Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)


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    Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:
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    See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Lucas Souza

      Theo book is on The tablet.

    2. Lívia Butterfly

      PERFECT ❤😍

    3. burnt potato chip

      *This song brought out emotions I never even knew I had...*

    4. Alejandra Moreno

      I freaking love YOU I'm only 10 BUT WHO CARES AM I RIGHT

    5. Andrew Bell

      Third Oscar coming up for the next James Bond movie

    6. David Espitia

      I'm imagining this song in the intro of the new movie and it's perfect...

    7. Blue_wolf Gaming


    8. Michael Quallet


    9. Blue_wolf Gaming


    10. juju Grisham

      Fucking Amazing!!! No Lie Best One Of all!

    11. Ximena Noriega

      I love you 2020

    12. Scatter TheWinds

      its alright. chorus is a bit lacking. verses are great.

    13. Vee Mntho

      B.E. is am evil Sold her sole to 😈 in order to succeed in Music, that is why they are not going to move out of her old hose. Cause things will be different after that. Simple Matrix ! Move away and don't listen her music if you wanna be ok, and not poisoning flow effecting you !

    14. Marcelo Alves

      A cantora mais jovem a cantar uma música para o filme 007

    15. Ranger

      Billie Eilish is shit but big Johnny Marr is on guitar

    16. Maniza208

      I'm really in love with this song

    17. ANDY JONES


    18. Joseph Williams

      How does this have 48k dislikes??

    19. David Latimer

      Love the lush orchestrations in the Bond theme music. Would like to hear Billie do more of this.

    20. daniella

      she preformed this live at the brit awards and i was shocked. amazing

    21. unravling karma

      To all the haters Y u annoyed at a person who owns more than u will EVERRRRR

    22. La princess Hernandez

      How does she have that perfect skin is my only question im over hear with my acne infested skin she lucky 😂😂 but omg her voice is one of a kind...

    23. Jamie Crowe

      Just, wow!

    24. Mars

      Don't really like her music but this brought me to tears she truly has the voice of an angel

    25. James S

      BORING this song SUCKS

    26. GachaBADDA BADDA

      I don't know why, this song is so amazing, that it gives me chills, her singing is so beautiful. I've been a fan of her for almost 2 years now, and even if i am a fan, i'm not saying it because i'm a fan, because it's how i feel like it is. Billie, you might not read this, but i just wanted to say i really love you soooo much, and so does a lot of us 💖💖💖💖💖

    27. Ashley Cruz

      First off let me say I like Billie. She does one high note tho and everyone is like she can sing...okay. I was disappointed honestly. Could've been better. My opinion.

    28. Adriana Flores

      IM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Hosai

      No one: Billie ellish : No time to die

    30. Veronicha Emma

      Was I stupid to love you?

    31. Anthony Horrocks

      If trash could throw up, this would be what that throw up would throw up

    32. mr rasul

      leaked official video

    33. Sunil Varma

      Very good at

    34. Abbie

      1:00 the 007 theme in the back😫😩

    35. h M

      THE BRITS SHOW THO 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    36. Thebluehuskey

      Me: Song: 3:22 My arms: GoOsEbUmPs

    37. Heavenlessly

      lol this is the first song she has put out that has any capitals in it at all

    38. maserati 3500

      Beautiful : ) tho love to hear Celeste do a cover coz this kid's voice sounds too young

    39. Bacon Bacon

      Ashame they couldn't find someone good to do the theme song for the movie..

    40. Lizzie


    41. Nguyễn Hồng Ngân

      I wish I can like this more than once

    42. Nerd Account

      I keep thinking about skyfall

    43. seerpou

      This is just a copy of Sam Smith

    44. Terry Christian

      I'm no Billie Eilish fan, but this is better than Adele's "Skyfall" by far (though Adele's voice wasn't the problem).

    45. seerpou

      Good song but not sure if it’s Bond-esque. Disappointed

    46. oh no it’s me lindsey


    47. Jhordon Hall

      Best theme so far

    48. Michael O Callaghan

      Truthfully, thousands of people disliked this song because it’s Billie, not because it’s bad. That’s the fucking truth. Deny it all you want. Really good song.

    49. Lucas Alves

      I love it! It's just a shame that the only reference to the James Bond theme is in the last chord. I felt there was so many opportunities to use some of its elements it in the harmony.

      1. Stiefel Moritz

        Are you deaf? 1.00 to 1.03

    50. Ana Mc


    51. Ana Mc


    52. Turbulence King

      Sad that james bond themes have just become this slow crap instead of the high energy casino royal style.

    53. Ana Mc


    54. zainabou zaza

      I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Billie 💞

    55. Zem Zah

      Not really a billie eilish fan but holy I got lost in this song all I could see was a down, broken and betrayed Bond... Chills...

    56. Rach 18

      Es simplemente inceible tu voz la instrumental "I LIKED"

    57. JFRL

      Sampled song's (2020)

    58. esh

      of all the people...

    59. Christine Kim

      Ahhh howww im overflowing with emotions😍😆🥰🙏🤯🤭🤔😲👍👍🤟🤘🙏

    60. MedranoTheLion

      1:51 and 2:54 is my favorite part of the song.