I've been thinking of retiring.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Jarrit Hosking

      Much like you I don't believe in consuming just because of an ad, that is not to say that may people very much live in a mass consumer based world. I have clothes that I still wear from when I was 19yrs old and I am 32yrs old now. I look presentable but not really looking to impress anyone. Personally I feel that your videos do give people skills and sure, you need to make an income but at the end of the day your integrity is your own and it is important - but just saying that you do make an impact on the world. I am just selling 2nd hand furniture - so my impact ratio is much lower selling cheaper stuff to people that cannot afford the in store prices and honestly I make very little profit since the 2nd hand market in South Africa is really crap. Whatever your choice I think it will be good but remember you do make a difference!

    2. Jarrit Hosking

      Dude, I am only just getting to know you and your videos have been getting me through this lockdown all the way here in South Africa! ! ! You are super cool, giving good advice where some people con you in their videos and I find your content amazing and have to say, love your code of ethics and the awesome staff and family. Hope to see you for a lot longer

    3. GeizigAdam

      hes like: bro, i made a fortune with videos. I got sick of money. bye

    4. altcarter

      *lol bye loser noob no one liked u, lollllll, bye so annoying*

    5. Waa hh

      Came here for the meme, stayed for the feels

    6. dood!

      nice bait bro

    7. Reese 7906

      we will miss you

      1. Reese 7906

        @Sean Zoilo yeah but im still crying

      2. Sean Zoilo

        Reese 7906 This was 2 months ago...

    8. Young Al

      This is so sad

    9. DuckyAU

      Little did he know this would end up as a meme

    10. Shronk

      Why does he have 3 doors in the background

    11. Simulation Media

      Man, you single-handedly switched me from console to PC inspired me, and done so much more so please don't leave. Man I look up to you and I don't want to see you quit at the best please just reduce your upload schedule and spend some time with ur family.

    12. laZy

      yo linus dont really feel presure from the subscriber dont feel that we like you so dont feel presure

    13. SleepingElite4

      Wait, the thumbnail for this video was used in a meme about teachers saying that being a streamer/BRselr isn't a real job until the teacher loses their job because of the coronavirus closing schools down, making them become streamers/youtubers

    14. Retro

      Just seen this video and I was kind of shocked , you are my go to guy for any tech related info , I have always loved tech since I was a kid , I’d literally sit down and take apart an old computer and just try to understand what the parts were and how they worked , it always fascinated me , and made me want to build my own , so when I got my first good job where I was making decent money I built my own. Now I have so many parts scattered around just like the hoarders episode with the guy that had computer relics . sometimes I dream of making my own BRsel channel but I have stage fright and suck at video editing.... maybe one day. Lol ! We all love you Linus , your a great guy and I love that fact that your very humble.

    15. Psychological Cure

      So this guy is the meme ?

      1. Dilan

        Yeah but watch the video it's better for you

    16. KING KILYE

      I see so many comments about how he inspired a bunch of people. 🤭I literally just watched him today, because I heard of him yesterday from a bunch memes of the thumbnail.😖😣 Seriously I spent like half an hour staring at the thumbnail and laughing because all I could think about was memes LoL🤣😆

    17. Haneul Kim

      How did I get here from searching "Mio Honda Step piano"

    18. Bikal Kc

      This is a meme thumbnail RN

    19. R3D1S8R0K3n

      we all saw the icon meme

    20. Adil Waheed

      this channel got me into computer science yay

    21. UndeadAirwaves

      When you say that your videos prompt mindless consumerism it's not entirely true. I get my kick out of seeing you use something so I don't have to spend the money :)

    22. Ismael Teran

      I really hope don't retire. You're simply awesome! You helped me build my first pc! You're my celebrity, thank you for everything!

    23. Eduardo Galicia

      Oh man i really love Linus, i know we're a little bit rough on him but he's a really great guy. Not only he really loves what he does, he's really good at business and it looks like he actually cares about his employes. Hope everything goes well.

    24. sean24

      its ok man. if i was there in your town id chill

    25. MasBlum GG

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> one of the greatest memes of all time was born.

    26. Divine


    27. Andreas Toth

    28. The Goose

      your young and you have money. just do it. its going to be fun.

    29. Merezz

      Heres a tech tip, shut the fuck up

    30. Khoa Nguyen

      Just like king of random

    31. Dolphinese

      Why did so many people spam F in the chat?

    32. The gamingdoge156 YT

      How tf is he surrounded by fucking doors m8

    33. :D :D

      So is this how the meme was created? Typical.

    34. Speedy9000 Speedy2000

      Is it a good thing to end you career with a meme? Honestly i feel bad, idonis is a nice guy, and people were being mean to him, bless him.

    35. Collette

      love you buddy

    36. Loki 257

      You are a meme

    37. Dipesh Sen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="905">15:05</a>

    38. keagan cox

      u changed ur mind right

    39. Dhaannessh Balasundram

      Stay strong Linus , I didn't jack about tech until you came along and help understand the inner workings of the tech industry . I was just thinking about reality of you retiring and it broke my heart but I understand why you would do it . Stay strong Linus and I genuinely think the channel/company will be fine because they are alot of hardcore fans to keep them going . I don't know if you'll get this or not but I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

      1. Dhaannessh Balasundram


    40. ØGZəx™

      That thumbnail is a meme now 💀

    41. Red_Knight_SBL

      No Stupid linus

    42. JuSt Gaming

      i learned a lot from this channel ❤❤

    43. Y is fortnite Trash now

      Linus only 1 person is going to see this but like your the best and you inspired me to start to build computers and because of u when I watch ur videos and then become happy and I’m late in this video but I wish there was a way to get 10 million people to subscribe to ur channel and like all your videos

    44. Y is fortnite Trash now

      I’m NOT cryiinnnng ok shut up Billy

    45. RomaWar

      Well, i had found this meme. In fact, it found me

    46. demonetized

      It’s OK Linus I’ve been watching you for years and I have always loved your content and I have so many videos to watch back on I’ve I’m so happy that you’ve hit 10 mill and I’ve been here ever since you were at like 1 million it’s OK if you retire keep it up and do what you want to do 🥰😭

    47. name. not. loaded

      Has anyone else noticed that his walls are made of doors? Sorry if this doesnt fit the mood, im just trying to lighten it

    48. little Rachel

      You're probably never going to read this, but we love u Linus!! You inspired me to build my first pc, and I upgraded it all by myself. I wouldn't have dared it without u and your channel. Thank you so much for all you have done for the community. I always love watching your content and adventures.

    49. N. N.

      About 2 years ago, when my boyfriend first introduced me to your videos, Linus, I was always like "ugh this tech guy again" and the only thing keeping me awake during your videos was your cute face. Yesterday we almost had a fight because I watched your newest video without him lol I turned from a girl without a single ounce of interest in tech and the only question for the sales guy when buying a computer if it would run Sims without lagging and no idea or ambition for the future into someone who now compares graphics cards, processors and having a clear vision of what I want to do, working on my law degree to soon work in IT - and data protection law. I even use Linux now! The impact you and your content has is actually amazing, even if your content is "just" about tech stuff, by playing a big part in sparking my interest for it my life now kind of changes it's course, one I would never have considered. Thank you for that Linus.

    50. babadook trying to hook


    51. matthew askew

      Linus, If you think that you haven't had an impact on us you have, you've helped me when I was in the absolute gutter you are so upbeat and just joyful but that's not why we love you. It's your personality, no matter what you are doing no matter what troubles you are going through we are here for you, you have made me peruse what I love which is tech! Because of you I finally saved up for that computer that I All ways wanted, because of you all of my friends have got computers and we spend hours on end playing with each other, you are probably wondering where this is going but what I'm trying to say is you have connected me, my friends, and your fans! Linus no matter what you are doing no matter where you are we all love you and you are amazing! Btw I know your probably not going to see this but hey I just wanted to share my feelings with you and your whole fan base so thank you for everything and if you ever need to take a break from all of this do it, if you need to take some time off for your kids then do it and we will support you all of the way. Also I'm legit in tears right now you are amazing and I mean it.

    52. Alperen Telli

      Dude, You were the litreally first guy to teach me to the computer basics. I knew the other Channels could teach me as well but you are the only guy that teaches it like entertainingly. (Wtf even is “entertainingly omg sorry”

    53. 13th Gaming Clan

      Why, no man keep going, this is a nice channel and it just would not be the same?

    54. FRITATA


    55. Ahmed Maher

      i think you are great guy who likes to know more about life and tech and how it every single thing to measure the good and bad and that what make u a great reviewer and manager ..so stop thinking about what people say don't even give a fuck i am more a nerd like you but i wish i have the courage to do what i love like what you did with your channel ..you have became a long way to achevie your goals and now you should have a happy life so make yourself happy even if it even makes you switch to another job you wanted like being a gamer or taking a vecation with your family just make sure your are in good mood for yourself

    56. Emmett Jenner

      Ive just watch a man have an exestential crysis. Hope hes ok

    57. Draxis32


    58. Blerian Hima

      Hes helped me with too many computer problems and has inspired be to have interest in computers and its sad u feel this way linus. much love!


      So that's where that meme came from.

    60. Seis Nueve

      Don't overclock yourself bro, take a break then come back stronger and more motivated.

    61. TheDAITrickster

      retired or not you'll always have a special place in my heart

      1. T0EDD

        TheDAITrickster he will have a special place in mind too

    62. Incinerator

      Im so glad he still makes these videos, fundemental reason im persuing Computer Science GCSE thankyou for making these videos...

    63. MODDED BOI

      please dont retire! you are telling us that you have come so far and now you are going to give up? YOU shoud know that im 13 years old now and i have been watching you for 4 years. i built my own computer just by your help! please keep going😇 think about your studio, your servers and all that stuff! if you are going to retire please do giveaway on your stuff, and dont delete your channel.😎

    64. W1ZA4D

      I am the kind of guy that is like " Take a break, we will still be here for you" but now I am just like " Linus Tech Tips is nothing without you man ! It would be just Tech Tips then..."

    65. Ryan Malin

      yeah that shit is real when you realize you're finite and will end someday. we spend our whole lives ignoring this hard fact.

    66. Jack Mandeville

      Linus. I love how open you are with your fans, family, employees and everyone you meet. You deserve a little break. Get out, have some fun, relax. You deserve it. Thank you for all the great content!

    67. POCE1M 9

      Waittt,noooooooooo so this where the meme is from.dude i watched your videos back in 2016.so sad to see ya go.even though your youtube channel was mostly about tech.you still managed to entertain and make me laugh every time.i dont know feels bad.but do respect your move

    68. Sapfire 2000


    69. Brian Cohen

      So I just started watching maybe 3 weeks ago....Linus you're the reason I decided to get my first gaming PC. Went with ibuypower bc I'm just not smart enough to build on my own 😅. Watching this gave me such a respect for you. I hope you're doing well and thank you for this awesome channel. Maybe one day after watching enough videos and build my own.(I probably mess it up tho) Thank you for giving me a channel that makes me smile and laugh at a time where I didnt know if I could anymore

    70. Nehemiah Zo

      You are a legend meme bro

    71. Noobmaster69

      My internet ruined this 😭😭😭😭😭

    72. Kristopher kiliadis

      Real talk, love it 👍🙏 congrats

    73. mikey

      BRsel isn't going anywhere, you can always come back!

    74. needtorename

      I cant believe it was this youtuber the meme all along.. i am super surpised

    75. avonire

      Oh so this is where it came from. :(

    76. DGTC TM

      We need this man

    77. Chocolatecake 35

      This thumbnail is awesome

    78. Pigeon GSF

      The proudest *F* I'll ever place.

    79. -O-

      I hate this meme so much

    80. BubyM B

      not gonna hide it, i cried