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  1. Cian Walls

    "Do you need any hints? We think this is too tall. I can't give you any hints." 😂

  2. Andriy Manachinov

    This is the world you created. I need a computer for 20 years. A computer to do work. A computer to simulate nuclear explosions. A computer I can relax and play games on. What is this? How is this not supposed to sell me. And what does this have to do with a reliable computer. To be honest it's not even the problem with overturned manufacturers. It's some kind of a a problem with patsy purchases. This is the worst decade for computers compared to the last one by the way. This is horrible. I am so repulsed by sitting at the computer it would be better at a lab if I was getting paid for it. That's my opinion. And I would still probably do myself in at week 2.

  3. Sanderen X

    iPhone 11's night mode does not look that much better, just more exposed

  4. Sebastián Salazar S

    Hey guys! Great video, i was looking for laptop for my master’s in data science starting this summer. I want something portable (13”-14” ish) that is able to game and run ML models (which need a dedicated gpu for that). Saw the best options where the Surface book 3 and the Blade Stealth 13. You guys have any recommendations on that? Are there any better options regarding that limited size? 15.5”” is just way to big for me

  5. Ok Vybz

    Linus needs to shave his beard and head i like the old linus look

  6. Jon R

    Does the 3rd version finally fix the problem where it thinks the base is disconnected with the screen every single time that you adjust the screen while it is docked? I own the very 1st surface book, beefed up version. I had some fun adventures with hardware issues on my 1st 2 warranty swaps and I settled on the one that thinks the screen disconnects when I adjust the monitor or even bump the computer and everything including all my USB connected devices get disconnected and the higher end programs like CAD software crash. When doing research, apparently the same issue was happening with owners of the surface book 2. Definitely seems like a hardware issue with the way the screen connects. Other than that one major issue, I love my surface book, but I don't want to deal with this again if that same issue with the 1st 2 iterations persists. Any idea if it does or will end up doing the same thing after a few months of owning the 3rd version?

  7. ForReal7777

    Imagine seeing this title and your the one in the video

  8. NiVi OoF :D

    2:05 at least is has one

  9. Lloyd Rick Guyon

    The color switch, tho.


    when did steve-o join LTT ?

  11. h g

    I really love my base spec Surface Book 2 (the i5 version)it is absolutely sufficient for all of my word/excel (although sometimes a bit laggy with big files)/ and especially for OneNote). But I am a little bit disappointed that they haven't evolved it further. Perhaps they lack the motivation or haven't found the right "design-upgrade" yet. I will hope for the Surface Book 4, when it comes out I should be needing an upgrade anyway.

  12. Douglas Nolen

    I love your videos, but why did you tease me with HDR videos. Can I contribute to a monitor that you can edit it on cause it’s looks so much more natural and with the new intro the wider color gamut would really shine

  13. Sandeep Panchal

    So who is the chosen one? .......Linus

  14. Sam cam

    Hehehe ok you wanna screw me in here oh yea😂😂😂😂😂

  15. BoosT

    DONT FALL FOR THE 144 Hz SCAM!! you can over clock ur 60hz ezpz in nvidia setting wake upp sheeple!!1!

    1. BoosT

      (may include broken screen and house fire)

  16. Harrison Lane

    I bought my PC to put together in the last month, and Newegg has sold out of ALL the parts I wanted since I got them. I must have gotten the last few of everything :/

  17. G

    A surfacebook is great, don't know why you're complaining. It is versatile, sturdy, fun and well-designed. It is useful both at home and at work. If you want more connection options buy a PC. If you want a better camera, buy a camera. A surfacebook is super handy in it's own right.

  18. Hamza Raza

    3:07 Linus Speech Error

  19. Harikrishnan Ve

    I got exactly what I was searching for a lot of time. Really nice video

  20. bobink7

    almost everything apple does is proprietary Linus

  21. Ants FL

    Watching the 3 year old pick up a motherboard made me uncomfortable


    Buying a 4k video editing system


    Hi I'm Bharat

  24. Infernio Gaming

    Apple :- removes headphone jack from iPhone to sell their airpods. Microsoft :- Let's copy!

  25. Someguy14201

    I cried

  26. Sinister Puppy

    Pretty sure the bluray keys were stolen from PS3 memory ages ago; and that's not user replaceable. I'm not buying Microsoft's excuse.

  27. Exhalted


  28. Albert Jackinson

    1:44 Plenty of people dial numbers still.

  29. Jerry Alsop

    As a commercial electrician..... this video is hard to watch lol XD

  30. CubanMafia

    lol who play in 8k people only play now 1080p or 1440p

  31. Ants FL

    What brand do you want, the white one please

  32. jiten patel


  33. The Dream Traveler

    Why would you say they're contenders for gaming when the performance is barely that much better yet costs so much more?

  34. Left on third base holding a catcher's mitt

    Anthony showed that he's using an iPhone. Linus audience now hates him.

  35. natanael rodriguez

    Make the case out of concrete too. The ultimate cave dweller build

  36. Matthew Lennard

    Same engineering comment about AMD processors, can be said about their graphics cards and drivers. Little to no engineering validation.

  37. CmlDexter

    I think the best way to game on a surface book is by playing on an external monitor, while also turning off the SB's display so that the heat from the LCD is no longer present. I get fairly decent temps doing that.

  38. Nasir Khan

    Scrolling down this far has given my hand a workout

  39. Marcos Barrera

    Smart way to sell us Jellyfish, Linus. Really smart.

  40. Ajdamus

    Video was worth it even because of farting balloon;)

  41. leafbelly

    Wow, the AMD fan boys are hard-core hating on Optane ... and with good reason. It's freakin' awesome.

  42. Wisboy

    1.6 tb Me: wachting the Video whit 72mbps :/

  43. Xav101

    We need this back at #1

  44. 4150 subscribers with coronavirus


  45. J's Puzzles

    Just use threadrippers

  46. yeetcast_rud

    Who do you think you are? -Linus 2020

  47. Subhash S

    Hit the dislike button then watched the video as there isn't any good reason not to hate intel

  48. Jp

    I got confuse half way, talking about 5 years ago product, but using the latest 2020 product and comparing the words of both worlds 2015 and 2020, and then, Oh look great Camera, and yeah, so pricy

  49. super gamer

    10:23 look on the top monitor in the corner ACTIVATE WINDOWS

  50. Dawn Ehrman

    Linus grew a beard!!! :o

  51. Steel Fury

    *What are you surprised that you got away with it?, all these once upon a time great online businesses have turned into criminals themselves, this type of behaviour is condoned.*

  52. Manny C

    Bruh this guy literally made Corey lose, he fucking came up twice right infront of shroud sniper lol

  53. BryceLovesTech

    And it's just to expensive

  54. d.ronzo17

    yeah, that's a pretty ugly sight in the thumbnail.... keyboard's sorta aite i guess

  55. DBADaddy

    I had a motherboard catch fire while my son was playing a game. It looked like an LED so I dismissed it. A few months later I decided to upgrade it. You could see the clear burn spot and the trail of smoke. Remember, this board was ON FIRE and it didn't even slow down. It ran continuously from weeks before the fire to at least three months later. Then I poked the ashes and broke the circuit because it wouldn't reboot. Wish I'd taken a picture.

  56. RRRandom redstone

    Isn't it just a bad pc then?

  57. ツ

    Can it run minecraft or skyrim?

  58. TheObro123

    So disappointing

  59. jiten patel

    What a lovely friendly video. I so loved it

  60. gadgetman

    Bearded Linus is best Linus.

  61. Ralo G

    Still waiting for the surface studio 3

  62. cartyoo77 Cartyoo77

    There’s a $20 Samsung galaxy j3 orbit on amazon

  63. Namban S

    30 K CAD for UPS !!!! better migrate to cloud and spend half of that as monthly expense

  64. yurimodin

    and its 1000x better than those Intel Atom All in One POS systems

  65. Clement Poon

    Electroboom fans: hold my 240 to usb converter

  66. Rawnak Siddique

    Basically the computer just glitches and needs to restart over and over again. It works for some time but then starts displaying pink pixelated blobs on the screen. The PC works fine with my old R7 but for some reason it doesn't with the Powercolour red davil RX 5700 xt. Specs: ASRock H370 performance. Intel i5-8500. 16 gb geil 2400 hzs memory. Hard drive of 2tb storage. Antec 550 watt power supply. The graphics card turns on fine when the driver are uninstalled. My theory is, I need 750 watt power supply for it to work.

  67. Garrison LOL

    bring this back to the most popular

  68. OfflineGamer

    I once saw a Xeon E5410 sell for $3.

  69. Dion Phillips

    You guys know you can rent tools, right?

  70. Kalevro

    so no reason to get the new one, thanks I'll keep using the SB2 for another 3 years :)

  71. TheBoomer697

    I don't know how i've never noticed this, but linus is totally a socks with sandals type of guy haha