I've been thinking of retiring.

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Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Marc Pacheco

      Honestly take a break dude you deserve it more than anyone spend time with your fam and friends also time to just decompress and if you wanna comeback well you cross that bridge when you get there also a HUGE thanks for simplifying your vids for someone who’s not well versed in anything computer wise lol

    2. Steven Andria's tutorials

      Something tells me it's not just retirement, he sounds like he's going through a lot, as if he is possibly going through a period of depression, not sadness, but just that one feeling of mixed melancholia. "If I got hit by a bus tomorrow" "Life would go on", it's as if there were some scary hints being dropped into the video. We hope you're doing fine Linus, we wish you the best.

    3. Khristian James Calderon

      Bro, keep doing what you love. Much Love from The Philippines 🇵🇭

    4. Steven Andria's tutorials

      You've educated me so much over the past few years. We would be very empty without you. We respect your decision and we are going to miss you very much. Thank you Linus.

    5. rabooey

      @Linus The feels are for realz. All of our situations are different but this is all part of life in general and you're not alone. We just do our best, expect the worst, and always hope for the best. Hang in there dude.

    6. Michael_ Garcia_vlogs

      Linus you are my idle and are pursuing a dream of mine thank you for every thing you do but if you need time off go for it ℓσνє уσυ ℓιηυѕ :)

    7. Frzn Waze

      Please no

    8. Rumsy z

      Im not happy ur happy

    9. SaD HaT

      No matter how many times we have meme’d this guy, he always helped up one way or another

    10. Science butReversed


    11. KYxYT

      where’s the meme

      1. KYxYT

        Casual Crusader 😐

      2. Casual Crusader


    12. theboredbrowser

      im ur 4,000,000th viewer on this vid

    13. Iwan Jirkuw

      Hi Linus! I was keeping this video in "watch later" playlist for a long time! I just wanted to make sure o focus on every word that comes out of your mouth! I totally understand you as a father of 3 kids myself! How about you refocus your videos more towards your family?! I bet many of us your subscribers have families and would benefit from your point of view on family matter! Not exactly like Kardashians, but certain views?! Anyways God bless you and your family, and your subscribers! 😉👍🏼

    14. uytr ewq

      Wow.....you are always so full of energy in your videos and seeing you like this just makes me sooo...sad, take as long of a break as you need so I can you smile again ( if you ever feel sad or stressed, read funny memes on Pinterest)

    15. Michael Merrigan

      From a senior citizen, please don’t. You keep my brain active. You totally outdo virtually every other techie.

    16. Shutterbug Sid

      Battery is about to die, but still LTT videos are must!

    17. Trap Line

      he ran out of tek tipz

    18. dln_

      Please do, I don't like you.

    19. mt 125

      the thumbnail haha

    20. swagman 333

      Why are 6.8 thousand people disliking this

    21. Zrayel

      Should do what you love for what you love. You're already big, you don't need to do it for any other reason but for the love of it. If you feel like you wanna grow, then go ahead as long as you're doing it for the good reasons.

    22. Jaminations

      Linus tech tips u good boi dab dab dont retire

    23. Comrade Gallegos

      Why is his room made of doors

    24. Brian Holder

      I’m not crying, you’re crying! The make a wish foundation stuff always hits me in the feels more since I’ve had kids too. I’ve been a bit late to the party in finding you guys but I have learned a lot. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve built my last PC and I’m finally getting around to my next build. Things have changed a bit and you guys have made it fun for me to catch up. Thank you

    25. A 19-Year-Old NOT YouTuber

      Nooooo pls don't gooooo I need tip!! :(

    26. roan33

      Be with your family.

    27. fk 92

      Linus maybe take a break then you might notice that you love youre job. But when working in the same place alot of years you get tired of it. So just take a brake and then come back.

    28. Adil Hakim

      Enough of just thinking it. Do, man!

    29. Seedonator

      14:17 i literally didnt realise you were talking about australia until 10 seconds later and i live in sydney, i was just thinking: wait a continent got burnt when did that happen

    30. Swag Gamer319

      The face of A meme. XD

    31. Nagabro

      Look man, all I've got to say is that it's important to spend time with your loved ones or you'll be filled with regret when it's too late. We'll be fine even if you only uploaded once a month and we'll still be here for you, but the time you spend with your wife, your children and other people you love in real life is irreplaceable for you.

    32. Bigstephy93

      I don’t know anything about tech but I love your videos, find them so interesting even though I don’t know what half the things are but I’m learning! Keep up the good work x

    33. sim ray

      OH NO ,please don't retire , just take a breake , we would welcome you back

    34. Kevin the Rope Snake

      Go on the Megadeth Sweating Bullets song thumbnail and compare the 2 images, its the same chaos.

    35. AuraWasTaken

      Whatever happens just know u inspired all of us to do better, every time I watch it inspires me to make something better

    36. shawn swem

      I built my first computer very recently, I'd say about a month ago. And I've learned so much from watching your videos, like all the things not to do lol 🤣 but your videos inspired me and made me feel like doing something like building a computer was actually within my reach, slowly I've been upgrading part by part, im 28 and i feel like ive spent more time with my dad who has always loved computers and been a fan of yours for a long time,. than i have since i was a kid due to your videos, im over at my parents all the time now swapping parts and benchmarking, seeing how perfect we can get our setups, and thats all thanks to LTT, thank you linus and the LTT team 😎

    37. Dennis Pugh

      Hey man!! I completely understand what your saying! I've had days where I wonder about why I do the same thing over and over day after day and every time that happens I listen to this one song. I know it's a country song but bear with me and give it a shot! I think you'll love it! ( That's something to be proud of, Montgomery gentry) you've work hard for the milestones you made and you've definitely earned it! You've helped me out alot and I thank you for all of it ! Hit me up if you ever want some more country music !!lol

    38. Sylfine

      Linus crying :( :( :(

    39. J DogXx

      Please don’t leave you are such a big leader in my life seeing your videos when I get home from school your videos make me happy and they help me better understand computers

    40. taptoepat

      BRsel is pressure...

    41. Xx-TBON3R-xX MERK-_-SQUAD

      You better do a review on the PS5 and the XBOX Series X before you leave us 😣🙁

    42. Elijah Ramos

      Dan linus I'll be praying for you, but you bring joy to alot of us.

    43. wookie scrump

      You are the rason i went from console since i was 6 on the NES to ps4pro to now building PCs. I literally binge all your content and others soaking up as much computer videos i can. You have made me find my passion. Thankyou linus for everything. Even if you do look like a lesbian in sandals lmao jk

    44. J B

      Take a hiatus and get your bearings.

    45. Arben Mustafa

      This is how the world ends and we end back to sticks and stones. If you need a break take a break, but thank you for what you’ve done so far for my understanding of computers. Not only have you helped me but all the people that are around me by extension.

    46. EganDoesCoasters

      when you make a serious video and get memed instantly

    47. Mr Invader

      you have a fine mic!

    48. Mr Invader

      I love tech so I like making videos about tech.. but I hate the mindless consumerism.. and what will come of it.. what difference will it make? Sir you need to work with Bill Gates. Please. you can Make A Difference there

    49. kzgisbaned

      take a break but dont quite man come on u gota stay in it

    50. hvd iv

      you will still always build pcs so you mite as well keep making youtube videos.

    51. buellscott

      The thing that makes life so amazing and beautiful is that one day it comes to an end..

    52. Kazu Qt

      You can’t how dare u

    53. Dimrain13

      Linus. Its alright to slow down a bit. Get a few of the guys or girls on camera and be in half as many videos. Seriously. Its alright, we really do understand.

    54. Vetle Høyjord


    55. Jack Gro

      Linus is such a good person....

    56. Ochir Sanjaadorj

      You've got it, now enjoy your life before it's too late.

    57. will2see

      When you feel down, just remember, that we are all stuck on a piece of rock revolving around an average star.

    58. KickStartTV


    59. HexGamez


    60. Michael Perrin

      Just keep on thinking about it ?