"Living life on the goon side"

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  1. monterrey1952

    Made in Mexico, sweet, I really love this channel, best regards from Monterrey Mexico.

  2. Sergei Alekseev

    If you remove all talks the video will be 5 min maximum

  3. Allert Schallenberg

    What's up with our boys? They seem a little more timid than normal.

  4. Tom Nowicki

    Can y’all please finish the boat like paint it and stuff

  5. Marquise Thomas

    I'm excited about a boat trailer & I dont even own a boat

  6. Cristian Sanchez

    do you guys sell these vehicles ? im interested in buying seriously no joke

  7. Joey Agosto

    Joh jOOOH DUUUUd THIS IS A REALLY NICE CAR TO FALL IN lUVE WITH dAMMMMNNN psss. GIVE TI 2 MEEEE !! ^^ , stay well + safe & grtx + Hugs 2 tha .... U know Mjauww Grrr WOOOFFF xD Ciao JoEy bythe way , Duuud Birth .. nice tanned in tha sun? COOL .

  8. Mike Canada

    This truck is garbage no matter what kind of work you put into it it will never be like the same it was!

  9. ابوجبر الرملي

    انا معلم في سمكرة السيارات وتجميع والفك اذا بدكم اشتغل معكم ابعث لي

  10. Charming nowhere to hide

    cosplay with a mustang to recreate a transformers barricade!, saludos

  11. Billy Osborn

    Hey guys, through some gravel in those mud holes. The mud in front of the door really is distracting. You guys do some high-quality stuff but the mud really needs addressing. I’m sure I’m not the only person that cringes when they see you guys working in the mud or driving through it. I know you guys get a lot of rain.

  12. DeerSquad

    Is the boat finished or will you repaint it?

  13. AK Gentong

    Both of you, are the best youteber conten

  14. Clint Teller

    I hope this is at least a 20 part series 😁😁

  15. Dragan Zeta


  16. dchargerfan

    Plexus at 15:48?

  17. I don't get it!!

    You should feature your dad more, he's awesome, always there to lend a hand & always smiling, but also, which country is he originally from, i can't tell from his accent due to not hearing him much?

  18. Sterling Stauffer

    I just love simons' smile

  19. Sterling Stauffer

    Its great to see pops helping out makes it even more legit with an extra helper

  20. Rock ForHall

    12:45 ,Yeah,i think its a Reccaro...

  21. Daily Vedio Exotic


  22. Chris Nguyen

    Next project car g35 vaydor?

  23. Kino Reese

    where are they from

  24. Al-moazz Imlan

    I only watch this this guys just to see the cat in any parts of the video.

  25. Sandy Contreras

    we need some Kinda Sketchee t's

  26. Justin Herod

    Is it just me or does anyone else like that the dad helps out now in the videos

  27. MacDaddyConner

    I gotta stop watching videos in X2 speed

  28. Crystol Bracey

    you guys are truly amazing. I'm glad i found you two

  29. R Exe

    That busted tail light looks sick since it’s clear.

  30. the upscriber

    Would it have been more cost effective to buy a 2nd, lower trim level grand Cherokee for body and structural parts?

  31. BStard

    VTuned in next 10 videos

  32. Bennett Weinberg

    I love watching these guys

  33. Rafael Castillo

    what happened wit hthe sheepy collab

  34. Jens Christian Berner

    Pops say - get's going boys - post the next video :)

  35. Diego derry

    soo cute

  36. Diego derry


  37. ruben davis

    Someone keeps shooting..... Goonzquad: Dude that's a sick steering wheel Dude!!!!

  38. Ashton Ludlam

    In an automatic and still lost 😬

  39. Leo Osborne

    Love your videos, you guys are so enthusiastic about what you do.

  40. Leo Osborne

    The Detroit diesel is a 2 stroke diesel, uses a blower to push air into the cylinder through ports and they usually have either 2 or 4 exhaust valves per cylinder. Because the engine is a 2 stroke it sounds like it’s running twice as fast as it really is.

  41. Leo Osborne

    Those 4-71 Detroit were sometimes factory turbocharged, so you might be able to get a kit and a stock replacement turbo. I believe the engine is a 4-71 Detroit Diesel, 4.6liters, or 71 ci per cylinder.

  42. osama ali


  43. JimmySpeeds

    18:18 the piano noise hahaha


    Молодцы !!! ТАК ДЕРЖАТЬ )))

  45. dylano gaming

    Rap the gtr Red and alle the carbon exposed

  46. AnAMGguy

    These jeeps were re-engineering by Mercedes before Fiat took control, their based on the W164 generation Mercedes ML, hence the same battery location as awell as suspension components

  47. Andrew Mahoney

    absolute unit of a trailer

  48. Tommy Nyberg

    A bible... That's pretty legit. Haha

  49. Robert Valls

    Keep up the good work don't do anything to damage your reputation, God bless

  50. Randy Peralta

    I will never truly understand what he means by “we got a early start in this video but it’s getting late in the day”😂 someone explain


    Great channel my new big like.. My name is Princess Ella.

  52. Salsa

    These dudes take fake youtube personality to the next level.

  53. casey heinisch

    its so funny how excited you guys get about everything. The truck taillights got me laughing. "Whaaaaaat! It's like infinity in there!" I love the channel. Keep it up.

  54. Leper Lord

    We need a hyper car over here

  55. Dmitry B

    Hey Twins. I love way ur father helping for you!

  56. curtis wilcock

    Wow sweet this thing is dope loving the episodes and the builds as well as just everything you do :) and awesome pops balding some loads and please bring more boat content in summer woo

  57. Joshua Mavour

    take it a part

  58. Max Weber

    Why buy a trailer? Make one:)

  59. Hello Hello

    You guys are too good. Simple and down to earth.. Keep up the good work boys... 👍🏻


    I am still waiting for Lamborghini custom and rebuild engine video

  61. Ultimate Gaming

    Guys at 6:17 it look like a green screen cue there is 2 cars the exact same and same colour an I’ve never heard of mtn view

  62. Siemen van Schijndel

    where is the custom supercar? Did you guys get rid of it or are you building behind the scenes?

  63. I-ZZO CYBER isaac

    I am amazed with your work guys and the chemistry you two have... keep it up..from Kenya

  64. Mike Basden

    I only wish you guys would disclose how much all of this cost you

  65. Victor Flores

    Who knows if you’ll read this comment but a lot of OEM parts can be found in RockAuto.com and you can’t beat their prices honestly.

  66. Booger C

    😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣to the house?

  67. B O B Spelled backwards

    I guess they bailed out and sold it. Binge watch this, then nothing. It's why I'm not subscribed. Just making bank advertising products!!! Better channels. What a waste if my time!

  68. Glenn Maberg

    Hi from norway. I will love to see you rebuild mercedes ml and any other mercedes

  69. Aman

    Almost ready for vTuned to work his magic.

  70. Braq Alzaeem

    You didn't anything just talk so much

  71. Scott Sime

    It's funny how all you guys post comments as if these guys read them..and the " Dang son". And every other word is " Dude " they open something and say" whaaaat omg as if they haven't seen anything like it before is all staged..

  72. terry sansford

    Looks like Billy got a back neck. take care of your health guys.

  73. Riccardo Testi

    Boooaaatt stuffff!!!!

  74. Eric Hohenwarter

    You guys are doing some amazing work! You guys make it look easy, i know how tough this stuff really is

  75. Scott Falkner

    Pops truck needs mud flaps, cleans the look up. WeatherTech are nice and fit well. They claim no drill which is true but I added 1 bolt on the inside to secure them a little better.

  76. Vid ARN


  77. pindOLEK

    Who else really loves this car trackhawk is sick

  78. Arthur Pieters

    what about the forklift?

  79. A -lbra

    What’s up with billy’s neck?😂

  80. Seth Ritts

    You guys should do both a Tacoma and an r33 build

  81. Alex

    836k views in 22 hours. DANG SON. That’d have to be a record for a video about rebuilding a wrecked car. Great job guys 👏🏼

  82. Ant C

    Hi Guys you need a shipping container, to store your parts in so the shop isn’t cluttered.

  83. reuben musyoki

    Great dude


    How is Dang-son a kines or 👍👍🤣🤣🤣

  85. robert haskins

    How is the warehouse build going did you guys decide against it or is it still being built

  86. marcus alcala

    Phewwww weeee!

  87. Steve L.

    hey, where is the taillight link in the description? Maybe i missed it

  88. Straviolin Relax

    In 24 minutes of video more than half is talking. It s OK but I d rather watch some more build.

  89. Nico

    love your videos, jealous of your knowledge

  90. Matthew tree

    You should get a Lincoln welder

  91. Nico

    i/m geting to like ford more than anything else for the money.

  92. ابوجبر الرملي

    I am a teacher in car mascara and jaw assembly if you want to work with you

  93. KHALIL . M

    Nice like🎈

  94. Paul M

    This is totaled. These guys are crazy, it is not worth fixing and it is already junk with all factory stuff they pulled.

  95. Cody Voyles

    Go ahead and replace that whole side with what you have. It's less work on yall and it's gonna make sure nothing breaks on you guys.

  96. Cody Voyles

    Imagine when they find a 2020 corvette

  97. Berry van bergen

    nice car, good works i like it to watch you youtube vlog.

  98. Powerful_Troy

    The Jeep dealership was using a Toyota forklift lol did anyone else catch that

  99. Nathan Pirake. Keu Taunga Ruapunga Keu

    Say hi. Nathan. Love everything and I can get a day. Love love and you have a nice night and a. ✅

  100. Hasan Jamal

    You know you could get your order delivered to your place for free