Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Classic MOBA game! Mobile Legends new update, new heroes, new skin. Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents, Mobile Legends! Choose your favorite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, tower rushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!
Mobile Legends, 2016’s brand new mobile eSports masterpiece. Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of strongest Challenger!
Your phone thirsts for battle!
1. Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles
2. Win with Teamwork & Strategy
3. Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to Victory
4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master
5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches
6. Smart Offline AI Assistance
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  1. Divyam Tamang

    This is my 17 time watching this and what about u guys

  2. nh pov zin ii


  3. Rizal Muhammad

    Just look like rapunzel story

  4. John mark Mullet

    I'm dyrroth hahaha

  5. Iwonk Slanker

    ID:3 5 7 9 9 6 8 3 6 (9 6 1 7) Semoga menang

  6. Aryanto Sitohang

    When pharsa new skin epic montoon

  7. Liv V


  8. Gacha Media214

    For Filipinos only Sana all may skin

  9. Alvim Romero

    “Dominis Illuminitea Mea”

  10. Mr Dominic

    Silvanna: *gives team a power up* Me:Oh cool +8 physical atk

  11. jjer .z

    Please give free draw for Christmas raffle

  12. Louise Philippe

    i thought it was Lunox skin at first, i dont see Pharsa skin even tho it looks similar too

  13. Angelou Claire Magbuhat

    1:30 Me: unnecessary backflip

  14. Coconut is Good!

    0:59 Fanny: I don't need your help Tigreal: Ok...😢

  15. Andrei M. Vasquez

    Realtalk pare paulit ulit kona to pinanonood dipako nag sasawa

  16. I K B M* Official

    Marvel presents : Mobile legends infinity war

  17. United Nation

    in real game 500 stack aldous can easily defeat dyrroth

  18. TIME UMP



    Mantap game ini selemanya yg terbaik

  20. iPwned U

    2:40 "My Brother" Dyrroth was kidnapped by Alice when he was a baby then he became the Prince of the Abyss.

  21. Izzwafiy Rifqi

    I think creator of mobile legend unlocked all skin and new all heroes

  22. Laras Dwi

    Kapan heronya ada

  23. janjan sacay

    sana all

  24. Justine Cinches Contents

    May i know her build

  25. Zemz Angel


  26. Kanarya Hakan

    Good like

  27. Ikili Oyuncu


  28. Menir Official

    Bener dugaanku kalau cewek itu silvana

  29. edoo Ju


  30. Juan Alvañez

    1:10 looks like Pts Of Athrty from Linkin Park

  31. JasmanTube #Gaming#

    Mantap skinnya

  32. Pewe Ganas

    Koc dyrot nya jdi raja tamus jdi anak buah.. Bukan nya thamus guru nya dyrot

  33. Stephen DemonSlayer S

    Granger in a nutshell

  34. Rules Of Sacrificing


  35. mary the wolf girl

    Me don't like mobile legend but me like mobile legend

  36. Muhammad Irfan

    2:52 harith afk

  37. Zern Ogavin

    Montoon who is jimmy

  38. princess quintos

    Pls lang ayusin nio matchmaking

  39. Mathanmi Jajo

    Why ML disable other mode like mirror/chess/death battle etc It's boring to play rank only. Wat do u gain when u disable that mode. 100% pubg is better they enable more interesting mode.

  40. Gabツ Rabanal

    No one: Moonton:play the fanny skin with no buff on the vid


    Miya kok gak bantu?

  42. Tamoghna Chanda

    who is best? dyrroth or masha?

  43. king paul

    Why harith run away

  44. ppk gmk1354


  45. ᴋɪɴɢツ

    Anong oras pa ba lalabas di na ako naka tulog 12am ko pa inabangan ang skin ni fanny e antagal 😭😭😭😭

  46. Karlol Stories

    Lord of Abyss......hmmmmmm sounds familiar Dyrroth is dat u?

  47. Batzz4U Batzz4U

    Harith:New Skin Also Harith:Nerf on the next update

  48. Batzz4U Batzz4U

    I'm gonna buy all of this!!😍

  49. Cube Storm Minecraft

    Alucard is awsome!!!😘 0:41

  50. Mark Perez

    How about Dark Reborn

  51. beny tri untoro


  52. Ashok Sarmah

    Harith op ❤❤

  53. tassar onia

    ID Jayden Kai :- 218682446 (1960) Gusion skin please😫🙏🙏💓

  54. HJK !!

    Its amazing how the peoples uses hacks in this game you report those peoples and the staf of mobile legend don't do nothing about it 👌👌.

  55. cley cy

    Who is the first girl white hair

  56. H3 NETHER

    I waiting carmilah

  57. Louie Guillen

    0:52 With Ml soundtrack So cool 😌

  58. Apin Muhammad


  59. Bayu Alfaresta

    Mantap nih

  60. Laxmidhar Moharana

    Normal skins heroes won't defeat dyroth. They have to retreat to the imperial tower to buy skins

  61. チェリーナッシュ

    its december 7 right now, how do i claim the border?

  62. dave jimson

    Dyroth should be reworked if he brings back to home

  63. Lisa's Blinker

    Wow.. awesome.. but i still love dyrroth

  64. Evo Kaloko

    Bakit Nakatakip Mata ng Ibang heroes sa Mobile Legends, Panoorin sa channel ko, tnx boss dogie Bakit Nakatakip Mata ng Ibang heroes sa Mobile Legends, Panoorin sa channel ko,

  65. Muhammad Alif

    No one: The monster:"scratching the floor"

  66. Pilar Zurbano

    Chang'e: *who said you were the king of the moon?* (Chang'e is the moon goddess

  67. Nobody Important

    Giyu is practically Alucard but in different series



  69. Kert Lachica

    eto na ba ung the best na cinematic nyo?😂 wow ganda sobra❤

  70. sufhea yasser

    i know it dyrroth is brother of silvvana my brother i shall bring you home that means silvvana still love dyrroth even if dyrroth become demons

  71. Марина Синицына

    Классно слелали 😍😋

  72. Gelo Villanueva

    doggie kasi mukang aso

  73. weng weng

    MLBB movie. pls..

  74. kisaragi Yuuki

    how to defeat dyroth? buy sea halber and neclace or durance lets see if he can lifesteal

  75. kisaragi Yuuki

    nah they should just buy wing of apocalypse and other lifesteal with crit to wipe those bullshit around

  76. master gameng

    Trigeal punya skin fallen guard Masi termasuk ke moniyan


    Maganda siguro kung may mga sangre ng encantadia na hero sa ML ank masasabi nyo guys

  78. Natalia Mirczewska

    👌405265307 (6085)

  79. Natalia Mirczewska

    405265307 (6085) 👌

  80. Kim Haneul


  81. M J

    The last fucking hope of the leonins 🙄

  82. night wolferine

    I really want all of them :^) Like if you really want all of The Lightborn skin. I Really Want It.

  83. rafael Damasco

    hσw mαnч fílípínσ wαtchíng???

  84. Samantha April Lara Bautista

    LUNOX where are you!!

  85. Micky 8.0

    Вот бы Mobile legends лучше был похож на warcraft3

  86. M.b gaming indo

    Please dont end 😣😣

  87. Hi Rez NeezBZ

    Spe minat granger like

  88. Edward Gunadi

    Abang pembuat ml

  89. Edward Ronquillo

    Here's a proof

  90. Billyboi Biker

    Sana may movie na nga ML...


    best trailer ever!!!!!!!!

  92. [CGM] Sleo

    Unless franco or kaja uses their ult on her then she definitely dead

  93. wahyu Ramadhan

    Req feeder? Publik wkw

  94. Cancerus gaming

    What time will be release its already dec 7 its 11 32

  95. X Gaming X

    Sylvanna:Brother i shall take u home THERE WAS A CLUE ALREADY

  96. Ipi anto

    Main ml laq melulu kenapa

  97. Kyline Swifty

    Dyrroth v.s wan wan😅who will win?

  98. hazury películas

    Please how I diamons!💎 😭