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  1. J.Quinn Gallagher

    bro as soon as i heard overture by ajr i got hyped

  2. NicoCars

    OH MY THAT CRASH IS SUPER SCARRY NO LIKE ARE ALOWED IN THIS VIDEO I WANT 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 DISLIKES IN THIS VIDEO AND 0 LIKES

  3. Furry Creative

    DEFINETLY my favourite pixar short.

  4. Kikone

    omggg this looks sooo- *turns into a smurf* me: ight ima head out.

  5. Skylar Sky

    But why is she a ball of yarn😂😂 no hate just debate 😂

  6. Noisy Goblin


  7. Bridget Goodner Boone

    I watched this on Disney+

  8. Ana julia Cunha dos santos

    Owww q fofo faz mais vídeos desse amei a moral e q sempre temos q viver unidos ameiii

  9. Albane_mrt 85


  10. sɑʍʍy .w.

    *pixar cursed*

  11. ur.moms.a. HOE

    im not crying.... you are tooo!!!

  12. Charlie King

    This is why you don't disrespect the elderly

  13. Julie Reshe

    im going to cry now i really dont like crying tho

  14. Gabriella Meyer

    I loved it and I love 🐈 cats!!

  15. Moon Devil

    It’s sad how the dog is getting used and abused

  16. Neyanth Marei Uy

    Play cars doggy cat

  17. Emily Argueta

    This animation always makes me happy when I see the ending :3

  18. EuPass Wood

    Pitbull's? I love it! Black Cat's? I Love it! Dog owners, like he! Please on the Chain!

  19. Flavia Ficher


  20. Arthur Prudius

    This radiates the same energy as wall-e. I love it

  21. Ryan Kagan

    🐟🦋🤑🤠the gm%🐮🙁🤑😕😕🤠laz

  22. Eamon Durham

    You know If instead of being a blue blob it could be the kinda college title style, then it might be better

  23. Dumitru Răzvan


  24. alonso sanchez

    Qué linda la animación nada me puso a llorar de felicidad estabas tan linda porque me voy a poner a llorar si es a la vi en 2017 así que ya sabía lo que pasaba

  25. any garcia

    Qué triste 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😥

  26. charley alicorn

    the joke at 4:45!

  27. Simba Lalala

    For anyone that wants to know the song at the start its Overture by AJR

  28. Dulce Ximena B Castro Santoyo

    Veri goot

  29. Barb Byerly

    A sweet story. The cruelty we heap upon animals (and humans) is a travesty.

  30. Alijah Koleosho

    Wow, He can get scared easily

  31. Alijah Koleosho

    And that’s how I feel about that Sausage Party ending

  32. Alijah Koleosho

    Anger needs to calm down!! 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Alijah Koleosho

    1 like = 1 cheer up for Sadness

  34. Tariq francois


  35. Michelle Sofia Ricouz Aviles

    Pixar comentario Disney like

  36. gavin kailey


  37. Lame Operator

    1:10 Omg i never thought i'd hear Focus in a Pixar trailer

  38. Lizzy Linx

    1:33 omg this part I can not explained lol

  39. blue Gaming


  40. Živa Luznar

    So sad😞😞😞😞😞😞🙁

  41. Shot in the Heart

    Why am I watching this? Do I think I need even more tears in life?

  42. Assala Drias

    Very nice 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Matthias Borg

    I would rather have an up sequel

  44. Jem Jem

    Happy and sad tears.😭

  45. Fakefirstname Fakelastname


  46. Akseli Vainikainen


  47. LexiByDay

    I'd show this to my grandmother but I'm afraid her house would grow legs or something.

  48. Cathal Dunne

    Came here for AJR and not gonna be discouraged by the blue boogers. It's about music soul and realising jazz infused dreams. This is gonna be good.

  49. Sophia Debraine


  50. Amena Bulivou

    Nobody: Not a single soul: 99.9% of comments talking about pixar swearing

  51. sydoodle

    I really liked it until he fell into a hole and became a toothpaste blob. I hope the whole movie isn’t just some blue blob and some lame jokes by this sidekick character we see at the end. Although I can’t really have an opinion really since this IS just the teaser. There could really be more to it that we just haven’t seen yet. Excited for the trailer! 👍

  52. ELDA Vigliarolo

    Molto bello

    1. -. -

      ELDA Vigliarolo anche io sono italiano

  53. Aj Nunez

    0.46 gives me the chills

  54. R and E

    Andy: take care of woody for me plz? Bonnie: okay 𝗔 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿 *yeets woody across room*

  55. Matthew Mertens

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this. Realistically, it’s has to be over 50 times

  56. Blaine A. Dedam

    Say what you'd like, but I would still want to see this either way.

  57. Cute Coke

    Pixar:**swears just once** Everyone: hol up that’s illegal

  58. Canyon Main

    He was used in a dog fight

  59. Shantee Rosales

    Toys story

  60. Shantee Rosales

    A-113 wall e

  61. Elvin Garcia

    From The Studio That Brought You Inside Out® Up™ And Cars®

    1. Elvin Garcia

      Disney·Pixar SOUL® Coming To Theaters June 19, 2020 In Disney Digital 3D™ REAL D 3D® And DOLBY CINEMA™ ©2020 Disney/Pixar

  62. Moto Gyal

    COME ON DISNEY!!! 😡😡😡😡

  63. Juliana Cruz

    Alguien que pregunte español XD.

  64. Reba Blackwell

    I NEED a kitbull Series man. I NEED IT😰😰😰

  65. guacamole nibba penis

    Ngl the first half of this trailer made me feel motivated to chase my dreams but after that.. meh

  66. Xxthe501legionxX 0-0

    Duke Ellington anyone

  67. Limenade 360

    i respect the drip

  68. Trenton Kampe

    Beautiful, truly up lifing, nice one Pixar

  69. ivanilson silva

    Is beitiful im cry

  70. Sponge Bob


  71. Najzkdk Nwkzjdjd

    ....wait hol up did she.....this is past rated R...there is now a rated -Z and pixar is the first to get it 😦

  72. Mauricio Madureira


  73. Mauricio Madureira


  74. Baby Dill

    I love how people prove that cats and dogs CAN be friends

  75. Jacoby

    Did he die? Because if so, this basically become a non depressing, black version of The Lovely Bones

  76. HeartLess Yt

    Is it just me but my parents throw me on the rug and start kicking in my stomach until it turns red....

  77. Zander Exists

    this breaks mah heart

  78. Cupcakie

    Anyone else get Marshall Lee vibes from that red shirt that Tom Holland's character is wearing?

  79. Amal Choukair


  80. Amal Choukair

    So cute my cat is black to 🐈 and dog

  81. Seraphina Alderlead

    I was not expecting my heart to break that hard ;-;

  82. peqhy_ iizzie

    hehehehe when we where eating lunch my teacher put this one lol

  83. Norah Ruehle

    NO!!! Don’t hurt the doggo

  84. Michelle Boniol

    This SparkShort was very cute and made me cry

  85. IFunnyz


    1. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

      Happy 52nd Birthday, Jamie Foxx.

  86. Brian Flores-Cruz

    Recommended in 2019??

  87. W_charlUies_fg_W

    I love it ;)

  88. Sebastian Haire


  89. Gabriela Valenciano Carranza

    so cute muy sentimental mi corazon se derritio en amor caliente ❤❤❤❤😍😍🐱🐶

  90. Olivia Heffernan

    What's Next? Lightning Mcqueen?

  91. Peter pham

    Can't you just make a normal movie about his career. The first half sounded so inspiring, a pianist that just want to be known for something. And i think many people want to be known for something so you can relate.

  92. افلام و كرتون

    ما خلوا احسن الكرتون ده بالمصري

  93. Anna-Lee Henderson


  94. Prakhar Sharma

    This movie was not as good as Cars, but at least it recognises that getting old affects your speed, Michael Schumacher himself got beaten by Nico Rosberg, although he went on to beat the current 6 time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, but that's a different story

  95. Just Spongbob panting

    Ngl, I was feeling it until they turned into blue blobs

  96. holaxd xdxdxdxdxxd

    Que bonito 😢

  97. Kristen Andria

    Took like 4 breaks to cry and it’s only like 9 minutes long.

  98. Johanna Haegermark

    Relateable T~T

  99. Marnie May

    so wholesome

  100. vane chan