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  1. Website guy

    Who is the guy in the dress.


    Can no time to die, beat casino royale?

  3. Ingz -

    I didnt read 1 female comment here. Whilest i got all excited about the trailer my wife was like uhu yeah nice. If i have to i will come with you on april 2nd. They will never make 007 a woman. But maybe they end the series with 007. But men will not identify with female Action heroes and women are drawn to the genre of love stories hence wont pay for movie tickets. They will lose MAD money and never repeat the mistake again....

  4. Vinay Kumar Dubey

    Imagine a James Bond & Ethan Hunt Crossover.

  5. bocoy noiu

    When james bond was shot on Blade Runner’s Set

  6. Rudyi Anjera

    Next james bond... david beckham..

  7. Sandeep Chauhan

    April .. looks So long Wait .. after waiting since Nov 2015.

  8. Steven Weiler

    I would like to know why it's taken so long for Top Gun 2 to come out yet Rambo and this one is out before it


    Who is singing the theme Song -- Should it be Jess Gly____n Would be Perfect Yeh ?

  10. siddharth anand

    I love this car sine I saw with last James bond

  11. beowulf555

    No time to die. My calendar seems a bit free this Sunday. Die already.

  12. B T S

    To watch the full movie click onTo view the full movie click on the

  13. battle formula

    FINALLY a weaponized Bond's car that ACTS in a fight, it's been a while since Die Another Day

  14. Rob mcgregor

    Looks terrible!

  15. Perpetual Motion

    Damn autocorrect! That was supposed to be, “... Bond ... is enjoying a tequila life in Jamaica.”

  16. David Ryan

    I worked on the DB5/2008/R getting it ready for the 2006 auction. Few of the motors had to be changed or cleaned for the licence plate, rear shield and the rear oil slick pistols. Was always interesting at RM Classic Cars then

  17. Shabazz S

    John wick

  18. Mohsin Chaudhry

    Still he can't beat mr bean✌️😂😂😂

  19. o0julek0o

    The very last James bond movie. So sad

  20. Tomas

    meh, I feel too old for this..

  21. MrCmather

    I have no time to waste watching this movie. 😊

  22. Greg Greene

    First showing of No Time To Die,I am THERE dude!!!!!

  23. fastasfox

    APRIL! .....bugger.

  24. Abhijit Deo

    Another 4 months to go...

  25. Gregor Deissler

    Please let this be good

  26. Durgesh Gupta

    Ohohoho aa hi gaya 😎😎😎😎 Bond . . . James bond oo7 Back

  27. Tennis932000

    This is the movie that killed my passion for the franchise, hope No Time To Die would pull me back in.

  28. Rajesh Raju

    Dale steyn speed gun good bowling ☺️☺️☺️

  29. piti 82

    Aston Martin from Living Daylights?

  30. L3gen6ary

    I like the look of that like to dislike ratio

  31. dreamingcode

    Bond? Count me in

  32. It’s Nandin Artur

    Ohhhh heelllll yessss!!!!

  33. Hatori

    i'll always see bond as detective blanc

  34. Ben Baxter

    James is arrested, incarcerated, meets dodgy folk while behind bars, escapes, but is followed. It's entitled: I want to break free

  35. Zappa Boi

    Who else got this as an ad?

  36. elfaro el

    007 return 007: good to see yo- Q : what do you want me to do with the car this time? -_- 007 : yes


    cmon listen to twitter we need stargate!!!

  38. Steven Diaz

    Where is jane bond.

  39. Miguel Garcia

    FUUUUUUCK YES. I've been waiting for this film for such a long time

  40. Ninda

    That car with gun was on game 007 Playstation 1 era!

  41. Prime Philosophy

    Looks just like the last few bond movies released.. what's new??

  42. Keith Lund

    A good trailer. I'm excited to see this movie. I hope it ends up being a great sendoff for Daniel Craig.

  43. Keith Lund

    It was exciting to see this teaser on TV. It was unexpected.

  44. MuthuKumar 317

    Action, adventure, romantic film coming soon , very very Eagerly waiting

  45. Keith Lund

    I look forward to seeing it in the film.

  46. Østbye Jarl Fang Ø

    Ok. This time, the comment section is part of the trailer. Just take it all in. Read that shit.

  47. Mani Rad

    Come on now, this blonde minger does not even look like the James Bond. & I’m not playing, I AM.⚡️🤖👌🏼

  48. wataki2

    Comment section full of quips.

  49. tigerbalm

    No time to Drift

  50. jainarayan upadhyay

    Things i have learnt by watching James Bond's movies: if you wanna kill Bond, just kill him, dont waste your time talking to him about how lovely the weather is or telling him your evil plans

  51. Laurence D

    Cant wait to not watch this

  52. World Aquarium Singapore

    WHY will i betray you ;D


    Am the only African here

  54. TurboGamingUK

    Going to bet that Billie Eilish is doing the theme tune

  55. Wahid Baig

    No 1 blockbuster

  56. Wahid Baig

    Duper hit

  57. Wahid Baig

    Super hit

  58. Diyaz Dey

    Bond : Gun, sexy women and antique car never separate

  59. arnold manuel

    So far so good. This is a solidly good trailer.

  60. Abhay Gorakhwar

    this is gonna be huge

  61. Ancient Conqueror

    History isn't kind to men who glorify meekness, degeneracy and failure to conquer one's share of the pie (if not the pie itself - damn everyone else), either.

  62. danish farooqui

    0:56 😍😍😍😍🙏🙏

  63. Vyom Sharma

    Lolz the girl's secret is that she's James' sibling, he'd been doing incest and didn't even know it.

  64. ad infinitum

    I don't like this bitch telling Bond to "stay in his lane." Don't tell me I'm in for an Abrasive Feminist checking Bond's every move... God damnit PC culture

  65. arion45

    Go woke go broke

  66. JustDontGetIt

    James Bond don't got no time to die!!!

  67. Chris Elii

    How the new agency boss looks when pissed Like a brain damaged sheep hearder taking a shit

  68. rishi vibhu tiwari

    Kuch bhi keh lo .. critique mar lo .. I just love his style and him being the 007. This man is pure class !

  69. martyn houlbrook

    I wonder if I'll be going with Maryann!

    1. bocoy noiu

      Why don't they just make a female led spy movie. What do these idiots always have to take an existing franchise and shit all over it. Have some balls Hollywood.

  70. Peter Parker

    Looks great. Action packed as usual

  71. Amar Bagal

    Name..? *Bond James Bond* Well, i didn't ask you for ur middle name.. *mr* . Bond bond 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣

  72. SPLENDID 21

    Villain: You gonna die !! James Bond death: Ight imma head out


    i lost my backbone but i want it back though

  74. Amar Bagal

    Name..... *Bond James Bond* Well, i didn't ask you for ur middle name.. mr. Bond bond 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣

  75. I'M SUMiT BiSHT

    Plz release in hindi language

  76. Hunter Smith

    Possible that Blofeld is playing a Hannibal Lecter type role here? Sweet.

  77. Maricris Deinla

    "Name?" "Bond, James Bond, and you?" "Butt, Fluffy Butt"

  78. Avoozl

    This is the first time I will ever mention the w word but this is just woke garbage. I never liked Craig's portrayal of Bond but still gave his movies a chance, I will not however give this one a chance at all.

  79. Simon Dover

    With movies like this. Bond is still the best. Just set up a load of arrogant bastards in the trailer threatening Bond..... Hey, it's Bond. We'll all go and see the ass kicking.

  80. Mars

    So it’s his son... Kind of unexpected, maybe a little bit predictable.

  81. Jun Kama


  82. William Guzman

    Rami Malek reminds me of the Algerian Boyfriend who Vesper preferred over Bond.

  83. horseman J

    Daniel Craig looks like he can't wait to not be Bond in this trailer

  84. Arjun

    Bond , James Bond 😎

  85. Leopard Bra Brado

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

  86. Big Durwood

  87. J O’Brien

    This movie is ruined by yet another politically correct statement. Such bullshit

  88. Oly1y

    Still going after the shit show that was spectre?

  89. dona tello


  90. Meer Pagar

    Le fin mcmisslie : I'm I a joke to you ? Only *CARS* movie watchers will get this

  91. Cassie

    “No Time To Die” people during finals week like

  92. Panas Tiwari

    "What do we say to the goddess of death??" -"No time to die"

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      This video should be treading

  93. TheReturnofStephan1

    Felix deserves his own franchise!

  94. Asuma cm

    I don't care how old he gets I wanna sleep with James Bond

  95. oiuet souiu

    This is awesome!

  96. Kenny Hawkins Jr.

    This looks f kiiiin AWESOME

  97. Anurag

    This looks so old. Like pierce brosnan old

  98. RegentAlloy52 Œ

    I love how Putin is playing James Bond this time

    1. Cassie

      is a womanizer mmmm

  99. Brandon Tomm

    I'm sure the budget on this movie has to be ridiculous... But they didn't have enough money for a creative font for No Time To Die and they used the same font that they put on Vic Firth Drumsticks?!! Da FUq 🤣🤣🤣

  100. DeathCloak333

    He'll be in it for fifteen minutes and then Shaniqua is taking over and killing people with head bobs and claps.