Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Lyric Video) ft. DaBaby


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    1. ĆÜTÍ3 FRÜÌTY•

      Love the nice 1980's style!

    2. Papuh Zacharie

      Is this a song for JOTARO?!!! HO MY GOD

    3. Aj Stunner

      “<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a>” me when I’m laughing and walking then accidentally stub my toe

    4. Blood Rayne

      this looks like from 1940 but no

    5. nmwm

      This song sounds so similar to Llaman a la puerta - tierra sur

    6. Coisas interessantes PT

      Llaman a la puerta - Tierra Sur

    7. Rupali Mogal

      " My mama doesn't trust him." He didn't wash his hands......

    8. Ashley

      The song was perfect until the dude started rapping 😑

    9. André Luis Farias

      why this chorus is so catchy?

    10. ღWei- Beiღ

      Le dije al chico que me gusta "Si me besas, puedo dejar que esto pase" Y el se quedó 😳

    11. Aron Bult

      My o my

    12. Anjamuvosam Mugosa


    13. Bon Bom Heart

      Weyyyy la canción no era de Tierra Sur? xD (Llaman a la puerta?) xd

    14. Ana Apolinar

      lo. adoro

    15. Renny Lopez xd

      I love it

    16. Scarlett CastroRamirez

      I SHIP IT

    17. Sofia Pato

      Wattpad be like:

    18. Senja, G. T.

      i kinda heard Break Your Heart Right Back by Ari

    19. Shruti Tribhuwan

      Wattpad bad boy falls for good girl book

    20. Ernesto Bautista

      My sis likes this song

    21. Juliet Garcia

      Does no one not notice he says "and I'm going Beiber" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>??

    22. Comix Gaming Co

      I love this old timey animation style.

    23. anftyha

      "And I'm going Bieber" Yup, Justin really invented popstar.

    24. Asya Serin

      Türk var mı?

    25. bubbles.

      Dude this Devil Boy is hot asf ngl

    26. TURBO 乡 「Ram」 PUBG

      Awesome man 👍🏻❤️

    27. Nathalia Nicole

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a>

    28. yordi jimenez

      mejor cancion

    29. Hernadez Kiara

      Shawn Mendes

    30. Mabel Olenka Medina Peralta

      “A little bit older” “A black leather jacket” “A bad reputation” “Insatiable habits” *lauren entering the chat *

    31. Hyacinth ASMR

      I love the 1950s-style animation!

    32. Rose L

      This is basically the theme song for any girl who was a "good girl" in her family her entire life, not really dating, watched 24/7, over protected, went to church every Sunday because it was what her family wanted Then started dating a "bad boy" and fell in love with him, family doesn't like him, more adventurous,how the song describes him basically. And one day she breaks out of her shell and becomes more adventurous and doesn't want to fit the 'good girl' mold. ......just me?....kewl.

    33. Darrell Kaydi Rozier

      {LYRICS}♥️ read da screen

    34. Gamer's Corner

      #camilizers Stream ahead and make this 20M !!!!

    35. Demon Blade

      Wait what is that one thing? 👌👈?

      1. Demon Blade

        Let's start a group chat XD

    36. Darius Villa

      Cuphead animation

      1. SheppyGhost 12

        My oh my uwu❤️ cuphead is my favorite game

    37. Anonymous X

      What an awesome lyrics video....

    38. Baka Chan

      The video idea looks like the idea of "friends" video ;-; (make an animation of the music)

    39. Raheem Nazir

      Camila: I swear on my life that I've been a good girl... Billie: all the good girls go to hell.... Wt*..??

    40. Versatile Dubs

      Shawn is such a lucky man

    41. WaNe


    42. Darius Villa

      The Fox Living Room Concert brought me here. Stay Safe everyone.

    43. lucyfera gacha

      Shawn mendes

    44. Volpini

      “A little bit older” “A black leather jacket” “A bad reputation” “Insatiable habits” SHE'S TALKING ABOUT LILITH FROM NIGHTMARE ALLEY (2021)


      Shaw: ok boomer. Camila:yes. Production:■

    46. Tamara Fejgelis

      Hi do Camila cabello IS of México así que hola cami

    47. Gacha Melodi :3

      En sevdiğim şarkı bu benim 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓😛😛😝😝😝😛😛😛

    48. Ross is the best

      Is she singing about Hardin Scott from After? 🙄🤣

    49. Nur Bidayah Hilmi

      Angel and evil angel

    50. mia qwq 2.0

      my oh my-

    51. Ира

      Yeah, a little bit older, a black leather jacket A bad reputation, insatiable habits *Перевод* Да, он чуть постарше меня и в черной кожаной куртке С плохой репутацией, и глупыми привычками. Аарон. Клуб романтики. Тени сентфора. Кто понял тот, понял Отзовитесь 😹

    52. Spaceboi

      Guys it’s gotta be tom nook

    53. CrispTomato94

      “A little bit older” “Black leather jacket” “Insatiable habits” Guys, it’s Rick Harrison.

    54. moonlight

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> Me: OH MY MY MY *inserts boy with luv* sorry I'm late

    55. Antisepticeye u w u

      I always hear "why oh why" Honestly i think its my body begging me to drink water for once and stop drinking dr pepper n shit

    56. Brandy White

      I did the song in slow-motion and it is better than the original if you ask me


      Me encanta la cancion pero porque ese video tan feo muñecos! No arruines la cancion con ese video perdon pero es enserio odio ese video😡

    58. bhavya Sharma

      Omg I love your all songs very very much specialy "my oh my and señorita😉😍😍🙈🙊💚

    59. Rebekah Gardiner

      Why does the first part sound something from Luigi’s mansion ?? 😂

    60. Moon :P

      Me: Reading the comments while watching and listening to the music but then why all of the comments have describing lyrics and knowing who is it...

      1. Kristen Fugate

        LOL same

    61. Rosalina purple

      This is so good :-)

    62. Vielchesca Edralin

      The animation looks like the old animation shorts from disney

    63. HeyyItzTrish

      "A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "a bad reputation" "insatiable habits" Sounds like she's talkin' 'bout my brother on Roblox

      1. Kristen Fugate

        Friend me iiSunsetnoelleii

    64. jc gamer

      "Llaman a la puerta"-Tierra Sur

    65. Melinou 28

      Alguien viene por Tiktok?

    66. Trevortni Desserped

      Who else wishes DaBaby's rap part was longer. No? Just me? Okay.

    67. Tani Bd

      "A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "A bad reputation," "Insatible habits" Its OBVIOUS its one of those annoying wolfs that only hunt on rats.

      1. Tani Bd

        I didnt copy someone!

    68. SLIME SKY

      Вот Русские которых вы искали

    69. Ania LPS

      :( thisvwideo is not

    70. Brenna Mariano

      "My my my oh my"💟



    72. geremy gallenero

      That heart shape part is definitely inspired from Looney Tunes intro/end lol

    73. Emilly Luana Rosas Ribeiro

      "A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "A bad reputation" "Insatiable habits" Come on, is Chloe Price from Life is Strange!

    74. Manu Mädeirä

      Kkk é o 3.

    75. Gab Izek

      Camila: I swear to my life that I’ve been a good girl! Billie Eilish: All the Good Girls go to Hell

    76. Sabela Fontenla Exposito

      I love song 🎶🎶🎶💕💕

    77. Marie Blomeley

      Nobody: Dababy: I’m HOT

    78. Ark Light

      "A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "A bad reputation" "Insatiable habits" BOI THATS WILL SMITH😆

    79. Kayla Johnson

      My oh my oh my gosh 😍

    80. silent rxbel

      A little bit older A black leather jacket A bad reputation Insatiable habits *JOTARO IS THAT YOU?*