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    Halsey recreates her "Manic" album cover makeup, and shares her desert-island beauty products.

    Shop Halsey’s beauty routine:

    BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation: fave.co/37k35m7

    BeautyBlender Pro: fave.co/37hrzw5

    IMAGE Skincare The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser: fave.co/37ljQgO

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    Halsey's “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


    1. Cutie Fandoms

      So cute🤗🥺

    2. lee. hj


    3. Hyejin혜진

      *literally my heart bustin' out* 💖 *UwU'S* 💞 *for* 18 *minutes straight*

    4. Barbi Bowyer

      Halsey is amazing

    5. Savannah Reidell

      She looks so gorgeous without makeup💕

    6. Alexandria Delgado

      Ima need halsey do have a makeup channel cause 1) she’s amazing at makeup 2) her talks are so relatable and calming 3) she’s funny and doesnt stick to any status quo like she’s her own person and unique. How many people do their own makeup for stage 100% of the time??

    7. Cho soo 주소

      Halsey is a beautiful women without is makeup :D

    8. Chrisi JY

      i love halsey

    9. Resty MR

      I like her eyebrows

    10. Don’t Ask me

      Girl that eye ain’t nothing but Illuminati. We already know!

    11. Clara Hathcock

      I wish BTS would do stuff like this

    12. monicka lynn

      She doesn't need a stitch of make up at all. Hate her,lol

    13. Cruella D

      I like her , she seems to connect in this video . Very down to earth.

    14. Viya 09

      She is beautiful even without make up😍🔥

    15. fluffyjiwoo

      so no one is going to say how cute and beautiful she is????? like????????? gorgeous queen-

      1. Hyejin혜진

        *We only speak facts here* 💖🙌🏻

    16. Bea Ferreira

      Ariana should do her makeup as well

    17. Bianca Mariano

      Se eu fosse linda assim sem maquiagem nunca mais ía me maquiar

    18. Aviona Camille

      Im soooooo jealous of her lips god why do i have to have blackchu on the outer layer of my lips :

    19. Bouchra aa

      But i thought she has blue eyes ?!

    20. cres loves exo


    21. Pink Kitty K

      Try the 4D mascara, you get both in one girl 😉

    22. Mika Foshee

      Never mind... gives me butterflies and too antsy to sleep! You've got me under a spell, I'm telling ya.

    23. Mika Foshee

      Falling asleep to your voice.. ughhhh.

    24. Me and Me

      your natural lashes are already gorgeous 😍

    25. Go Jimii Fan girl X BTS

      Hi baby.

    26. Wendy Hutchinson

      Good grief, I’m so in love with Halsey. I’m old enough to be her mother 🤦🏻‍♀️, but I swear she is the most beautiful female in the world and suuuuuch a sweetheart!! 😍😍😍

    27. Najjar Najjar

      Sen çok güzelsin

    28. Jessica Constantine

      I love that Halsey is so relatable! When she started talking about taking off her eyelashes at night I knew exactly what she was going to say about them looking like spiders in the morning! You don't know how many times I've woke up and screamed thinking that there was a spider next to me by my face! Too funny I love her! What a cool human being

    29. Kim Rosetta

      I hate you 🌚💔

    30. Lahouel Fatima

      You became a boy miss

    31. Rohan Joygopaul

      I'm in love with her

    32. orpa botki

      Her nose ..so cute!!

    33. Ayesha Ishaq

      When she said kissing fans, she stopped and added 'on the cheek'

    34. Ayesha Ishaq

      She has dimples...

    35. BRIGHT SUN

      Halsey é realmente perfeita com e sem maquiagem.

    36. Lex Danketh

      When extremely famous people say "thanks for watching"...lmao

      1. Hyejin혜진


    37. ʟɪᴀ シ

      She's so cute 🥺💖

    38. Val Garcia

      Highlighter: *exists Halsey: finally some f*cking good product

    39. Sheyla Gonzalez

      She’s beautiful without makeup 😍😍

    40. Emily Strange

      What a beautiful young woman

    41. Shafia Mehak

      This girl have faced so much in her past and what all people do is to hate her without even knowing how strong and good artist she is..! 🖤

    42. Mckhee Macob



      wow loved it very nice

    44. squirrelly girl 40

      Halsey is precious

    45. Carlton Doorman

      It costs less to use Photoshop, of course. I imagine that she receives dividends to advertise all these products. Narcissism in the artistic world is normal. If you buy everything it's produced and you're ugly, it won't make you look good. Only makeup artists are capable of making ugly people beautiful. And these artists are very expensive. So if you are ugly and have no money left all that.

    46. HeyItsAfsana xoxo

      I love how most of her products were drugstore🥺

    47. Miss Moon

      imagine how pretty she is in real life, like wow.

    48. Aastha Roka

      She is still preety without makeup too

    49. Farooq Khalid

      Put all that makup on and pose ugly face for the cover . I was so disappointed withthe cover that's why ididnt buy it

    50. Irene De Asis

      Imagine the foundation that everyone hates is the best foundation for halsey❤️

    51. Irene De Asis

      Imagine the foundation that everyone hates is the best foundation for halsey❤️

    52. 곽빈


    53. Alsu Savina

      Invite Margot Robbie plZ

    54. Dulce maria Contreras

      Amooo xd

    55. Dulce maria Contreras

      Te amolooo

    56. Irondin Oliveira79

      I hate all that 6 with... But u are invited too... Honey. I love u... And we need u.

    57. H. J

      Barbara Sturm moisturizer: $215 for a 1.69 ounce container. Ugh....seriously? Ya, cuz a lot of us can run out and buy that and use it four times a day. No. No we can not.

    58. Nejka Reiki master

      She kinda reminds me on jung Liv Taylor-the lips&the eyes the most, very pretty🥰

    59. Hdhsh

      Thanks god that I’m a man

    60. Brittany Beautiful

      That moment when you look up the moisturizer she said is her holy grail that she uses four times a day thinking it’s probably expensive but that maybe I can save for it and then you find out it’s over $200...

    61. Sandra Bruno

    62. Zooz JkVRMJiJmJhSh

      She so cute 😭💕

    63. christina na

      could b liv tylers twin !

    64. Yellow4494

      I swear I thought she was saying 'black guy' every time she said 'black eye'

    65. 천사굵게

      That mascara did wonders😮

    66. Bethany Harley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="992">16:32</a>

    67. jcm. lin

      I watched this with my grandma even though she doesn’t understand any English and she was constantly saying how pretty she is 🥺

    68. Aleeya Torres

      You are so pretty omg ❤️❤️

    69. Gabriela Vezetiv

      I'm just sick of her

    70. haruhi prince

      Stans in cursive

    71. r. s.

      so basically a copy of the latest paramore album. unoriginal

    72. Anna Te

      No SPF 😱

    73. Nicole Galvez

      girl you did not just say ardell whispies are the best lash-

    74. Lovingsugakookies


    75. sehun always put a smile on my face

      omggg I have never in my life wanted to this make up thing until I watched this

    76. Johnnie Cash

      holy crap, Halsey looks like a young Melissa Gilbert without makeup! Pretty back and forth, you know it.

    77. Fabrice Claude Kuissu

      Jesus so that's what she really looks like? So gorgeous. She also has a lovely personality.

    78. Charls Jane

      This is honestly the first time I've ever heard her real name..

    79. Angel Ngel

      *Her voice makes me sleepy* ❤😴

    80. Namjoon's Adams apple

      Everytime i see her i remember eleven idk why