Highlights Real Sociedad vs FC Barcelona (2-2)

LaLiga Santander

LaLiga Santander

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    Share points at Reale Arena between Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona in a match with four goals and occasions for the two teams #RealSociedadBarça J17 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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    1. Aruel Aruel

      Messi is old

    2. HMA_ Tv

      Αν ήρθες από τον Πάνο +1

    3. Anferb Lutus

      FORZA Barcelona!!!!!

    4. Anferb Lutus

      Why Real Sociedad,why?????

    5. Ivana Nastic

      Real Soseiedad is Shit club, really bad club

    6. Kid Power

      Grijetzmann the best

    7. クエZlind

      Griezmann against his former club😂😂😂

    8. MORTER!!!

      Barca fans out here tryna act like they won lmao

    9. Che Guevara

      Viva Alexander Isack!!!! From Eritrea

    10. Zaky Mbrk

      Who is commentary??? Who is he

    11. Olisiano

      Januzaj, must leave Sosiedad urgently! It's for the good of your career! Sosiedad, has an amateur trainer who does not know how to evaluate a super talent like Januzaj!

      1. Said Jbilo


      2. Olisiano

        As ignorant and undesirable as you are! If you have little respect for yourself and us, don't comment anymore! You, and football don't communicate! You, useless communicator

      3. Mehrad Bagher-Ebadian

        We saw how trash he was at Manchester United.

    12. Глухов Дмитрий

      on Pique 100% penalty

    13. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Uefalona cry again for penalty hohoho...

    14. BK007

      Real Madrid midfielder Martin Odegaard controlled the game, so Sociedad had the possession.

      1. brasileiros Silva

        RM has enough midfielders Isco, Kroos, Casemiro, Valverde, Rodriguez, and Vazquez will stay in another 4 years till new players arrive, and people of Norway think that Odegaard will be playing at Real M permanent, I hope they are not that Naive lol!

    15. Ψζ βξ

      Why is this uploaded with English commentary? This is the spanish league's official BRsel channel we are talking about

    16. strind Lauvince


    17. Firoz Ahmadi

      He used his hand the real sociedad so why it is a penalty

    18. Viencent Bolloré

      Soy una mujer con 3 hijos. Desde la muerte de mi esposo, me he encontrado en dificultades. Y tenía muchas deudas que pagar antes de finales de enero y comenzar mi propio negocio. Pedí ayuda a mis vecinos y a mi banco, pero la gente no quiere ayudarme; Estaba en serios problemas. Respondí a algunas ofertas de préstamos en Internet y me engañaron dos veces. Pero para continuar mi investigación, leí un testimonio de préstamo que hablaba de un hombre honesto y serio. Bueno, este hombre contactó al Sr. Demelo timido y a quien contacté también, quien me ayudó con un préstamo de $ 60,000. Le garantizo que recibí el préstamo la semana pasada y con este dinero, podría pagar mis cuentas. Es cierto que acepté pagar el dinero y no está mal como los otros estafadores. Si desea hacer el préstamo, le aconsejamos y lo guiaremos a este hombre y no se sentirá decepcionado. Allí, tienes su dirección de correo electrónico: demelotimoule@gmail.com da confianza.

    19. must ali

      Where's the pique penalty wtf the var is pull shit

    20. Marco Bazzo

      Bellissima partita grande stellare spettacolo di calcio vero 💪⚽️👏👍 Grigzman in contropiede e velocità splendida mammamia che super gol pazzesco di pallonetto straordinario che bellezza 💪⚽️👏👍 poi bellissima azione straordinaria assist di Messi e gol di Suarez grande gol 💪⚽️👏👍 da tifoso interista bella azione 😉

    21. M. Sienno

      One step forward, two steps backward

    22. Quoconut

      Busquets makes too many mistakes silly shirt tucking etc

    23. Flipendo

      oh they're wearing blue we better change into our blue away shirt

    24. Karim Mohamed


    25. KMZQgor 17


    26. el rumi

      Stop arguing about the penalty, Barca needs new manager.

    27. Aditya Singh

      At 1:11, you can clearly see pique get pushed by the real sociedad player and then after him getting pulled down by his shirt. Literally, it's a pen.

      1. Aditya Singh

        @niklas karvonen well, ok then.

      2. niklas karvonen


    28. Hangrace Gallaza

      i hate this game i can see how this referee is unfair, its lookl like his favor in real sociedad:

    29. asdwaetd

      everyone: suarez commentator: suareth

      1. O

        Commentator´s pronunciation is correct, that is European Spanish pronunciation of this surname.

      2. Daniel Benedetti


    30. PS Dom

      Griezmann starting to spam that L1+O

      1. yasmina chercki


    31. Mr Bison

      Very good barcelona

    32. ядовитый плющ

      Real Sociedad 💪💪Russian fun!

    33. Marian M

      This highlights are so short Jesus Christ..

    34. Johanajoselin Ramos


    35. Amirdanish321 Amirdanish321

      "barca fan,"be like:valverdeout hahahhhahhahha

      1. Zarxy


    36. Darvin Stinson


    37. Aidy Gooner

      The builders and engineers and stadium designer have done a magnificent job on redeveloping Real Sociedad's stadium nicely.

    38. Damon Tan

      Football club barcelona sounds dumb


      Go home VAR. your drunk.

    40. Ander Akerbeltz

      Penalti a Piqué venga ya jajajaaj

    41. JYB HENRI

      Valverde is such a great tactician. Despite having old players he still manages to lead la liga. I hope he resigns for the next 4 years.

    42. AHA tjallabaisen

      Go Martin Ødegård 👏👏

    43. paco ramon


    44. Huzz

      Odegaard and Isak is already starting to be world class 💯

      1. brasileiros Silva

        nope, none of them is world-class period, La Liga is only the Spanish league, and Real Sociedad play matches inside Spain, so I see no world-class her.

      2. Darko Porcsa


    45. Gabo Morales

      Fury got robbed

    46. Jimmy Joseph

      Nap bien travay

    47. David Cartagena

      Gud job sociedad but that 1st pk 😂😂😂😂

    48. M3TE _

      Imo barca should go to a 4-4-2. Griezman and Suarez up top Messi from the right and Dembele (if fit on the left) yet valverde loves to play strikers on the wings

    49. daniele

      Lmao maybe barca didn't deserve to win but we were clearly robbed at the end

    50. Joshua Chen

      What the heck is that penalty, Real Sociedad did the same thing and nothing happened to them? wtf?

    51. Joseph Jordisson

      Karma is real 😂😂😂

    52. sneax btw

      Ter Stegen out 🤞 kippo

    53. hip hop fan

      Great football real sociedad they deserved to win

    54. PlanB John

      Buahahaha buahahaha buahahaha buahahaha what can I say buahahaha

    55. Michael Madrid

      Barca and VAR are not friends. Especially the Valencia 1-1 Barcelona in the 17/18 season. And the game real Betis vs Barcelona in the 16/17 season in la liga.

    56. Bang Suro


    57. Stalker T

      Hands ball on sociedad player but penalti for them 🤔

    58. Przemo Orzech Guti

      Hahaha barca xd

    59. Pablo Culé

      Fuckin bitch referee

    60. mansial

      Hahaha feels so good...