davis


    62. Sarah Davis

      I love you

    63. Bhaskar Chatterjee

      Omg how did they even edit this thing 😭❤️❤️❤️

    64. Gacha AndStuff

      I was really confused about what was real and what wasn't.

    65. Akash Seth

      This is the performance of the decade , the amount of thought put into this was phenomenal. Great art .

    66. Alvin Ace

      why is american idol setting up my anxiety like this

    67. Riska Dhenabayu


    68. حيدر حسين محمد الشحماني

      عندما يجتمع الجمال والفن في الإنسان يصبح خارق مثل الجميلة كاتي بيري معجب من العراق

    69. Chaddy Codey


    70. ютуб ютуб

      Как это сделали

    71. mohamed amen


    72. It's Shawnieboyy

      Katy giving us visuals! I’m here for it! :)

    73. Alan Moisés

      A esta mujer no la para nadie

    74. MARIOLEAL21

      Lyric video

    75. RH H

      When you’re playing Sims 4 with alpha cc and you go into an EA build

    76. Andru chajon

      Ows me encanto su presentacion me ella es increible

    77. Jared Samuel Salud

      who came hea cuz of lyric vid??? katy perry a creative goat ngfl

    78. Evercoss A65

      The effect is freaking good

    79. Joanna

      She is 8 months pregnant and she can do this im shock!

    80. Satans B****

      Fellow illumanti puppet serving the vibes of witchcraft! Amazing