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    Halsey recreates her "Manic" album cover makeup, and shares her desert-island beauty products.

    Shop Halsey’s beauty routine:

    BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation: fave.co/37k35m7

    BeautyBlender Pro: fave.co/37hrzw5

    IMAGE Skincare The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser: fave.co/37ljQgO

    Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum: fave.co/37gSOHa

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter Adhesive: fave.co/2GgdqDw

    Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket Washable Mascara: fave.co/30IYZRW

    Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bare: bit.ly/30JLT6Z

    Too Faced Born This Way Pressed Powder Foundation: fave.co/2uvfEfz

    MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Powder Soft and Gentle Blush: amzn.to/2tKLhlx

    Ardell Lash Natural 174: fave.co/2urjPJG

    e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit: fave.co/2RUmyDi

    Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder in 3 Dark: fave.co/38zbVwC

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    Halsey's “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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    1. بي تي اس ستان


    2. s a r r a

      she’s gorgeous with and without makeup

    3. Francisca Sanchez Mellado

      halsey es muy tierna

    4. Jimmy Tulloch

      Clearly a diana arbus reference.. Right ???

    5. Thomas Smith

      I'll sit down with Dr.Phil. There ain't nothing wrong with me. I had to learn.😚

    6. airea Dye

      She looks crazy asl 😂😂😂 this is not art this is experimenting 💯

    7. ambureb

      I just recently started paying attention to her. I have become a BIG fan. She’s smart, she’s ridiculously talented and she’s a perfect 10 in personality. I’m excited for her and her career

    8. Chloé CHIDIAC

      Someone knows what s the first mascara she used ?

      1. Mariah Concepcion

        Chloé CHIDIAC mac’s in extreme dimension 3d black lash mascara!

    9. Яэль Птичка

      her smile is so beautiful I'm crying

    10. Vanessa Bravo

      Please do a video like this with selena Gomez!!

    11. Julia Dworakowska

      girl, you're wasting so much product by rubbing it into hands!

    12. Daisy Ann Dañosos

      Pls put camilla cabello skin care and make up routine pls huhuhu and taylor swift for sure thats gonna be millions in jusy few hours

    13. Lolita Gurl

      I just love Halsey ... I love her she just climbed my list of fave artist and took No. 1 of it 💜💜💜💜

    14. Sam Freels

      10:51 Mission Impossible, Glitter Nation.

    15. ArnoldsK

      She's so gorgeous!

    16. The Felly

      where is evan

    17. Lili Blanch

      she is not that pretty with no photoshop 🤮

    18. Ayesha Tahir

      Hey antieeeeeee

    19. Carly Jun Allen

      I've been swearing by this elf brow gel for YEARS and discovering Halsey uses it alongside her $300 eye cream is wonderful.

    20. Jéssica 525

      So beautiful ❤️

    21. beyondthe scene

      Halsey im a fan and i know a liitle about make up if u put consellor right under your eyes without living that 1cm space it will make your eyes smaller so here is my advice put the conseloor 1cm under your eyes

    22. Santos

      Halsey with short hair is my religion

    23. KateTheGreat

      i love how much drugstore makeup she uses!!

    24. Aleyna Buba

      Her makeup was really good

    25. Agus !!

      I Love her, but one with @LeaMichele will be incredible

    26. Tata Kirs

      Я не понимаю, что она говорит, но это интересно

    27. shiva alaee

      no wonder her make up looks good all the time, she does many layers and does it like painting on canvas

    28. Mick S.

      “She will do a perfect makeup BRselr” kind of great makeup ~Love her❤️

    29. ANY J

      She is so talented!!!!🍒🍒

    30. Ari Dubis

      My god she’s perfect and absolutely stunning without makeup

    31. Gemini 616

      I use the same elf eye brow palette and it is absolutely amazing! Probably the only thing that makes my eye brows look good and natural not too done I like that

    32. ickythump333

      She's super nice when she's not trying to be edgy and different. I like when she's real lmao.

    33. Steve Jessie

      I would never care how goofy you look doing this 😂

    34. stapleskeri love bts

      She is a beautiful person inside and out. And not to mention, how artistic is that make-up tho 🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊ When she puts her hair out, I was just like WOW 😍😍😍

    35. Rachel Autumn

      I feel like I would live my life differently if I used expensive skincare products

    36. Elizabeth Demon

      I love the fact that she's extremely human. Really modest attitude, so humble. Like i could imagine just talking to her like i talk with any friend of mine. Absolutely fascinating.

    37. Dyanni Borjas

      So down to earth I love her

    38. Nic Coast

      She looks like a little baby without makeup, so cute !!

    39. Anahita Asiabar

      I want to hear stories with your voice 🤩

    40. Anahita Asiabar

      Beauty halsey



    42. Olivi M

      Is it charlies puth bath?


      Forever Perfect✨✨✨💗

    44. Timique TV

      I love watching your videos 🤗 please check out my skincare channel and show some love😉 #sub

    45. Elin Hägglund

      Totally like me. More glow use highlighter in foundation after and a glowing setting spray. Plus love colors bold stuff aaand also totally more for Moisture in lipsticks cant handle matte drying lipsticks =) short Eyelashes, sparse eyebrows feel ya. Hehe lots of recognition here. Thanks for the video also =) 🌺sharing your routine. I think that look, looks 👌

    46. Nayah Somsaeng

      Ashley is so stunning

    47. Violet luna


    48. Naomiytch

      God she's so pretty. I tried following this and ended up looking SO cringe and ugly (nothing new in my life lol)

    49. hey stOb it

      Her idea for the album and what she did for “Manic” is incredible. She is honestly such an inspiration.

    50. hey stOb it

      wow imagine looking pretty with or without makeup- Ashley is way too beautiful for my eyes. She’s so talented !!!

    51. Jessica Baus

      Halsey is so beautiful. I feel like I get emotional when I see her like this ugh. Just. Everything about her 🥺

    52. Yazmin Noel

      Omg!!! I love you face,is beutifull ❤

    53. celeste MMLL

      Just to.go to the supermarket ..like casual

    54. 내가방봤니

      언니 진짜 너무 귀엽다 love you

    55. ysera wannabe

      In the description you say ardell 174 natural but halsey said ardell wispies..mmm can someone explain?

    56. Moldir Meyirbek

      So beautiful

    57. aziz touli

      I love you so much halsey

    58. Karen090807

      was considering doing a 51yr old mom (me) Dollar Tree makeup tutorial...like a parody

    59. Bobbi B.

      I had hair that short two years ago and have been growing it out. Now that I’m watching this I’m like, “cut it cut it cut it.”

    60. icebbie

      Her skin is awesome