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  1. johnnie lewis

    Come to listen to Metallica's newest album because I don't think I've heard all of them. Comes to find out my favorite wrestler of all time (Undertaker) is back and uses a song from my favorite band of all time as his entrance song. 🤔 "Ahh there is such a thing as perfection"

  2. Cético

    2:08:22 O cara representou \m/

  3. Cético

    2:14:19 James "WTF, Lars?"oO

  4. Lucefied

    I just came from Seattle '89.... jeez they got old. Honestly they don't sound terrible though considering.

  5. johnnie lewis

    James looked the worst during St. Anger and even Death Magnetic. Now he looks REALLY good, and now we get a Lars that looks like he doesn't give a flying fuck after hitting 50 hahaha. Will say, hate St. Anger, and Reload albums as a whole, but Metallica is still my favorite band and love every other album

  6. X Fade

    Peru has arrived. Well done.

  7. DiegoS Florian

    Nunca había estado tan orgulloso de mi pais, simplemente una joya de playlist puro old school Grande Metallica!

  8. ivan coras

    En el 2010 fui solo con mis patas el mejor concierto por ser primera vez en peru , y en el 2014 lleve a mi hijo de 14 y mi esposa lo disfrutamos a rabiar , sin duda l mejor setlits de esa gira 🤟🤟🤘🇵🇪🎸🎵🎶🧨🎇🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Creepy Georgie


  10. Cameron Calzada

    he sound like he has his 1986 voice in this

  11. Jeffrey Chorneyko

    WWE 2K19 anyone?

  12. Joel Abensur

    Conciertazo. De puta madre todo, desde el sonido hasta la conexión de la banda con la gente .... y sobre todo el setlist 🤘🏼. Grande Metallica. Ya deberían venir por la 3ra. 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  13. Nelson Perez


  14. DaX Versai

    Metallica was at their best when they were influenced by war, death, and shitty beer.

  15. Alper Erdal

    Her soloda 5-10 nota kaçırıyor abı ya,20 senedir antrenman yapmıyor gibi bir hali var sanki.

  16. David Mackeown

    339 trolls

  17. Freddy Denver

    no harvester of sorrow== sh1t

  18. Drexl

    Man, Papa Het’s voice is getting better the older he gets!!

  19. Mike Marrone

    Metallica is so washed up

  20. Kashish Shah

    I don't always listen to Metallica, but when I do 'Nothing Esle Matters'.

  21. Elebrick •_•

    The crowd sucks... oh wait, this is in New York...

  22. Alper Erdal

    South America loves Metallica.Everytime,hello from Turkey

  23. Darla Harris

    This album is garbage just like Death Magnetic don't bass Megadeth their last two albums for great come on Metallica put out something worth a s***

  24. Juanki Pinto

    Ecuador’s concert please! ❤️🙏🏼

  25. jm

    Metallica was so huge Lars unironically wore an "And Justice for All" t-shirt in the music video.

  26. katia gadelha


  27. Bam Bang

    Selamat pagi kirim salam kepada adik adik juga teman teman kirim salam kenal serta tercinta salam sejahtera🍉🍉⛄⛄👽👽

  28. President Camacho

    Concert video starts at 12:05

  29. BigJ 44

    I wish they would do another tour like this one here in the USA! This setlist is unbelievable! 🤘😡🤘

  30. Brokk A

    I was there!

  31. Kevin David

    Cool blast from the past. I grew up in Muskegon, and watched many events at the LC Walker Arena. Unfortunately was not in attendance for this great show. However, I was probably at a Lumberjacks game in November 1991. Jock Callander was the man!

  32. Jordan Walsh

    No wonder Metallica get shit from other bands. . .397 million views! Wtf!?

  33. Josh Wisham

    Screaming under water

  34. Josh Wisham

    Fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear

  35. Beto Peligro

    Gracias Metallica por este regalo, yo estuve ese día ahí sacándome la mierda.. Brutal concierto

  36. Lukeamania

    Mad props to James to adlib the parts he forgot. That's how a true professional does it. When I saw them at U.S. Bank stadium in Minneapolis in 2016 they played Leper Messiah and he completely forgot to sing the wichery weakening... part. Then like 5 songs later he goes "I think I forgot to sing a part of Leper Messiah" and they proceeded to do just that part of the song over again. I thought he did it on purpose to let the crowd sing (which I was of course). It was an epic save. I wish I knew how to edit videos and I would paste that part over it so it sounded like he actually sang it. It was still a bad ass amazing show.

  37. Alexan Beltran

    Esta rola te escarba lo más profundo del alma

  38. Disaster Piece

    This is the cringiest thing ever made by Metallica

  39. Randall Peralta

    Momento glorioso 2:31:56 Lars sostiene la Bandera Peruana en la cual se lee METALLICA - AREQUIPA¡¡¡

  40. Rodrigo P.

    I Loved Kirk's Walk and Home Sweet Home versions!

  41. [ MARIVS ]

    the crowd in Lima was the 5th member of the band.

  42. alexandre bonfim

    Quem é brasileiro e está ouvindo durante a pandemia, dá um like

  43. Rinaldo Terminiello

    Só saudade ❤❤👆👆


    I have noticed on almost every live performance why does Kirk have what looks like Scotch tape across his knuckles? Just curious 🤘

  45. Alex Mtz

    Y nada más importa...

  46. Dexter Pascual

    The lyrics touches my soul

  47. shafta99

    metallica always brings it with quality concerts, thank you, needed this.

  48. Mark S

    I didn't know Hawkeye was a music producer

  49. Candy Cain Churchwell


  50. Mandy

    This was a great show!

  51. Javier Prado

    Mejor noche de mi vida, gracias Metallica, siempre presente conmigo, arriba el Metal mierda 😈

  52. Nixon’s #2 Boi

    This makes me want to grab a singapore cane and make my way to a ring in Philadelphia, while chugging beers and slapping them on my head until I bleed. Don’t know why though.

  53. Zos Xavius

    Man they were so good. Bash lars all you want but he's way better here than people give him credit for.

  54. Mattyjay88

    Fun fact- kurt Cobain asked Kirk if he would play Whiplash here!

  55. Joshuea Belis

    Nice ear pro you ladies... Do they come with vaj warmers?

  56. Lemonator

    the concept of medleys is like fast food for albums

  57. Barbwirepain

    I wonder if GWAR tried to kick them out

  58. guitarplayer7570

    Mighty cool

  59. Anna Tetro

    Hm. Bleeding me into Unforgiven. I forgive you, James. Wayne showed up, listened to the story. This is worst yet out of you soviet guards. Alexei baby forgives. He loves the story when in us. When in sweet freedom and held highest of the romanovs saints. Thank you for that. For loving Walter who he holds highest. Not this show. No saints, no church bells Tsar, no sad but true authority fire in you, what matters, that you are unforgiven? Good one after today's set up of Fr. Mark. And our freedom from mark of the beast.

    1. Anna Tetro

      Outcome of our glorious mysteries, mm mm good is that we went to the CC org and destroyed stalking white t bond cells harming Mario. Amazing. Companions of the Cross and the Pius Romanovs rape and shooting. They got it wrong. They got shot and owned like rasputin fail and poisoned by their own love. Sickening. I own the world. God is like why is she this way. Archangel Michael is laughing here. Sorry. I am humble serf leader. When will this end? Destroying the Catholic Church. Lars stops, wait, I feel this is familiar in me. But was Jesus wrong? No. But by law it seemed so. I read that today, what is this now. Jesus explain so he did a thing to show me true prophet from false with no fruit on trees and then he showed freeing you guys as real and removing church as false. Ok then. Half half win for Lars. Sustaining things. Not here to rule over anything but RU. They show up, wrong Alexei king, Anna. Oh. That was this king and this issue and this feast day. Oh. Sorry. They are fun. RU is most merciful nation ever. So loved and loving. Now we know why. You guys.

    2. Anna Tetro

      Yes, we will do it at the church. Then at the end we will to Ganina Yama burial grounds. We will give them flowers and gratitude, leave a CD or many. For you. Thank you. For everything we are and sorry it was supposed to be easier on the Little Pair and Olga and Tatiana. It was not but it kept God winning. Best documentary. When Mother Mary spun us back. So first night banter, 2nd we fight, let go of me, then we fall in love, then she magically becomes a stripper giving in. No soiling saints here. Who would fund it? Show you all that happened. Guys show up, Nastya, can I have an emerald. Smiles, of course my sweet serf, and she cuts it out of her robes, here, don't spend it all at once. What are they pushing this for? I hope they go away soon. Love you, funny for me. Paix RU. Lea Maa shelter.

    3. Anna Tetro

      so I figure, James, to explain what it is, they keep trying to coup the immoral sex and sacrifice of Romanovs in public. But they failed. God who failed. I figure we have to meet for 2 weeks or more, then show a video of you bowing to me, in love, singing to my name and then I will walk up to you and kiss you, I'm so in love with you James Yakov and then I will strip sexy, girls taught me and you, and then you take me, then I grunt, uh, with a smile, and we walk off, show we are alive or maybe the whole year, what Sting wanted, whole jail time, each night, a video, and then diary entries, do it, RU, the whole thing, so they never bug us again. Good? Pissing me off. You guys make it so much better because you don't harm me.

    4. Anna Tetro

      see right back to nasty yakov banter finding deeper meaning. Oh you mean when I pinned you down and overpowered you in Ipatiev. She just lay there screaming, no one is listening to you. I hate this story. I like my story in heaven. without it is best for us all.

    5. Anna Tetro

      How do we be one, James? New sexual feeling, I can't move, my arms, my legs, sickening, I never saw that before. Frig you world.

  60. Larry Kay

    i would be screaming at everyone to shut up. i paid to hear Metallica sing, not the fans.

  61. malenurse35

    Folk need to get over a lot of things. It is what it is. It's really good. If you don't like it then fuck off. It's not Metallica 84 so please go back and watch those BRsel clips. This is old man Metallica and it's best. It's fucking awesome. Plenty old videos For those who can't get over the past and accept we all get old.

  62. David Yorokobi

    Lo mejor de lo mejor.

  63. Alejandro Nava

    On this tour the fans were really idiots, they had the opportunity to request songs rarely or never played before and they didn't. Assholes

  64. Alejandro Nava

    En esa gira los fans fueron muy idiotas, les dieron la oportunidad de escuchar rolas poco tocadas y pidieron las de siempre, bola de pendejos.

  65. Daniel Escobar

    Deberían poner este concierto en un Blu Ray 4k.

  66. DAHER Productions

    El próximo que compartan que sea de México

  67. Chris

    sounds like shitty drunken bar karaoke

  68. Diego Montanari

    Casi tan buena como la original de Bob Seger

  69. Timofey Barishevskii

    :( ): I wont this deluxe box set! "And justice for all..." is my favourite album!

  70. Marijuli Mensi

    i love metalica 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  71. William Higuera

    En Peru si supieron realmente para que era el Byrequest!

  72. Ali Majano


  73. Luxury Backing Tracks

    Love it!

  74. Timofey Barishevskii

    2027:Unboxing Hardwired to self destruct deluxe box set by The tripper old Kirk Wahhet.

  75. GlitchOutz

    Infinity war is the most ambitious cross over. No

  76. Míriam Soares


  77. Leonardo Carrizo

    Esa gente está muerta en New York

  78. Jayne Pierce

    Perfect 👌

  79. Turry Cruise

    Your life burns faster! Download on Napster!

  80. Deadly Mad

    why didnt they play the song in its entirety? they could of taken turns at the solo between all the guitar players

  81. Lucifer Starchild

    LMAO! The look on Kirk and Lars' face as he tries to remember the solo. But It Was still a great attempt for a no practice run!

  82. MsManishm

    Words of my life...

  83. Alien Encore

    Stupid peruvians ruined it.

  84. Aj Demetri


  85. Tom Tom

    no sad but true? this is sad but true...

  86. Yudho Supriyanto

    Anak anakku Metallica wajah kalian semuanya seperti pelerku, selalu tajir semuanya ya dari bapak kalian habib yudho Supriyanto Syahab sssshaab

  87. Daniel S

    1:58:07 Awesome frames, crowd comes out from darkness

  88. Yudho Supriyanto

    Aku bukan Al habib tapi habib saja

  89. OjciecPablito

    Say your prayers little one Don't forget, my son To include everyone Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin 'Till the sandman he comes Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit, light Enter, night Take my hand We're off to never-never land Somethings wrong, shut the light Heavy thoughts tonight And they aren't of Snow White Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of dragon's fire And of things that will bite Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit, light Enter, night Take my hand We're off to never-never land Now I lay me down to sleep Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep I pray the Lord my soul to keep If I die before I wake If I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take I pray the lord my soul to take Hush little baby, don't say a word And never mind that noise you heard It's just the beasts under your bed In your closet, in your head Exit, light Enter, night Grain of sand Exit, light Enter, night Take my hand We're off to never-never land Yeah! We're off to never-never land Take my hand We're off to never-never land Take my hand

  90. Paul Pozi

    0:37 Rob goes fu*king beast mode

  91. Sergio Korleone


  92. Paul Pozi

    Stupid people: ,,Metallica aren't thrash anymore" Metallica: *Dropping Spit Out The Bone in their mid 50s*

  93. Matthias H.

    Best time ever!

  94. Emir Yildirim

    2:34 lars forgot this song you must kick the crash Fool

  95. Zombie_raul1231

    Like me when i pretended to play a metallica song

  96. Random Gummy Bear

    Aaaaaand onto my playlist you go. Nice and snug.

  97. Paul Pozi

    ,,Metallica aren't thrash anymore" Lars: Hold my smoothie

  98. Andrew Skanes

    Watch at 1.25 you won't regret it 2:22


    ESA ES

  100. Sebastian Vesa

    You don't get this nowadays... That's why this song is so legendary!