Clifton (2019) Bristol, UK What to see in 1 Day - Town to Suspension Bridge

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    "As close to being there, without being there." Do drop us a line in the comments to let us know your thoughts and tips on Bristol.
    If you're wondering what to see in 1 Day, join us for this virtual tour of Clifton in Bristol, as we make our way to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge - the symbol of the city.
    We start in Victoria Square and walk through to Boyce's Avenue - site of the Clifton Arcade as well as many charming cafes, coffee shops and independent retailers such as the Primrose Cafe, Saffron, Reg the Veg and Papersmiths.
    We cross the road and follow Princess Victoria Street - taking time to explore it's wealth of independent shops, restaurants and cafes, detouring along the way to discover Waterloo Street and The Mall.
    Back on Princess Victoria Street, we follow it down to the White Lion on Sion Hill, where we turn right to catch our first view of the iconic Victorian Clifton Suspension Bridge.
    We pass the Old Clifton Rocks Railway on our way uphill towards the toll booth at the start of the bridge. Walking onto the bridge gives us a stunning view of the Avon Gorge below on this sunny but windy day.
    We continue for an even better view and wind our way up to the Clifton Observatory above St Vincent's Rocks. This site, (which houses a cave once used as a temple in ancient times - known also as Ghyston's cave or Giant's Cave) provides a stunning view of the entire span of the bridge as it straddles the Avon Gorge.
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    1. clark kent

      Explore The Bristol

      1. Living Walks

        Yes an interesting city we found

    2. Ansel Mountain

      did you use any cinematic filter or is this the final result from direct shooting of the OnePlus 3 ?

      1. Living Walks

        Hi there Ansel, no filter, just the phone on this occasion, we now use a gopro which we are very much happier with.

    3. Mase Travels

      Beautiful video, just subscribed ☺️💕❤️

      1. Living Walks

        Thank you MT, and the very best to you and your channel.

    4. Magaly Sahuoni

      I liked your walking tour . It shows Bristol is a beautiful and charming city. Very nice video. Well done.

      1. Living Walks

        Ah you are really welcome Magaly. We have over 70 walks if you like that sort of thing, I hope you'll enjoy them?

    5. Jeffrey Philp

      Thanks for that information just keep making great videos of which I certainly will watch thank you 👍

      1. Living Walks

        You're most e=welcome Jeffrey. Your appreciation makes it all worthwhile. All the best to you.

    6. Jeffrey Philp

      Great 👍 video of Clifton. Well done 😁 any more of Bristol in the future ?

      1. Living Walks

        Hi Jeffrey, yes we have another of Bristol centre here and plan to add more too, so if you are happy to subscribe, you can see them as they are added. All the best to you.

    7. Jim Pratt

      I left Clifton in 1964 when my family emigrated to Canada. It will always be home. I know Bristol is a big, bustling city but this little bit of it will always be my village. Thanks especially for ending it on the Downs, where I spent so many happy days as a boy. Love this video!

      1. Living Walks

        Thank you so much for letting us know your link to Clifton. Sharing it with you makes doing the video's well worth while. All the best to you Jim.

    8. Living Walks

      Let us know your thoughts and experiences of Clifton, and where you would like to walk with us next?

    9. Living Walks

      Let us know your thoughts and experiences of Clifton, and where you would like to walk with us next?

    10. Hani .

      Thanks a lot for the tour.

      1. Living Walks

        Ah you're most welcome Hani.

    11. Bristol TV

      Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?

      1. Living Walks

        Thanks@Bristol TV, you're most welcome and thanks for adding the link.

      2. Bristol TV

        Thank you for your permission@Living Walks! Your video will air tonight on Bristol TV from 5:15pm onwards and we'll post your video with a BRsel link on our Facebook page. Thanks!

      3. Living Walks

        Hi there, yes you'd be most welcome to. However you did use our previous video and it wasn't too clear that we were a youtube channel, so if you have a way of making the youtube channel address a bit clearer we'd be really happy with that. All the best to you.

    12. Delhi Walker

      Nicely done 👍👍👍 Love your videos very much. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

      1. Delhi Walker

        @Living Walks Thanks and Namaste 🙏

      2. Living Walks

        Thank you Delhi walker, we love yours too. Good to be in contact with another walker.

    13. Wen Jian

      Good to see some walking videos outside of London. More please!

      1. Living Walks

        We'll be adding one or two a week now, mostly outside of London. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy filming them Wen?

    14. Eduardo Lima

      a atmosfera da cidade é muito suave e gostosa!

      1. Eduardo Lima

        @Living Walks valeu guerreiro sorte!

      2. Living Walks

        Estamos felices de traer estos lugares para usted. Gracias por su apoyo también

      3. Eduardo Lima

        @Living Walks parabens pela sua arte de trazer lugares incriveis como este e outros!

      4. Living Walks

        Gracias Eduardo, es un lugar atmosférico.

    15. Ambient Walking

      Nice walk! Thank you!

      1. Living Walks

        You're most welcome AW.

    16. Watched Walker

      Cool video, enjoyed this walk up to the suspension bridge. I keep meaning to visit Bristol and do some filming but haven't managed it yet, so thanks for sharing this :)

      1. Living Walks

        Hope you get to @Watched Walker

      2. Watched Walker

        Yes, I've been there once or twice in the past long before I was making these videos, and remember doing a lot of walking! It'll be nice to return one day :)

      3. Living Walks

        With it's street art, waterside areas and grand crescents, there's a lot to film. You'd love it :)

    17. Living Walks

      Take a virtual tour of Clifton in Bristol, as we explore the bright, indie shops and cafes before making our way to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge - the symbol of the city.

    18. Out Chillin Media


      1. Out Chillin Media

        @Living Walks No problem. Love your vids

      2. Living Walks

        Thanks OCM, glad you like it.