3 Teens Killed During Ding Dong Ditch Prank

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Inside Edition

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    The prank ding dong ditch turned tragic for three teens after cops say they were intentionally run off the road by the homeowner. Jacob Ivascu, Drake Ruiz and Daniel Hawkins, all 16, of Riverside County, California, were all killed. Three other teens survived the crash, including the driver, who says they were horrified when Chandra began chasing them in his car. Cops say they believe Chandra intentionally struck the teens’ car.

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    1. Inside Edition

      This is a pretty sad story, so if you'd like to watch something more positive, check out our heartwarming stories playlist: brsel.info/video/video/p4apaIWKoMqXa7U.html


        @Badgalriri shut up

      2. RaddDragonatorsPUMP Magana

        Sam Gee it’s not sad it’s call instant karma

      3. ThA MAN C MAcK

        Tony SA23 Dude you’re %💯 right. Clueless Celebrity Worshipping numskulls that can’t think for themselves.

      4. ThA MAN C MAcK

        training cwota No you’re comments terrible you flake.

      5. ThA MAN C MAcK

        Turtlesack1 00 How’s that more sad?

    2. Kev kev

      It can happen..back in the days...u will get shot or killed after they catch u or see u...you gatta be carefull...r.i.p

    3. AHMED

      Good for him

    4. David Prado

      I hope other prisoners knock on his cell and run.

    5. irGuilty

      Called ‘knock down ginger’ where I’m from

    6. OhSnapsItsPaul

      That dude is psycho. Lock his a$$ up

    7. Delirious

      Erm damn man Rip 😅 Imagine dying for such a stupid reason 🤣

    8. Espell Loves Norwegian

      ;-; RIP 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿🙏🙏🙏🙏 🖕 the guy who did that

    9. Ray Patson

      All it takes is one bad day. Do not mess with strangers.

    10. Robert

      keep being stupid whit this challenges, and this will happen 🤷‍♂️

    11. psychological terror

      *That fxcking doorbell at the end was not called for* smh

    12. Tyrant Xi Jinping

      They deserved it. Also, I’m a democrat.

    13. Moonlight Krol

      they we’re fine asf too 🥺✋🏻

    14. Canberk Hancan

      - Knock knock. - Who's there? - ... - Now you dead.

    15. Andy Au

      Pretty sure the pranksters were trying to get a rouse out of the guy. I cant fault the guy for being mad, I cant even fault him for getting in his car and chasing them down, but hes wrong for hitting them. Just remember if you ever want to prank someone: they could be overworked, they could be going through a death or break up so think twice and remember the cardinal rule "Stupid games, stupid prizes."

    16. Sergio Smith

      Reminds me of Trayvon Martin ... hmmm

    17. Joseph Robertson

      I hate to say it this way but on both sides you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

    18. Simon Stokes

      Rip 3 lads I'm so sorry

    19. Átila

      They knocked on 💀 door. Even if the Bollywood master only wanted to run’em over, would that still justify the punishment compared to the mindless gravity of the prank?

    20. Dusty Raby

      The guy had a right to dp that

    21. Kevin Durant's Burner Account

      Ding dong! 1st degree murder

    22. OceanSkate401

      Wellp, that escalated quickly...

    23. Rozilyn noneyabusiness

      Play a stupid game get a stupid price my deepest condolences to these young people's family but find yourself something else to

    24. Kyle

      I just got ding dong ditched 1:00 minute ago

    25. Emiliano Avila

      Jacob was a nephew of my dads boss 😔

    26. Anton

      It’s called knock a door run

    27. Mate Rockk

      It's a cruel world. Kids do tricks ...don't kill them !

    28. Mark Wood

      Heartless slug..

    29. Stenky

      This really is sad but kids shouldn't have done this prank obviously... What were they expecting? Even if someone less crazy got them they would have gotten beaten up or turned up to police... Know the possible consequences before you act...

    30. Zmexi gaming

      Why bother

    31. RM

      Damn I was ding ding ditching the other day w my friend and we got chased by a guy w a bat but got away lmao this is scary now

      1. RM

        Man of Sorrow it’s a joke I have hobbies dumbass I can still joke around

      2. RM

        Man of Sorrow bc we’re teenagers tryna have fun

    32. Expired Deadlines

      Any kind of pranks must be prohibited by the law, and all pranksters have to face charges.

    33. Joseph Gruber

      That's the perfect example for the death penalty

      1. howie mosher

        I think its 12 years or so he might get prob out in 6 though

    34. Michael Gray

      Nice...This Frekin Moron obviously has some Anger issues...Kill some Kids for Ringing your Bell and Running...Next Time someone says Hi to me at Walmart I think I’ll just shoot em...Idiot...Good luck in Prison Genius...

    35. xoxopeacebringer

      I used to ring n run. I had 2 videos on my ADT monitoring of kids doing this I just giggle and delete them. It’s harmless fun

    36. Simon MORNING BREEZE

      They were playing ding dong, he was playing ditch.

    37. Chris Valdez

      Who’s laughing now

    38. Paule Tchatchou

      The kids got exactly what they deserved. Imbeciles!

      1. Erica Baker

        So in your world people deserve to die for playing pranks that do nothing beyond annoying someone?

      2. FaithwalkerTodd

        Paule Tchatchou Red flag laws

    39. BruhSonicTehHedgie

      Group of random kids: Trick or Treat! Man: * gets in his car *

    40. fadfad fadfadf

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    41. DJ Deckard Cain

      Welp, he'll be in prison and then killed by inmates with life sentences once they find out why he's in.

    42. Unpayed Rent

      Doorbell ditching in 2020?

      1. Erica Baker

        My grandparents did this when they were kids. I think it’s one of those things that’s timeless.

    43. Temper T

      It’s sad and all but that prank is for children much younger than 16. Youth is regressing at an alarming rate in this country.

    44. Silas Cyber Burr

      Teach your kids well stupids and things like this won't happen..

    45. TheTrickshot77

      When people ring my bell, I just answer my door Without the intention of killing people

      1. TheTrickshot77

        @Head Coach I have cookies

      2. Head Coach

        @TheTrickshot77 why tf will I go to your house lol. Weirdo.

      3. TheTrickshot77

        @Head Coach anyone willing to enter my property with bad intentions will become my new project

      4. Head Coach

        @TheTrickshot77 lol that's how people get shot. Like that one cop who killed that one guy in his own home.

      5. TheTrickshot77

        @Head Coach my door is open

    46. zac richards

      They don’t tolerate ding dong ditch in the 3rd world.

    47. TWDxKILL3R

      What an idiot

    48. NukeEmRico

      Used to be called 'ring and run'

    49. lucaboden

      The guy should definitely go to prison, but I do not have much sympathy for these boys or the parents who raised them. I am sure the kids were all gentle giants and not bullies.

    50. shreadster

      That’s what you get for being a moron

    51. Rolls Royce

      Raise your kids better tell them stop fuking with strangers smh

    52. liquidmetal

      I can't imagine how many jehovah's witnesses this guy has obliterated

      1. Alain M


    53. Justin Sullivan

      ding dong dead


      I bet they won't do it again


      They deserve it. Well done the home owner

      1. Erica Baker

        YMA THE EAST AFRICAN WARRIOR So in your world people deserve to die for annoying someone?

    56. Zoe

      This dude is sick. Running people over because of a prank? My god. Never is that serious.

      1. Zoe

        @Man of Sorrow “Need for validation” coming from the weirdo who literally came out of no where being an ASS for no reason. Typical sociopath beta male, desperate for attention online because you don’t get any in real life. And you did wish I would get ran over by a car, did you not? Don’t you have anything better do with your rude, pathetic self? Hopefully one day you’ll bring some kind of meaning to your sad, unimportant life. You’re dismissed. Edit: I’m pretty BRsel removed your comments because that’s how disgusting they were. Hopefully BRsel shuts down your channel as well. People like you aren’t needed on this platform spreading negativity.

      2. Zoe

        @Man of Sorrow I never accused you of doing anything. What I said was indicative of your MINDSET, not your actions. Can you NOT read? lol you literally just accused me of doing such things I have never done, nor would even think about doing. Not only that, but you also wished death on a complete stranger. Once again, hypocritical, contradictory, and just overall projection 🤣 Go do something protective with your life instead of being the typical beta male, trolling online for no reason.

      3. Eric F

        @Man of Sorrow - you sound like a damn fool . should they have rung the doorbell and ran away? nope. did they deserve to die because of it? absolutely not ! so in your mind, someone deserves to die for annoying someone? what’s next, someone looks at you funny, and they should die as well? 🤔

      4. Zoe

        @Man of Sorrow 🤣🤣 You wrote that as if you know me personally. I don’t think I’m “entilited” to do evil to others, nor have I ever done so. Mind you, this assumption is coming from the person labeling others as “evil” all while wishing death upon me, hoping that I get ran over. You’re hypocritical, and contradicting yourself left & right. How about you practice what you preach, other wise, keep your mouth shut.

      5. Zoe

        @Man of Sorrow LMFAO you have some serious issues. No one has the right to disrespect others, but murder is taking it way too far. Get out of my mentions with this nonsense. Bye troll

    57. ToxicWorld

      Looks like I know who won't be ringing my doorbell any time soon

    58. M Coyote

      Definitely murder. These were just children being childish! What a monster!

    59. Josh Christman

      Well that’s ruined Halloween for the neighbours

    60. Joshua Oh

      Jesus old man. All that because of a stupid ding dong prank? Just be glad it wasn’t the old doggy bag doorstep trick 💩