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  1. CAR السيارات



    10+ builds lesshgoo

  3. Johan Nilsson

    Paint the doors red! It looks weird now.

  4. 0311Ares

    its been a while since ive done any type of welding and cutting, but if i remember correctly, i think thats a welding tip. you need an actual cutting torch. you could have cut through all of that in no time whatsoever with the cutting torch. still a great vid.

  5. Jrfelix Yting

    do a aventador rebuild

  6. Katly The Trader

    just a note @goonzquad that material from the inside of the Cat is made of Platinum, if u can find someone to melt that for you, you can turn that into a platinum bullion

  7. Jean Pinto

    Where is the costum huracan?

  8. Aaron Hernandez

    Get your dad a car !! Fix him up like an old classic car it’ll be a good project for you all and something that would be interesting to see it’s something new something you guys haven’t done

  9. Manuel Chavira

    Get a 2nd gen ford lighting please for the next build

  10. dgeorge852

    Introduce your father to us.

  11. Robert Kukulis

    Who îs that Little girl?

  12. dgeorge852

    On the first day, after you finish it, if you go out and scratch it BOTH of you will have to shave your whiskers and turn in your man cards. That thing is looking too beautiful to run. You need to put it under a glass display case. LOL

  13. Sergio Sanchez

    Did you guys have trouble turning the car on?

  14. snaprollinpitts

    that rear diffuser looks like a Mclaren P1 NICE!!!

  15. 07SuperchargedSS

    Whoaaaaaaa, duuuuuude maaaaaaaan. I'm convinced these guys in slow mo would sound exactly like Tommy Chong

  16. David Smith

    Lift the charger

  17. Datsun Robertson

    What about restoring the other lambo you never finished

  18. Tori Moore

    But whens the next video :(

  19. حيدر الحسيناوي


  20. 10k Suscribers with No Videos

    Goonzquad Rebuild a wrecked Lamborghini Aventador

  21. Mark Rhymes

    Would be cool if u could use those rods like break lights

  22. Reuben Christensen

    Don't delete thomas 2019

  23. Ben Ellis

    What happened to the boat do a video over it

  24. Elijah Dumanovsky

    Are you guys russian or SLAV

  25. Fordman8011

    Y’all should pull the heads off both of these engines and port and polish them ! If your looking for gains !

  26. brandon shank

    Definitely think you should do a lil screamer pipe coming off the side like cleetus'

  27. Tim Perilloux

    you guys need to turn on the police light bar.....

  28. Neil Reid

    Felt real good to see you rip out that ridiculous cat flow restrictor. Smart to crack it open like that. Love the whip lights, hilarious they'll run to music. Max is looking good and really fun dirt launch against the AWD poleets car. Fun vid boys, keep it rockin!

  29. Cesar H Montalbo

    Nice freaking awesome

  30. OIF/OEF-0341

    Siiiiiiiiiiiccccckkkkkkkkk I will make the most siiiiiickkkkk donation to these guys' channel if they make it thru 1 video without saying "siiicckkkk"

  31. KD Drifts

    its the platinum in the cat that is worth money, goood money in cats

  32. frederic rike

    I think John Adams has a great idea, guys! Also, have you thought about HANS devices for both of you? they could prevent a broken neck, and you are talking some high risk stunts with the Can Am- don't want to miss any content while you are in the hospital!Speaking of, how are Vtuned and his amigo? Still no new content on their site for three weeks. Hope they are well and out of any hurt and danger!FR

  33. Jake 22 Galvez

    You guys should buy a semi truck

  34. S V

    That plug in the catalytic converter is to keep your air clean. It is made of platinum, an expensive metal. Hopefully you didn't just throw it out.

  35. S V

    Papa Goonzquad at 6:58 and 7:52.

  36. Deans garage

    The boat

  37. Wyatt Wolfe

    5:43 just the tip


    My neighbor has a black s2000 it sounds pretty nice

  39. FilipeLima

    What about the kit car? Haven’t seen that bad boy in a long time!!

  40. Pafumi Moto89

    love the other projects likes the atvs and dirtbikes it gives it great conet

  41. Pafumi Moto89

    get another one or like a dirt bike or quad

  42. Cesar H Montalbo

    Nice driving 👌

  43. Husky Husky

    To turn traction control completely off you have to keep holding the traction control button while you turn the car on and keep it holding the traction control until it shows on the dash

  44. Brodie Hebert

    Y’all need to do a classic car. Maybe like a restomod or something

  45. TheChaztor

    TG you got better w/ the audio and music

  46. ShadowOfDeath24

    for $900 id expect a full titanium exhaust not a muffler

  47. Wyo Chaos jjkk

    Goonzuad car show ?

  48. John Grant

    BFGoodrich K02 tires

  49. Christian Martinez

    You should do an update at the property! Show us the progress as it gets built :)

  50. Raymond L

    sound like a lawn mower on year old gas... js... and keep the flame thrower out my woods. :)

  51. spahgettilegs

    ok tired of it..i must ask a stupid question...so what is OEM?

    1. Nigel Molesworth

      Why wouldn't you just type OEM into Google?

    2. Gary Packwood

      Not a stupid question if you don't know!! OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. If the car part is OEM, most people expect the part to be the real deal. The other option is Aftermarket parts which for me at least are cheaper than OEM but usually are fake or phony. Now you know. 😎

  52. hinsonian

    I think you're going to rust out that charger bearing if it's exposed to the elements, recommend covering that vent with this: brsel.info/video/video/b6t2mpuka9jJorE.html

  53. Ya boi Cod-_HellHound_-

    In my opinion, flowmaster powesticks or outlaws would've been nasty

  54. Hill4More

    Thank yall for putting your pop in the video,He seems to want to spend some time with his boys.

  55. Masen Creekmore

    Bro I go to Chattanooga all the time this is the first time there’s actually been a decently famous youtuber live close to me

  56. Jaime LeVeau

    Hello what is the meaning of OIM ?

  57. Boosted Damo

    Pistons hit valves not spark plugs


    Because all youtubers work in the same cars it will be possible to camp their followers sometime I would like to see them do something with a honda accord 2000

  59. Michael Wynne

    You may have to get a programmer to change the fuel curve.

  60. Michael Wynne

    Why didn't you install the exhaust when you had it all apart cleaning it.

  61. F4t4lid4d3

    It looks like Darth Maul Cam-AM!

  62. barry aitchison

    both cars looking good guys

  63. Javier Cisneros

    Sounds like when you drive fast in GTA Vice City

  64. VSUKWizard

    As a loyal fan you just annoyed me on three levels. You just 1. killed a catalytic converter with good platinum in it. 2. You could have built a de-cat pip with a little skill. 3. The planet is dying guys and you disrespected it in favor of fame. That was just a high speed train of greed and selfishness! :-(

    1. Pumpkingilmour

      stop with the climate hysteria, spooks. please

  65. XqeDiosXqe

    Damn Billy you got drifting skills..

  66. gigasipke

    To be honest it sounds the same in my headphones. It is a sweet ride for shure though.

  67. Sam._.Buswell

    Can you please just call the charger “Super-Charger”

  68. Rider Masterkid

    Imagine u actually called up ur grandma so she would drop some off

  69. Brian A

    Liiiiiiitttte at Niiiiitttte

  70. miles slauson

    When are you panting the Ferrier cherry black

  71. Djamel Hili

    A poor fan of you gys need a scooter if you can help him 😢

  72. Faris Shaikh

    Before the new exhaust: can am After the new exhaust: can am pro max

  73. welcome to my channel new youtuber soto

    A supercharger sits on the top of the motor where a pro charger sorta sits off two the side

  74. welcome to my channel new youtuber soto

    It’s a pro charger on the 5.7 cop car not a supercharger🥱😂

  75. D Ski

    Yoshi was always way over priced. good stuff usually though.

  76. Hayden's electronics!

    My boys watch Cletus McFarland !!??

  77. BodoDieBumsRatte

    Girl on a Steering Wheel ... Don’t take it seriously

  78. Miz Awesome

    Is you guys gonna complete this project in future or not?

  79. mdaa2k

    And do you even use the 1% of the power generated from the additional pollution created by removing the catalyst? The creatures in the environment where the machine will be used do you think they will be thrilled by the extra noise? How would you like a factory that produces smoke and noise every day near your home?

  80. Versochi

    Awesome set up and seeing this build!!

  81. kyaw Thu soe


  82. Frosty_ Things18

    i found soft windows for the can-am maverick X3 if you want the link is below www.amazon.com/Maverick-upper-soft-panels-715003752/dp/B0742GT5MC/ref=asc_df_B0742GT5MC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309750303117&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5904196743690975002&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1022759&hvtargid=pla-569360180801&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=64614610514&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=309750303117&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5904196743690975002&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1022759&hvtargid=pla-569360180801

  83. P Star

    Do the Shocker cat delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. golfecho2


  85. Panther Freelancers

    The wheels are ugly..get something else

  86. lll AZTEC lll

    Will the windshield help with not bugs getting in your mouth too🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  87. William Pinkerton

    The cop car is carb legal..... let's delete the cat on the can am haha

  88. Jon R.

    Barely noticed a difference in the tone glad you both felt the same I'm sure you all in the comments agree!


    Autolite plugs🤢🤢

  90. CZZA

    you just admitted you haven’t done spark plugs on the hellcat yet 😂😂🤣🤣

  91. Chuck abbate

    Max is getting big!!!! beautiful dog, guys.

  92. Alejandro Garcia

    Guys what happened with the custom car based on the flamed lambo?

  93. RA Kaiser

    "Oh I got some flames shooting out of there." So you think that's a good thing? It's called a fire starter!!!!! Jesus you guys, think about that.

  94. Nevermore Antiques

    GS> "She's a spitter" ME> 😆😅

  95. Mester Ionut

    How much was it

  96. Shatter 420it

    I like how they bust on there own secrets

  97. John Bugbee

    Take the DB killers Out

  98. John Bugbee

    Cut away from the sausage. Always!!!!

  99. ok

    how many times are you guys gonna get pulled over?

  100. Tom Hyde

    I can’t wait for somebody to wreck to Urus