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  1. Every Kenyan

    11:20 actually Linus is right, it is quadrifurcate

  2. Goldenskull 702

    Yay I’ve got the razer ornata

  3. Robert Johnson Fox

    17:45 Relatable, I had to cut out part of the back of my Dell make my GPU fit🦊 Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower, Intel Core2 Quad Q9650, 8G DDR3, PCIe 4xUSB 3.0, EVGA GTX 750ti, C:\ 500GB 7200rpm, D:\ 300GB 5600rpm. Edit: Not my current rig lol

  4. Cosmoflips

    ghetto mac

  5. Samim Hameedi

    too tough!!!

  6. Koto Blokong

    window 7 never dies....long live for the king......hahahahahahaha

  7. Shaikh Raashid

    2040 LTT: we replaced Apple company with our LTT

  8. Med ia

    Water cool ya mum and make a video about it.

  9. Natsu Dragneel

    Damn I want a gaming pc

  10. MTG Scrappy

    Keep the content coming always brightens the day!

  11. glensarge

    when the build is complete and you add up all the pricing, can you include the machining and custom parts, as well as the salaries of everyone involved & how many hours were spent on it?

  12. vegoutwithvegge

    Thats the worst 3d printing I've seen.

  13. Bas Nunnikhoven

    Linus... Why there s a cardbord box inside of our nas?

  14. Ethan K

    Where are the sex toys tho

  15. RutherfordRyan1

    Linus,..did you mean to say Aluminium ?

  16. 1Bloodpaladin

    What are you doing in Alex's workshop without his permission?

  17. battalion stallion

    God damn a beautiful case plus a great pc im in love I pretty much hate everything apple except for the powermac g5 i love it and owing one or a something like this is my dream (the one i want the most is the dual cpu one)

  18. ENDiZZLE - The silent gamer

    Remake this please. With the new low latency modes

  19. vegoutwithvegge

    if 3dfx and Ati were still around we wouldn't have $1000+ gpu's..... fuck nvidia.

  20. shane parkhill

    Asking for a discount at the checkout classic so funny!

  21. Aquatarkus

    How did Brian get into my house????

  22. Troy Hatake

    Ok boomer

  23. Marian Costea

    so, you are on the same way that i am :), after so many years of IT i got maker stuff :)

  24. # Fai

    so..... behind display cameras for lg phones may be!

  25. Abhik Roy

    Fallout 76 is such a waste of money

  26. BlankEssence


  27. John W

    Hi, oh how I wish I could get a custom computer setup like that in Australia...would be awsome!! Thanks for a great video. Cheers.

  28. Why Hello There

    Better builder than The Verge's pc builder

  29. Christoffer Salomonsson

    how can you call that good build quality? @1:25

  30. Manuela Tst

    Hi, I am trying to figure out, wether i should buy myself a wifi card for my pc or not and watched your video from 2 years ago. Can u pls update and figure out, if wifi cards for pc have progressed? I would be very thankful! Love you guys btw

  31. Silv3r FN

    Does ram speed matter part 2 2019

  32. Collateralcoffee

    Who would want a Mac they need to assemble.... and fiddle with. Bullshit.

  33. JonasFeyhart

    Okay, so major major gundam nerd here. Basically, the earth has mostly united, and expanded in to space (local solar system) and built a ton of O'Neil space colonies at Lagrange points around earth and the moon (and even a base out towards jupiter). On the space colonies a movement starts to form under the leadership of Deikun Zeon. (last name first, ofc). Previous to this, they had discovered a new particle which they name the "Minovsky Particle" which is used to allow for powered flight in atmosphere, and also as a directed energy weapon. He also built a functional fusion reactor that was able to be miniaturized, as a result of this Minovsky Particle research and it had the properties of disrupting electromagnetics so radio communication became inoperable, and only Laser communication would work. Wait okay i'm getting way off track. So basically he created the power plant that was to be used in the Mecha from Gundam. But because Zeon had used his technology to build them, he defected to earth. This basically led to the One year War, which is what the significance of the 0079 number. It was the year it started. Earth built a mecha to counter the Zeon mecha, which was called Gundam. It had much much higher specs but at the time was one of a kind. Zeon declared the independence from the Federation, and over the next decade builds up it's military from like 0071 to 0079. In the first 3 days of the one year war, the indiscriminate use of WMD cause the death of 2.8 BILLION people on the colonies. In retaliation, Zeon drops a colony on to earth trying to hit Jaburo, where the Federation Capital is, it misses and hits Sydney, Australia utterly obliterating it and drastically alters the earths climate as a result (as one could imagine dropping a trillion ton colony on to earth! being 36 km in length and 6.4 in diameter. ) This is what happens in that opening FMV. Gundam is pretty much known as the Star Trek of Japan, and is possibly it's biggest media franchise. It's certainly been a life long favorite of mine, and I would KILL to get that system with the game on it, if only to have it as a collector.

  34. Rade Narancic

    Please ditch the background music.

  35. Sleepy Head

    They should try making a video that they go to and critique linus’ house.

  36. Mr Pancakes 9012

    Wish I had a good pc :/

  37. Joshi Harsh

    Inbuilt water chiller 🤨🤨🤨 😲😲 oh man that will be killing machine of all other out there. I desperately wana see how that beast will perform.

  38. Tekusake

    Where is the shroud video? It's almost been a month....

  39. RandomYoutubeAd

    But what is the color of that AirPods pro d-brand skin in the picture

  40. Maimai biri

    When he said "how do i heal?" XD

  41. ieatjets

    this reminds me of when my big brother taught me some moterbike engine stuff when I was like five... good times

  42. arjunyg

    honestly it’s a fucking miracle apple managed to build a competent computer in this case in the first place...

  43. mirrorsedgy

    a friend of mine uses this mac as a stand for the christmas tree, i'd say it's found it's purpose :P

  44. ugway051

    Linus, love your ads. Now pulseway helps me ALOT

  45. AmpuViking

    Hed is kind of such a d bag about how he says everything that he just sounds like a jerk. This is the guy you hear complaining at the store that he got a papercut from a paper bag.

  46. Anonmousity666 q

    Linus: plays minecraft Me: puts hand on WASD

  47. hozzziii the dude

    Why is the music so loud man?!

  48. VideoProduction

    Linus you should bake it

  49. Morné Beukes

    Im still on a RX480..

  50. FerroSplice

    You were the only one that thought VR was dead. No one else thought that.

  51. Lollipop Banana

    No rgb? Bad product

  52. WatchtowerbaseHQ

    I wonder if they ever kept in touch with Nick lol.

  53. Ganesh Karhale

    How is dolby atmos different than in a smartphone?

  54. Patrick R

    im really interested in the power consumption with the new tower cooler...

  55. Rafael Lima

    Dude you need some mental health treatment you're all the time dropping stuff

  56. I have a very small penis but,

    You should get your employees a gym membership as a perk, so many of them are sloppy af looking.

  57. lopwidth

    The rx 580 i would buy if i wasnt poor. Best bang for buck. Saw at just a bit above the 1050ti, 125% or close, here in europe

  58. Oberfeldwebel Schrödinger

    This was kinda satisfactory.

  59. James Ioannou

    There a child in the background

  60. DJ토끼

    This is still a really innovative idea. If i ever couldnt use a regular keyboard just knowing this is an option makes me feel reassured

  61. lez briddon

    OK so it they are optimised for the 3d work, is there a card thats 'really optimised' for video work to cut my export times.....

  62. 오승석

    형...케이스값이 더 들어가겠어

  63. SleepyD

    Lukes face when he realizes it is gold. 9:30

  64. Alex Tatkin

    Riley is at an 11, and id like him more at a 8


    0:47 xD 😂🤣😂

  66. Tr1stan Gaming

    Sorry. I don't want hair dryers in my ears

  67. readyrepairs

    I bought a 50 dollar cooler master aio and drilled two holes in its block mount. I then used some of the random stand offs that came with it and achieve better thermals than this does , and oc'd my 2060 to 2.1ghz. I win. Jk ur rich I'm not.

  68. blonger32

    6;12 to 6;20 Is the best info today!

  69. stani iliev

    Building a mac. Is a pc...

  70. Joshua Pineda

    Nice knock on nintendo's grade sheet for the screen! I had already really wondered that myself. Would Nintendo downgrade or skip on the screen itself for the switch lite? When the entire mobile market elsewhere has been fixated on that part for downsizing!

  71. Mr Fish

    Does anyone else wonder if Linus knows he has a cat

  72. sven jager

    what was the song while brian was making food

  73. joshua jones

    I got a i5 4690k over clocked to 4.8ghz stock is 3.5 ghz ... Paired with 16gb of ram an a ASUS 750ti oc 2gb vram GDDR5. An all sits on a class 4 MSI M85E-E45 mobo .... But I need some ideas on a better graphics card for mt system????? Any help fellas

  74. Stephen Price

    Wow, iBUYPOWER guy was so condescending!

  75. Nathanael Forlorn

    1:50 so where is this video?

  76. Rohan Naik

    I can't follow the post as I'm not on insta , I come from a village in India its been few year we got good internet connection here the way lg gram would chage my life as in its more powerful the my destop which runs on amd 145 sempron .. I'm trying to lear codeing and i'm limited by my technology if I win this LG gram it would help me to boost my leading .. @lgtech #ltt #lgtech hope I win one .

  77. NFG

    You want to fly on this pc?!

  78. IguanaGang17

    they should build a PC in a working fridge and seeing were they go for temps from there.

  79. 22 22

    Apple and Beats are the worst cost performance.


    She is American and she don't know you 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Me indian: Give me one of those 🙆🏻‍♂️😍

  81. Gaming City

    He's so cute

  82. BushwickBill

    fuck your giveaway

  83. Jux Zeil


  84. Edan Farmer

    I would give my left nut for same thing like this but you had to sell it for $20 to a women

  85. Danny Rad

    Linus please come to South Africa and show our "Sponsors/Giveaways" how its done

  86. John Anderson

    Let "The Verge" build this tight Hackingtosh, we are in the mood for a good laugh....

  87. Nonth Suriyan

    This is why Apple doesn't allow modification or non made-for-Apple parts. Also I can't wait to see its finished form.

  88. Amir B

    Why is Dell gifting a laptop to a millionaire?

  89. Steve Istvan Novak

    It was dumb move from you and dangerous to the public to smash the big capacity lithium ion battery to the asphalt among other people. It's an explosive highly flammable thing which ignites by high impact and cause severe burns, can blind people and it's fumes are carcinogenic cancer causing toxic. This test was so unprofessional from Linus...

  90. Noodle

    Why does the girl look like Wichita from Zombieland

  91. Baron Von Jackal

    Definitely looks like you need that Dune Pro case instead

  92. RamjetX

    6 Years on.... and I still love my Asus P1801 Transformer...

  93. Edan Farmer

    i cant believe you Sold Her this $5000 Gaming PC for $20 ! Guys only does that if he wants more out of the deal if you knw what i mean but bro you are marred , what were you thinking

  94. NoPenguinsOnKharak

    I'm disappointed in you, Linus. I'm very disappointed. Reassembling PC was the first trick I learned. I have cleaned the surface of EPYC. I have witnessed frequiencies so high and so fast, they could hardly be said to have occurred at all. But you, Linus, you're just a man. The world's fastest Mac poses no more threat to PC than does fastest console.

  95. Ihate allofU

    Name of thing or person: insert quote, statement or question Thing or person responding: insert attempt at being a funny I just figured I would get with the times and comment like the pros.