Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Kristine Mae Magtubo

    Name suggestion: ORLY the above (All of the above)

  2. Lilly O

    Just watched this Video and Christines Names of the Shades are reminding me of the conspiracy theory Pallet haha😂

  3. Amy the neko Chan

    great for you. *i'm single*

  4. Eliza McMahon


  5. Sixties Haze

    “Is it an inny or an outy?” *It’s a nasty*

  6. Kythe Castillo

    the thumbnail looks like a melted tidepod

  7. Malisse Collins

    here's my name: blood rose

  8. Cherry Mochi

    Trunk club is so aesthetic at some ways 😍

  9. Positiivelii Irregularr

    I would call it "Mauve It On" or "Keep it Mauving"

  10. Shreya Sampath

    Do a video about ur childhood and ur home town and those stuffs

  11. Shreya Sampath

    Do a video about ur childhood and ur home town and those stuffs

  12. Shreya Sampath

    Do a video about ur childhood and ur home town and those stuffs

  13. Shreya Sampath

    Do a video about ur childhood and ur home town and those stuffs

  14. Shreya Sampath

    Do 1 video about ur home town and ur past

  15. AaronAnimations 245

    Berry me in polish

  16. XxCitrus EditsxX

    *unclear* *instructions* *my* *cat* *started* *to* *bark*

  17. Amit Maheshwari

    I think the name Dumbledore' s pajamas would do the colour justice

  18. Sharvani Sharma

    What about “I made a mauve”

  19. shahana suresh

    safiya : we'll just bleep out what I said me : yea you should also me : ouh wait the video is already out

  20. Shravani Kakde

    She should make different layers of those categories in one candle.

  21. Mary Jane Delos Reyes

    I saw mah gurls! Red Velvet! I'm happy! ❤❤❤

  22. Melissa Sheer

    Mauve over

  23. Paw Printz

    15:48 I haven't Edam heard cheese puns before...haha

  24. imma kedi

    I very much enjoyed this episode. You are naturally hilarious. You just made me laugh for about 30 minutes of watching this video. :) On the other hand, I think this fashion is great for petite kind of girls because if you wear this and you are tall, it's not really appropriate 'coz to me, it seems so heavy to look at with all those petty coat and heavy accessories. :P

  25. Brains00007


  26. Snopperfox

    Waaaaaaaait. Safiya gets engaged in December of 2018 and she will get married in 2019. I’m hella confused on who to believe

  27. Casey Coolican

    All three together look like a stop light!

  28. yoon min

    when you immediately think of kpop girl groups miss a and aoa 👀

  29. Enrique Estrella

    i damn near choked on my water when tyler called you foreskin i-

  30. JuniB07

    I would name it "Shmash A Mauve" 😉

  31. Kivi Harris

    Sike Franklin mauve

  32. Kivi Harris

    El/mike mauve

  33. S H

    Rewatching this video. Was #safiyanygaard wearing #brucie at 5:45?

  34. Heather Winchell

    I normally wear some kind of shorts. Some kind of swim shorts I don’t like my butt area so maybe they can do that till they can change

  35. Rrejo18

    Why is this not a thing???

  36. Luciann Xo

    That’s not the shape of your eyebrows so it’s obvious that’s it’s not going to work yours are to bushy and big😂😂lyyyy x

  37. felicity soueidan

    berry me in mauve

  38. Love To draw

    Frankenstein nail move

  39. Athena Tsui

    its "late next year"...

  40. Aleisha 898

    17:45 It’s Not A SEcreT ANymore

  41. Sarah Jackson

    Simply Bad Nail Polish Science

  42. Thestral Vestral

    11:01 she still has the liner swatches on her hand lol

  43. Rumi Baby

    The ones Saf donated r the ones i like and im sad

  44. Zoe GAMES

    I subscribed and the name should be Dark wings

  45. Lanny Jov

    Heeyy im new here and i love ur vids

  46. Samara Malcolm

    Okay but Tyler just staring at safiya at the end. That was adorable. Also Tyler at the end was just adorable.

  47. 4 4

    Anyone else get the "How I Met Your Mother" refrence/joke

  48. Biscuit _NumNum

    7:22 the man just stares at you while you’re talking

  49. Gema Cruz

    Safiya rocks every look!!😍

  50. Becky Veldhuizen

    Very pleasant noises and super relaxing. Great job, Safiya!

  51. jozi nahi idk

    The name should be"Franklin mauve"

  52. seham aga

    i know you don’t do same ideas twice but i kinda want you to try this again

  53. Cute Surprise pop

    I want to name it frouve Franken mauve

  54. missy

    I love that in the video where she organizes her closet she has a whole new larger drawer thing for more lipstick

  55. afore Tempus

    *W e C r O p P e D o U t H i S b A l L s*

  56. Tooka Nimmes

    AHHH!!! She would look SO GOOD in color!

  57. Emily Batty

    Name idea: "Mauve over frankin"

  58. Jaedyn Berg

    Safiya: BRING IN THE........ dancing.. lobsterz 😂 😂 😂

  59. tor

    you always have good energy in these videos i love it :’)

  60. Jorey Brown

    I like the way you polish your toes 😍 ❤️ foot fetish

    1. Jorey Brown

      Cum on them toes 😍 ❤️

  61. Maria Thresita Lucille Dolores

    12:31 it was like night 1 second later its morning

  62. T y p i c a l M o n d a y s .

    Did I just see.. some black people in the back round. Okay time to pack my bags and go to Japan! Not being racist im black and its so many white people that i was scared to go bc i thought i was gonna keep getting looked at. XD

  63. HighTopPeach

    Emma seems unamused 😂

  64. Tyler Randecker

    do bald people still get tingles from cutting hair? like oop-

  65. Deep durp

    Or do you like Kill this love

  66. XJaylyn X

    I got this off of amazon for 29.99 works great!

  67. Deep durp

    Who here likes the song DU du du du du by Blakpink

  68. Jinxx Snowdein- Rosealeen

    oh my goodness! you were close by and never knew it. Cedar Point is like my second home in the summer months!

  69. tyhokan

    The raw and soft pink skin of your sonic sphincter really couldn't be tamed.

  70. Josh Compton

    No one: Mc2 edible eyeshadow kit: Here we'll give you a big box, instructions, and a "make up palette". Oh and you have to buy everything else to make it.

  71. Mirasol Coronel

    Frangkin mauve

  72. 0328

    i honestly really really love thinx and ive used this brand for years AND i used to consistently wear pads before switching so tbh i think its an easier switch from pads to thinx in terms of comfort

    1. 0328

      ik i keep thinking of more things but! i work out in mine, i go to ballet for 1-1.5 hours at a time multiple times per week and they are fine and do not leak which (w my pink tights esp lol) would be a problem

    2. 0328

      i also own a lot of pairs tbf and ik theyre expensive so they arent for everyone but i still. cant recommend them enough

  73. Gacha Word

    Love in the Mauve

  74. Deep durp

    Where's? James Charles 💄

  75. Brandi Mariah

    what about when you're out and have to change panties??? what do you do with the soiled ones? just toss them in your purse? in a ziplock bag i guess... idk...

  76. Crazy Adventurer

    The real mauvist..😃😃

  77. Dotan Rabinovitch

    Name it rainbow

  78. Lillian Caputo

    The opposite of a cat-eye would be a dog-eye (I'm not sorry.)

  79. tor

    this video lmao 💀 you both are hella funny

  80. mazing 10129

    Berry purple

  81. Olivia Westlin

    I say Franken-stine Like frankenstein and Cristine mashed together

  82. Erin F

    5:36 I just love how you in that outfit caught the eyes of those dudes

  83. Chantel Cagle

    Is it just me or did the price go up for the lipsticks????

  84. 30DollarMatcha

    Shop: shop MISS A the brand is AOA Me, a kpop stan:

  85. Jacob I Matias

    Why does she look like morticia from the addam’s family

  86. FigurativelyBored

    Frankenstein’s Muave-ster

  87. Jessica Elliott

    Good game..

  88. Madeline Mudd

    I got a blue mini tube of EyeCo Lash Alert in my Ipsy a few years ago and I LOVED IT! At first I was thrown off by the squeezy tube but then I grew to love it 😅

  89. Giovanna Rivera

    Hermione and everyone else in harry potter: You're a great and talented wizard harry, you've beaten Voldemort so many times! harry: 8:32

  90. kayla_makes_gacha

    Cristine: we don't test on animals we test on Safiya me: I'm are you sure about that safiya is a bat

  91. Jimmy Pop

    You look great in 80s Fashion. It suits you ❤

  92. Coral 2005

    Me:wearing both pad and tampons cause I’m bad at keeping track of time

  93. Angelina Huynh

    You should have a podcast lol

  94. Aerial Kahookele

    framken berry

  95. Glamface Nick

    They should’ve called the teal (teal porn)

  96. Jacqueline Samsel

    Is it normal to have a period that only last for 3 days every month?

  97. SadiesStuff

    Saf deserves more subs.

  98. Lily Levy

    Yay! Finally! A youtuber that's also a Cancer~ <3

  99. SadiesStuff

    "Your second head has a Will Byers hair cut" -Tyler Lol

  100. dumb bee