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  1. Isabel Björkman

    well with the knowledge i have today, i would be really depressed if i sold my soul for knowing how game of thores ended.

  2. Griffin Cook


  3. real progamer5

    3:28 mexican matpat

  4. komari northam

    Wait if Steve's so strong how strong are the mobs

  5. Lucas Liam

    By this not being serious it just feels like she’s making us second class citizens

  6. Emmett Clarke

    there all just a bunch of tooooooo my god!!!

  7. Berglind Erlendsdóttir

    the cring child is not the puppet cus he was not the one that was outside how do i know dis its becus he...

  8. super egor chanel

    And after that … came tons of fun content.

  9. Matthew Young

    October, darn. Of course it had to be just BEFORE the COPPA mess.

  10. Maxwell Bown

    it better not be true that I game character can actually take a real human body

  11. Galaxy Cat

    I feel like she got very... defenssive.

  12. Matthew YT

    US Government is illegal

  13. RamiroInx

    Scott: *Realizes a new game* Mattpad sanity: 19:21

  14. Buff Little Mac


  15. Cool Man Chris

    Now this video raises a question, what about the origins of ghasts and blazes? Ghasts might be natural creatures that were born there, but what about blazes? Where is the only place you can find blazes? Fortresses, and why are there spawners that create these things inside the fortresses? Perhaps we can link this to something we see in the overworld. You remember the dungeons in the overworld? Why are they here? Well simple. If you are going down into the caves you probably need to take some items with you, so put them in a little box some place. But you also don't want just anyone coming in and stealing it, so you need protection. One way to grantee that something will be protected is by putting something or someONE next to it. So why are there blazes? Theory: to protect the loot that is stashed inside the fortresses.

  16. Hyp0Comet

    He says that one phrase .me: doesn’t pause until the end of the video

  17. Heavy kirby

    the 4445 are from the blue team of fps

  18. Plushie Gaming 74

    MatPat do a video on husks

  19. Emily B

    Still waiting for that frickin FNaF Movie...

  20. Daniel Blake

    Hi MatPat! just a suggestion for your next video! In The amazing world of gumball there is a episode called The Fury and in the episode Nicole and her family are late to school and somehow traveled faster than the speed of sound! I think this is a bit ridiculous and I would love to prove this wrong! Again just a suggestion! Thank You for reading!

  21. Gabriel Ramos

    It's my birthday

  22. Cypress Artz

    Is kris a he or a she or both?????

  23. Christopher Damant

    How does mat pat think of this!?

  24. jordan 277

    I hope we get minecraft vids this often. Also I think the villagers and iron golems should be next.

  25. Keicha Dimond Spark

    Omg worst theory ever Watching in 2019 that's ennard all the animatronics TOGETHER

  26. It's time for Game-Time

    You see jedi fast in the first star wars movie in the series in one of the opening scenes r u good

  27. Magical Moron

    So basically Crete?

  28. eAwesomeGam3r

    Huh. I find fish stick looking pokemon all over the place.

  29. Pablo Mendez

    Necleolus, Secretory Vesicles, Vacuole, Ribosomes, Cell Wall (Plants), Cytosol, Centrosome, Centriole, Peroxisome, Lysosome, Cell Membrane, and Cytoskeleton. There Matpat, ya happy?

  30. DarthFennec

    "Dark Souls has sloppy design because the Tiny Being's Ring's description is misleading." That says nothing about the game's design being sloppy though. It's a Japanese game. That description wasn't written by the developers, it was written by the English localization team.

  31. PHO3NIX YT

    Whenever I watch these videos I don’t know why but I get so hyped like I want to punch something

  32. Romie Craig

    He likes 1700 easy, it's odd and it comes after 1600

  33. Chris Burrow

    i want ashs ayje

  34. ClouditgamerYT ///

    Me an infp

  35. Pablo Mendez

    Matpat: mitochondria- It’s okay to be smart fans: *THE POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL!!!*

  36. Elena The Artist and Gamer

    So like the story of Atlantis because the Underwater temple is very very rare to find if you don't use seeds to get easily found one. Like you have to literally search for the temple in the world you make in Minecraft.

  37. DarthFennec

    "Games still need to be enjoyable to play in order to be good." No? A good horror game (for example) tends to be frightening, tense, depressing, etc, and none of those emotions are generally considered "enjoyable" to go through. A game doesn't need to be enjoyable or fun to be good, it just has to be either engaging or rewarding in some way. Also Dark Souls is absolutely enjoyable. Coming up against an overwhelming challenge for the first time can be tense, and developing your skills and strategy through trial and error can be frustrating, but finally overcoming that challenge entirely through your own effort and persistence feels really, really good. That moment of "yes, I did it" is so much more enjoyable and satisfying than the hand-fed rewards I see in other modern games. Dark Souls spoiled me with that feeling, and since I first played it I just haven't had as much fun with most other games.

  38. Tyrone Pines

    Wow 😃 I'm a Muslim (which means i believe in Islam) and i got more and more excited in almost every second of the video :3


    How's the weather back in 2011?

  40. bb bubbles

    Does he know that in the beginning he was in a room with a bunch of fursuits

  41. Mina The Raichu

    In heinsight, we should have seen Henry as the Yellow dude because yellow is on the opposite side of purple on the color wheel. They are complimentary colors. Yellow and Purple clashing.

  42. Epic Emerald

    What about the fossils you can find?

  43. ACUltra

    The FTC just thanos snapped youtube

  44. RamiroInx

    Who tf cares about Fnaf in this video, HE'S HELPING PEOPLE WITH CANCER! ☆

  45. Sophie Dunk

    In Dragons Race To The Edge (on Netflix) In one of the episodes, it makes a reference to the Third Eye DUN DUN DUUUUUN

  46. Jane Steel

    Wait, you said that this “civilisation” raided villages. Could this mean that civilisation is related to the pillagers? I mean it would explain because pillagers aren’t like normal hostile mobs because they can hold weapons, just like the drowned can, and they created a structure with what we call “player” loot. This would explain why there are crossbows inside of those chests.

  47. Rikki Kreger

    The enchanting tables have a book maybe that’s the journal!

  48. Plasma Gaming

    I’m watching 2019 but this was the first channel I have ever seen

  49. Peter England

    You need to add a "super sad" warning to some of your theories. Like, Ecclesiastes 1:18 yo!

  50. Sam

    dumbasspie pays him and beast is 1000000000 time scuter <3

  51. moni

    so are we switching to dailymotion??

  52. Mas Tim

    Even dolphins suffocate. AND THEYRE MAMMALS

  53. Tc

    so an entire society could not find an item but the last player in the world does? well, if you say so.

  54. The silver Wolf

    Nugget what u doing here get back to kindergarten

  55. Laniboy

    Dear MatPat please make a theory about the underground mob spawners. It will be a challenging theory. I love these series and keep up with the amazing work. Like so MatPat will see ; )

  56. Elmoz Savage World

    I wish it wasn’t just a theory fortnite sucks

  57. Claire Philpott

    i just assumed they were the guys from the enderman theory

  58. DragonrBloxtv

    xD im 15 love ur vids ima pray for all my fav youtubers

    1. Matthew YT

      @DragonrBloxtv sToP

    2. DragonrBloxtv

      aka you

  59. leonard barlow

    Yo shout out to NC

  60. - SpaceMan -

    Ok, now everyone needs to bring together $2,500,000 for #teamtrees in 24 hours

  61. Monika Doki

    *T R I G G E R E D*

  62. DarthFennec

    "I was watching Egoraptor's Sequelitis video on Ocarina of Time." Oh. Oh dear. That video is terrible ... you took it seriously? You actually let Arin tell you that chest opening animations are the devil and you were like "yeah that makes sense"? You poor sod ...

  63. muadh rhymer

    Another thing supporting this theory is that Notch said that creepers were made out of leaves

  64. Sergeant Soapy

    "We have to give it to our 8 legged friends this time, the squid." They have 6, just saying, I'm not that kind of person, trust me.

  65. GrahamTV


  66. abyssinia3

    Just jocking the answer is 1600

  67. Ida Andersson

    Nice hair👍

  68. THAT GUY

    our god

  69. Cool Man Chris

    So at this point for a content creator you have 3 choices: 1. Make super mature content and not get ad revenue 2. Make super boring content and NOT get ad revenue 3. Make engaging yet kid friendly content and be fined $42,000

  70. QsazEr - Fortnite

    Yey more kids to play with in fortnite!

    1. Jay Plays


  71. Vrushabh Bhavsar

    Noob parkours

  72. Mad Carbon


  73. No Master

    Coppa is kinda like a virus infecting vebsites

  74. DairkGamer YT


  75. Jake Bob

    What if in pizza party you are playing as the kid that was stuffed into freddy

  76. NathanTheMan

    Maybe it’s the endermen, and they are sad because they cannot revisit their building.

  77. Phsycic Mewtwo

    Matpat, but’s some times there is no treasure in the place we’re the treasure is so-posed to be.😐

  78. Anthonv

    Who else read 7:21 as "NUTDEALER"?

  79. Warrior81234 Miller

    dude, when I was younger I caught ditto. it can be disguised as any Pokemon.

  80. Wai Chan

    Lol one of the donators is a dog

  81. Intellx

    Oh yeah, how kind of them to add great “gaming features” for us gamers like, superchat and channel memberships. Wait those have absolutely nothing to do with gaming?!?!?!?! All they did was think of ways which they can squeeze money out of the viewer and monetize off your guys back, and they don’t even give the creators all the money from these features. You also know they put absolutely zero thought or effort in to these because the features were a direct copy of twitches model.

  82. cmwarren30

    Oh boy were we wrong

  83. abyssinia3

    Answer 1700

  84. Alex 2020

    Scott: *Makes new game * MatPat:It MUST be caled * MatPat Insanity Simulator *

  85. Maxwell Roach

    tsunami seems to fit better for me. its how every drown would have died

  86. Lauer Power


  87. Sad Girl

    Matthew was such a queen in that interview goddamn

  88. Jeff Jefferson

    Cool bigbrain

  89. Ultimate Ninja Waffle

    These videos are creepier than the game!😂

  90. Wait what Am I doing

    _. _ \_{*~*}_/

  91. Shapna Sultana

    Poor matpat

  92. ツサSaIde_KIng

    If they were trapped there. How are there some undermen in the outerworld?

  93. Jeff Jefferson

    U want Alex?

  94. Sins AMV

    Do the blaze next

  95. dragon &cat

    Fnaf world v2

  96. Syrow3

    1.3 million!

  97. Timothy Issac Jackson

    nnnnnnnnnope...none of this is accurate...also, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- 5:15 Are you seriously trying to *downplay* Team Plasma, in comparison to Peta!? HA! Peta has conducted numerous raids on several livestock establishments all across the country *this year,* costing millions of dollars of property damage, and endangering the freedoms of innocent activists, by including them in illegal Trespassing & Property Theft. Compared to *Peta,* Team Plasma is a buncha angels!

  98. CaptainMech

    I always feel so bad hearing about how these ancient civilizations just died off X^D

    1. Jay Plays

      @James S 👌

    2. James S

      Seriously. His theories so far basically make Minecraft look like a game about an entire world of people fighting death.

  99. John Boi

    Pat, good on you to ask these rough questions to Susan even though she doesn’t wanna give a clear, concise answer in fact dodging the questions as a whole. Kept a clear, composed and professional character in yourself. These conversations and questions NEED TO BE ADDRESSED TO THE HIGHER BRASS OF BRsel. Even BRsel rewind was a middle finger to everyone (especially to those who expected Etika, JuiceWrld and big issues of the year to be at least mentioned) and was basically a copy version of a WatchMojo video (glad they made their video). These issues on this platform needs to be handled in a more fair way for EVERYONE but not in a way that seems so vague that everyone is affected (I.E. these new harassment policies). BRsel is now becoming more like an advertisement for just big name celebrities, politics and news outlets. And it’s totally not fair for everyone else who have a passion for creating genuine content.

  100. Plasma Snow 2nd account

    Wow. The music gets to me and makes me real sad for some reason.