For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. WyrdPleigh

    If it's all raw meat on the inside, how is it even warm?

  2. xRezzer Reckedx

    The guest is in tears and near fiery death and pure agony and choking and while this is happening the host is dead set on finishing asking a question despite all that hahaha

  3. SplimboPuddleGod

    From a foreign perspective every time I see two old Italians in an old steakhouse in New York I think "Are they part of the mafia".

  4. Matthew Nicolet

    Third time I’ve watched this and it’s still funny

  5. Karceri

    I just noticed Henry Rollings remind me of an Angry Bill Nye.

  6. Uhunga Kalla

    I love the fact that he's probably the first person I've seen that eats the whole wing instead of just taking a bite.

  7. Darlene Mae

    "you always have to do this.. wtf is wrong with you?" LOL I love her

  8. Dante

    This show makes me so freakin hungry, why do I do this to myself.

  9. melroihag

    What's the song at the end of this?

  10. haidi

    How do you prep the wings? Or cauliflowers, soy pieces... With the sauce I mean. Are the pieces covered with sauce or can there be a section without any sauce?

  11. Rikku Sayian

    dear god phil hold your fork properly!

  12. Мила Савина


  13. Russell White

    Damn Phill is looking plump.

  14. Oboroten 187

    The Bleecker st burger looked raw lol.

  15. Brittney Powell

    This was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  16. david kim

    How come they keep pronouncing it wagoo? Drives me insane.

  17. Savvas Hadjisterkotis

    Best episode ever

  18. Terry Mcelwaney

    Remember when he went into a Cabin, hid a flag, and got found Everytime.

  19. M. Fahmi Randika

    5:59 Looks how brian reacts to niki statement lol

  20. king Slayer

    Scarlett was NOT into those memes lol. I don't blame her, they weren't really good.

  21. dzerisly


  22. Scarlett India

    ok, but she's a mood!!

  23. Adam Day

    "you have to do this all the time. What the fuck is wrong with you"KS best quote ever said on the show.

  24. Scarlett India

    okay she looks so cool but I feel like she's ruined herself... it's her choice though and I still love her.xx

  25. noah vt

    cannibal the comedian 😂

  26. gd131

    I hated this woman for a very long time that I didn't realize that I liked her all along.

  27. baguette

    Wow she's so good. She actually enjoying them

  28. reeffeeder

    Was I the only one who watched this to see a wagyu steak covered in Gochujang?

  29. hendra valo

    joji should have make human ramen

  30. Beetlejuice

    The host lady is so fucking annoying

  31. Sam The Man

    This man is an American treasure

  32. Herminigildo

    marcos! marcos!

  33. CocoBearTV


  34. The Truth

    I'm glad those Twilight actors started to lose the Twilight bad rep.

  35. Lee Shepard

    Post is the Most...chill, down to earth guy. People that have it hard, growing up, be it from being different, awkward, shy or just bullied, can either use it negatively in life or can chose for it to impact them positively. You can be the school shooter or a rock star. Props to Post for making the most out of life, and turning that negative into a positive. Now he can enjoy Being an Artistic an Creative performer, that's successful and admired ...all the way to the bank. He got the last laugh and because he does it with humility and grace, he deserves it!

  36. ThatGirlLib

    The Burger Bar in LV uses Kobe Waygu in some of their burgers. The Rossini is a $65 burger and worth every penny.

  37. the black stone cold

    Cm punk just bury boy

  38. Gang Sniper

    drake gotta be less thirsty

  39. Martin Garcia

    Fuck, she so fine

  40. Alonso Dixon

    She ate them hot wings these men out here drinking water and ice cream milk

  41. Stefan Simpson


  42. Zena Stacy

    Nice! Another BRselr! I nominate Houston Jones!!

  43. Angelie Saveron

    I really love how kristen came to be! I loved her before but now i love her even more!

  44. prickyX

    Today is gonna be the day that your bowels come screaming back to you...

  45. Kaique Mesquita Correa

    Wings so hot it makes you eat paper

  46. AwildLLAMA

    lol the cockroach at 10:39 while his talking about his prized wagyu.

  47. Victoria Ferguson

    Love you Sean good vibes 🤙🏼

  48. Naly

    This girl is so annoying

  49. DajuiceMain

    Respect for pouring more on and actually eating every bit so far

  50. Inconsistent Content

    I wish I could get carpentry lessons from Nick

  51. Blade RIP

    Yeah...if you're gonna scrape that fork off your teeth, I'm gonna have to stop watching early.

  52. The Beard Dream

    I came into this “youtube episode” not know what was going to happen, but I ended up enjoying it a little too much and now I’m looking up Shia LaBeouf memes!

  53. jjsinner

    I feel like she gets unfairly judged by the media for being rude or awkward. She just doesn't suck the medias dick to get ahead and I like she stays true to herself. I personally find her very attractive and always have.

  54. Milly x

    I'm shit with spicy food

  55. The2wat Swatter9

    “Nah. Fuck it. We’re just gonna get this chicken.”

  56. Xiellion

    Real waigu won't form a patty so I got bad news for you Shaun

  57. Graeme Reid

    hot ones cool, maisie cool, but how many times can a person say "like" in a sentence?

  58. killswitch johnson

    DAMN $350 A PLATE............THATS $700

  59. Mario Bros


  60. Knightc4rbon

    $350 for this meat isn't expensive considering the cost of a round trip air fair to Japan. So Id say $350 a pop is a bargain, and not only can you brag to your friends about having an expensive meal just wait 8 hrs and you can boast about taking a $350 💩


    That last speech about being with universe was so gr8

  62. Chelsea Evans

    I would do some aweful naughty shameful things to Shia LaBeouf.....i wish i had something witty to say ab him and Holes and.....but i cant bc i just get so hot n bothered by leaving now.

  63. Dani

    She’s so freaking hot damn!

  64. Victoria Ferguson

    BRsel you knew what you were doin when ya recommended this vid 🖤

  65. CABLE 715

    If Riff is the Peach Panther, Sean is the Pastey Panda.

  66. Cash Dingo

    I'm such an idiot, I thought I invented that way to eat wings. Of course Burnt Chrysler did it first...

  67. Pratyush Jain

    Wtf is a vegan wing

  68. DEEK

    Who gives a fuck?!?

  69. Yannik Nelson

    does anyone else notice the bug walking on the meat at 10:37 edit for clarity the large ribs second just to the man in white's left

  70. Bad Santa

    That is a tasty looking cow.

  71. Zyel Soriano

    omggg!!! Claire frim the b.a test kitchen ❤️❤️❤️ also strickly dumpling!!!!!

  72. tuyến nguyễn

    it's originally from vietnam "không cay không về".

  73. Evalynn

    I hardly ever say this but, I wish this video would've been longer. I love Reina. I think she is an incredible host and seeing her and Phil together again warmed my heart <3

  74. The2wat Swatter9

    “This is not sauce. This is like fucking paste!”

  75. Western Defector

    I love the sturgill simpson t shirt.

  76. TEFL Hero

    I was at a comic con in Ogden when I saw this hot sauce booth. The vendor was telling me how he was selling these hot sauces as seen on Hot Ones. What the hell are the Hot Ones, I thought? Eh, it shouldn't be too tough. I had been living in South Korea for six years. I've trained under the Seon monks. I've eaten raw peppers during school lunch, grinding the seeds between my ego size chompers. I was ready for whatever "heat" this punk could give me. I poured a dollop of the 2 million Scoville Last Dab Hot Sauce on an unbeknownst tortilla chip. That's crisp for you Europeans. "Not bad." Three seconds later. "The after taste really kicks you in the jaw." Three more seconds. "HOLY CRAP!!!!!" I was hiccupping, coughing, kneeling for my life, praying to the hot sauce gods! First it hit my heart and I almost called for a hospital. But then I remember how expensive medical care is in the United States and wrote out a will instead. Ouuuu, boy! After 15 minutes it stopped... until, an hour later it hit my stomach and it felt like a heated needle stabbing me in the A-hole! Ouuuuuuuuuuu-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Hot DAMN!!! Hot.... damn.... I really wished I worked my way up, but you know what? I tried their hottest and I wasn't dead. I survived. And now I wait for next year, so I can have my revenge on Roger, the hot sauce guy from Ogden. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGER! Your flaming A-hole is mine, and not in a homosexual way. Good dude. Gave me a 20 percent discount on all the hot sauces.

  77. Deekshitha Pai

    This destroyed all my previous prejudice against her. I was so wrong. She is sooo coool! 🙌

  78. KillerClown2442

    Red eyes...someone smoked a fatty

  79. Debora A

    made it to ten minutes, she still hasn't said a single interesting thing. I keep giving her second chances but really this girl's got nothing. You can tell the video segments are moving really quick cause she has literally nothing to say....

  80. Sebastian Coldwater


  81. Shenae Mitchell

    That's right GA has the best food lol

  82. Adi

    yo im already kinda gay but kristen stewart in this made me more gay lmao

  83. Ashleigh Murray

    We havent heard from coolio in a long time

  84. KatieMae

    We need Sebastian Stan on this show 1000%

  85. David Conner

    DaBaby is cool as fuck

  86. Kenny H

    What a talentless twitt!

  87. Paul Farrelly

    My new one. Fucking nose running like mo farah haha

  88. Nutz Ssh

    i don't know how famous this guy but he's cool. i like him.

  89. Eric Martin

    Get Adam Driver!

  90. Patrick McCall

    Genuinely being himself

  91. opens11

    God she's a fucking total babe. Absolutely the most attractive woman on the planet.