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    현아 (HyunA) - 'FLOWER SHOWER’ MV
    Executive Producer: P NATION
    MV Director: VM Project Architecture
    Composed by: PSY, 유건형, SPACE ONE, Anna Timgren
    Lyrics by: PSY
    Arranged by: SPACE ONE
    - Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3UwlejyX2b458azZ7eCnHb
    - iTunes & Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/artist/hyuna/384855556
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    1. Pablo cesar Schwenke vargar

      La cancion en muy pegajosa ❤

    2. Babe Aria

      This is seriously Hyuna anthem. PSY wrote the lyrics knowing who she is. I still love it after 6 months 💕

    3. kim hongjoong


    4. yejistea

      this sounds just like somi's debut song "birthday"

    5. Anita Muñoz Barraza


    6. Aurellia luv Lia

      20M is coming!

    7. 복숭아씨

      진짜 인간 장미같다 화려하고 매혹적인 붉은색 장미ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ현아 짱예.....ෆ

    8. MperoR 아얀 Mark Ryan

      P Nation standout!!! 현아시!!!!

    9. Muhammad Rahmat Agus

      HYUNA 😍😍😍😍💪💪💪💪

    10. 강민서

      항상 언니 뒤에는 언니를 응원하고 사랑하는 팬들이 있다는 거 알지? 너무 사랑해 앞으로도 꽃길만 걷자💜

    11. Ashley P.

      i think HyunA has taught us a very valuable lesson: kpop idols can still date and be in relationships of any kind while being a successful artist, it's called human rights, freedom, and just plain common sense. just wish korean entertainment companies wouldn't have so many restrictions on their idols, especially the dating restriction

    12. Diamond Haze

      Hyuna:give me your like Me:ok queeen

    13. Hưng Duy


    14. blink blackpink

      I Love hyuna ❤

    15. นันท์นภัส ฝึกจันทร์

      Call me old-fashioned but I like 4minute hyuna. She needs to be with them again. This video didn’t make very much sense. The lip&hip remix was great.

    16. Stefany Reyes Rosas

      I love new hyuna

    17. TAEKOOK 101

      I love you ♥️✨beautiful ✨

    18. جميلة انيقة

      Hyuna Queennnnnnn i loveeee hyuna so muchhh

    19. Matilde Diogo

      so weird that psy wrote this song

    20. Yuly Benito

      Me encanta el silbido y el cantar de los pájaros en esta canción, bonita combinación, me suele recordar a la película de Blanca Nieves.

    21. Meri Cruz_A.R.M.Y

      Me gusta más esta versión, porque aquí se ve que no la sexualizan tanto como antes, me alegro muchos besos 😘 💖

    22. My More Noble Pursuits

      I love this song so much!!! Its so happy and so breezy. It gives a great fresh feeling. Her outfits are so gorgeous!! Honestly, the yellow ballgown is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, its what Bell should've had in "The Beauty and the Beast" remake. Honestly they should've casted Hyuna and her costume designer.

    23. 苏庆瑞

      Hyuna is flowers queen! I love you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    24. JL S. Real

      This is who was here before 20M views 👇🏽

    25. Debasmita Das

      Shoooooo pretttyyyyy (๑♡⌓♡๑)(๑♡⌓♡๑)💕💓💗💗💓🥺

    26. Rei Skywalker

      This song’s sounds similar to Whistle from Black Pink😅

    27. Ema CRz

      Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaa😍

    28. tiktok mashup

      Chupa cube

    29. nabila siva1902

      Awet muda gess 😃

    30. Em Re

      Let's make it 20 mln

    31. totorominion

      Anyone know when the next comeback is happening?

    32. suspiria


    33. Haruto PLAYZS


      1. Dahyuns Girlfriend


    34. 𝘣𝘰𝘮𝘣𝘰𝘮 ;;

      Esta mujer es puro talento y visualidad. HyunA I💛 U. #HyunaStanMexico

    35. XxAestheticLiliesxX

      It's amazing- there is only 1 problem.. It ends ;c

    36. i say markjinisbae

      13 years and still relevant❤️ BTW guys please stream red and get it to 100M views before hyuna 0606 bdayb



    38. 지택

      이게 현아다...

    39. Bartu Köseoğlu

      You are so talented, please don't stop playing music. We listened to you until 2020. We want to listen to you until we die. Please continue without giving up

      1. Burcu Atasoy

        Good comment

      2. EYÜP ASLAN


      3. KDZ Ereğli TROL

        I think the same

    40. Cameron Schyuder

      I didn't like this song when it first came out because it was different from the style that I was used to Hyuna singing (Red, Roll Deep, etc) but now after several months came back and am appreciating the song more.

    41. lalalem y.

      she has confidence , she has amazing talent , she is kind , she is also cute and sexy . we stan

    42. Chanel Rose

      Troublemaker Hyuna and FlowerShower Hyuna, The Duality tho🥺👏🏼

    43. Akshita Gaur

      Guys she deserves better She went through so much hardship C'mon let's stream for her This song to 50m atleast

    44. Mr Krim

      Gangam style))

    45. Yuriko Zheng

      This song really fits Hyuna’s personality 🥺💕

    46. tiff hart

      Omg she looks SOO pretty I love her brown hair ❤️it fits her original makeup

    47. Reytha Zafina

      ah i miss my queen :(

    48. Animal For all the world

      *imagine Dawn Watching this And saw her with boys🤣*

    49. Marija K.

      Fun fact: Every second of this is background friendly.

    50. Avoira Madison


    51. yoonieblue


    52. csi

      queen of my heart

    53. Less Than You

      I think this is more Hyuna like personality song, not overly sexualized party girl style they kept pushing on her Cool, colorful and refreshing style music. After all Hyuna has a bubbly yet sensitive personality 6years being her fan are worth it, feels like I grew up with her haha

    54. Marisol Delast

      Hyuna is an inspiration for me and for a lot of people ❤️

    55. Jhovany Andrés Tocora Díaz

      Who is listening Hyuna in quarantine? 💛

    56. Agostina bts Mirabal

      Ahhhhh hyuna :3 😻 eres tan hermosa :"""""V me mori de tanta hermosura por dios XwX

    57. Sharon Julieth

      Young forever

    58. — Samyh

      Perfeita demais aff

    59. Itzblinkonce

      Idc who you are but you can’t lie “Flower shower” is a bop

    60. 8D KPOP

      Always a queen. Such talent! 💖

    61. Chheng Sok Heang Chheng Sok Heang

      2020 anyone ❤️❤️❤️.?

    62. 조강은

      노래 좋아요.

    63. Over the plane

      Streaming forever more

    64. Riku.


    65. 효도합시다

      언니 언제 컴백해 나 죽어 빨리 탈큡 새 컨셉 또 보고싶어ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ 미쳐같은 스타일도 좋아 나 미칠 준비 돼있어 플샤 느낌도 좋구.. 아 너무 이뿌다 금발도 해줘..

    66. Destiny Holmes

      No one talking about how the birdies brought her her crown


      She has only Korean fans if not so Like below 👇🏻

    68. o koreye gidilecek

      Oh my god hyuna 😍😍😍😘😘

    69. Latte Dream

      Soy yo o Hyuna se ve mucho mas feliz ahora?

    70. iridian ramirez

      hyuna the queen of kpop

    71. carlos Ignacio

      I love u ❤

    72. desdenz

      Hyuna is the best

    73. Enerlen Odgerel

      i really like this song !!! Proud of you Hyuna !!!

    74. Sofia Cabading

      I love you forever!!!!!!!

    75. ღLindsayღ

      i love this music video it's beautiful she looks so happy

    76. Taiga Aisaka

      Minha bebê sempre maravilhosaaa 🥺♥️

    77. Ezequiel Chico

      TE AMO! ❤

    78. 상여자

      매번 뭐든너무조앙ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    79. Ton


    80. My Movie

      why does this only 18 milion view? A-ing let stream for HuynA pls 🍍🍍🍍