Camila Cabello - Liar



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    1. Halliwellsson

      ACE OF BASE brought me here

    2. Giavanna Vega

      that how i am when i am a lair.LOL!!!!!!!

      1. KAKÀ

        I hate lgbt people

    3. The piano

      Me: going outside and a elephant falls on me Elephant: Yesssss BOI, Have a good day!!

    4. The piano

      Camila's friend: Do you like that neckless? Camila: I hate this restaurant and I want a cheeseburger! Me: And give me a Big Mac, BOI

    5. pixstyle com

      Omg im so surprised to see wally west here

      1. KAKÀ

        I hate lgbt people

    6. Emilija M

      Confusing spot

    7. Kima Kima

      I love year songs and it is so nice😊☺😊😇

    8. Dillon Stead

      Kid flash

    9. bryiana salez

      I love you

    10. bryiana salez


    11. Shabd Satsangi

      its like Leonardo di caprios movie inception

    12. damien Smith

      I hate all the pauses in this video.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> her voice😍

    14. King Noel

      Why does she always compare her self to a flamingo 😂😂

    15. Ashley Portillo

      Does anyone notice that it was freacking WALLY WEST, Camila was running like THE FLASH, and it seems like she was changing the timeline with every little mistake LIKE BARRY? Sorry, just another geek here.

    16. Brandon Sattaur

      Kid Flash should have Phase his heart out

    17. alice.


    18. alice.

      #romance #camilla #cabelo #liar Love

    19. alice.


    20. Karina N. Samaroo

      I'm I the only one who noticed the guy who acted as Wally /kid flash

    21. İsmailefe Kececi

      I love this songs! 🖤

    22. Hanan Shamis Mohammed Al Habsi grade6A

      She is so pretty

    23. coraline mattox

      a kiss groes

    24. coraline mattox

      i love it

    25. Aiden Baboolal

      Holy shit it's Kid Flash!

    26. Peter Bacha

      Not cool

    27. Carmen Coronado

      I hate when I only go down the street and almost an elephant falls but I save myself but I get hit by a viclets

    28. Valentna Moffatt

      i can tell that she hates her boy

    29. Huzaifah AR

      Sexofone brings me here 🤘🐊🇲🇾

    30. Racheal Gabbard

      It is a good song and video but don't you think the bird was a bit much?

    31. Crayola Crayons


    32. Valentna Moffatt


    33. Sabrina Lima

      FOFAAAA 😥😍😍❤

    34. Sabrina Lima

      te amo meu amor😔💖💖

    35. x x

      love the song hate the video ... more talking and stupid storyline than actual singing x

    36. Jorge De almeida

      Amote CASA co. Migo

      1. Jorge De almeida


    37. Kendra Means

      That looks like a sad chip tooth |Me| OH that is so nice

    38. Ruby Mendoza


    39. Fhora Zz


    40. Aminah Chin-Edwards

      The dude in the beginning is such a doosh

    41. Ana Graciela Moreno Contreras

      Alguien que hable español? :v

    42. Min Soon-Yeon

      He is such an a**hole.

    43. Radha Hande

      that dude showing his chinese mom his tattoos tho

    44. bryiana salez

      love you😍❤

    45. Ellis Marcelle

      This is also my favorite song.

    46. sstprb sstprb


    47. Arnoldo Contreras rivera

      I forgot how to breath 🐕 being born again seen you blast

    48. Andy Garcia

      It's funny how this was made 2 days before friday the 13th, and this is just a dancing version of happy death day, which was a movie based on friday the 13th.

    49. Reya Dhaliwal

      i love this camilas videos

    50. Jaah limmah

      love uu❤❤

    51. Jaah limmah

      So beautiful💖

    52. Adrianna Herrera

      Camila Cabello I love every song If you make why are is it good song a very good song and I like it really really really really really wish I was with you right now I've always been for you I was always feel like hope you never stop missing you always be together I really want to die have a good life God bless you Camila Cabello

    53. Jyotirajesh Yadav

      🤓🤓🤓🤓good song I love this song

    54. mohamed addabbani

      producer: Camila you’re going to be the main character Camila: yes

    55. Moises Castro

      We love you Camelia cabello

    56. Gamer's Corner

      The people who disliked are people pretending to have never told a lie.

    57. Iwo Szelest

      Ja jestem jej polską fanką

    58. Mitchell Maina

      LOVE IT

    59. Maria alodia Alonso

      WOW the guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> looks a lot like Ricky Martin( of you dont pay attention he is there)

    60. Jorge Hernández

      Camila te amo like ustedes también la aman

    61. Jorge Hernández

      Camila te amo like ustedes también la aman

    62. Jorge Hernández

      Camila te amo like ustedes también la aman

    63. Seger _G

      Sometimes i turn into an flamingo too, i hate i when it happens

    64. SKY_ Daan

      Wally East is in this clip WTF only Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow understand.

    65. S M

      Is this inspired from happy death day?

    66. CallMeJustin ·

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a>

    67. Rena :0 DEKU

      Anyone notice that Camila date was Liza Koshy BRsel Original “Liza on Demand “

    68. rocknroll28

      There are more important things then lots of expensive gifts for example a great heart and good health and happiness ❣️ and God 🙏😇 lots of love and hugs to you

    69. Astrid Beatrice

      The more I listen to her songs and videos the more I realized how incredibly of a singer and performer she is. She is one of the best pop singers on the planet ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    70. Kingpro Means

      Corona time

    71. bryiana salez

      I lovee youuuuu Cami

    72. bryiana salez

      The best video❤

    73. Brooke Goldstraw

      Who else thought that when Camila said she wanted a cheeseburger thought of McDonalds

    74. Ace

      The only thing I don't like about this MV was that I had to see Camila die so many times...

    75. Shievam Shreyas

      The brilliant mind behind this creativity deserves Nobel prize 🏆

    76. I'mAilimber

      83.5M this is a really overrated song

    77. Nick Ettyang

      Me : i am on a diet Waiter : here is your food 🥘 Me : oh no there you go making me a liar Police : we are the truth police and you are about to cheat on your diet

    78. maria magdalena

      Camila Cabello Liar

    79. Sage Fields-Marr

      i love ur music videos

    80. Danikis Sánchez

      ok, acabo de leer Jaque Mate y vengo a decir que ahora ya entiendo la referencia "Camila saliendo victoriosa de la mansión Collins" ;v pd: amo la canción y a Camila, ahora si me retiro.