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  1. somy l

    Poor jk he seems like he wanted to eat it but he was on diet

  2. BTSNinja 16

    Let's get this bread..... I'm sorry.

  3. poison roose

    No one : Namjoon : Me no jam

  4. 김saya and전tuyapo


  5. Arine Brito

    Inveja eu tenho é dessa menina limpando a boca do RM kkklkl

  6. Msp melody


  7. Kristen Caldarone

    You say your extra? Not as extra as jungkook smelling the bread poor hobi is trying to feed him

  8. Anjali Priya

    Me:*sees new bts video uploaded* My brain:click it Me:ok *video ends* My brain:click it again and watch till end then again click and repeat the process

  9. Go Seyeon

    *J-hope: Eating bread-jam* *Taehyung:*

  10. Danna De Michelis

    J-hope cantando despacito😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  11. atin indi

    Jungkook I LOVE U

  12. rheza jeon

    1:43 hahaha you cute i love you hahaha💜

  13. glittery bufón


  14. mollataeh

    namjoon: jimin u got no jams also namjoon: 1:12

  15. poison roose

    مشغلين ديسباسيتو فديتهم

  16. LilRandomHooman

    _-Why I love this so much-_

  17. R.A. J.S.

    Tan lindo "Poquito a Poquito"

  18. Marwa Hassanein

    Jhope my sun 🌞💜

  19. SANDY soso

    Jungkook is the most funny and sexy ♥♥ jungkook army = like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  20. Josefa Santos

    Esse poquito poquito é lindo demais y love you bts 💙❤💙

  21. rheza jeon

    Rm is so hot😍🔥

  22. _D R E A D_

    Namjoon: **keeps saying the word **_jams_**** Me: . . . **inhales** *yOu gOt nO jAms*

  23. glittery bufón

    HOBI HABLANDO EN ESPAÑOL *chef's kiss* 😍

  24. Svenja Schäfer

    Come to germany! We have the best bread in the world! 😋 Not only white bread but also bread with yummy healthy grains! 😍 And Sprite!

  25. Fiorella Recalde

    Hobi escuchando y cantando "despacito" es lo mejor que escuchare hoy😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. • ••Addison•• •

    Ahhhhh me encantan poquito poquito Jja los AMO

  27. Reh Souza

    Mano do céu... é cada tiro!!! *-*

  28. tylers chalupa


  29. rheza jeon

    0:50 why are smelling it? Hahaha you can't resist it right? Hhaha

  30. MrsAinun

    please subtitle...

  31. glittery bufón


  32. Tisha Okay

    Let's get this bread.

  33. Tasya Lisarib

    My babiesssss my honeys my loves my kingss❤️❤️💕💕

  34. girluv55

    I only know when they say the word bread bc it sounds the same as bread in Japanese lol

  35. VKOOK forever

    RM: Me no jam', you no jam... ME: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOII IT'S *JIMIN YOU GOT NO JAMS*

  36. Blackpink in your area

    Title: everyone loves bread Me:*open google* How to be a bread?

  37. Park Rose

    I Love you so much bts 💜💜💜

  38. Madeleine Astley

    “Everyone loves bread~” Coeliacs: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  39. Jungkook ran away after taking jimin's jam

    I just waited in whole vedio that namjoon will say...... . . . . .jImIn YoU gOt nO jAmS😭😭😭💜😂

  40. Emma Papiani

    C'est de la confiture Bonne maman !

  41. • Kim •

    I don’t like bread🙂

  42. Krizzyen Ming

    No one:... Namjoon: "Me no jam. You no jam"

  43. hecer gunesova Click on the link and vote for Bangtan

  44. Jeon Jung-Kook

    Aaaa hobii poquito poquito :'3 💜💜

  45. mina


  46. Yahh Jimin-AH


  47. rheza jeon

    0:23 hahahaha you liar i know you want that

  48. PJM___ 1995

    Yetenekli çocuk

  49. 보조개Mayaa

    *And Everyone Loves JHope~*

  50. 당근씌 아미

    오빠들이 맛있게 먹었으니 난 됬다~~

  51. Celeste Laguh

    Des pa ci to🎶🎶🎶

  52. Roses Roses

    In 0:31 Here Jungkook reminds me of myself when my brother gives me something to eat, but I don't take it because I'm on the street and taking the position of Big Sister.But in myself I want to eat 😂😂

  53. Tata Maisurashvili

    No one Literally no body Namjoon:in 1:26 OoOoOoOooo😂

  54. Roaa Tv

    Who is your bias??? -Jimin=like -Tae=like -Jungkook=like -Jin=like -J-hope=like -Rm=like -Suga=like For me I love them all #arabarmy💕💕

  55. Ximena Ordoñez

    Daddy yankee despasito 💜💜💜💜

  56. hecer gunesova Click on the link and vote for Bangtan

  57. Sorrelle

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: Namjam💜 Seokjam💜 Yoonjam💜 Jamkook💜 Jam-hope💜 Jamhyung💜 Jamin... Oh wait no! Jimin, you got no jams!

  58. Roaa Tv

    Who is your bias??? -Jimin=like -Tae=like -Jungkook=like -Jin=like -J-hope=like -Rm=like -Suga=like For me I love them all #arabarmy💕💕

  59. Wulan Ulien

    Jhope my bias 😍💜💜

  60. Chris With Luv

    1. Still hard to accept how tall they are 2. Who spreads jam with a fork and why?

  61. Emma Deibler

    Rm:me no jam Jimin has no jams

  62. rheza jeon

    0:13 we know you jungkook you want to eat that right?😂💜

  63. kpop armyl9ve

    Tan hermosos mis niños

  64. Evil Twinz BG Gaming NOTHING

    Nice Words

  65. Putri Handayani


  66. Lucia Alvarez

    Omg! J-Hope said Poquito. I feel so happy lmaoo ♡ best day ever

  67. Roaa Tv

    Jin:Army is my heart 💜💜 Army is my evrything My:BTS is my heart 💜💜 BTS is my evrything Arab army💜💜

  68. Moupali Biswas

    Me no jam ?😂😂😂 Jimin took all the jams and ran away probably🤣 Revenge revenge ✌🏻😂💜💜

  69. J A Park


  70. Pauline

    Nobody : French army : Oh my god they love bread, they will become french !

  71. Roaa Tv

    Jin:Army is my heart 💜💜 Army is my evrything My:BTS is my heart 💜💜 BTS is my evrything Arab army💜💜

  72. Nandini Kaushal

    RM💜 before: JIMIN 💜you got no jams 😂 RM 💜 now: I no jams 😂😂 But he is still looking so cute with a full mouth of bread jam 😂😂😂

  73. Roaa Tv

    Jin:Army is my heart 💜💜 Army is my evrything My:BTS is my heart 💜💜 BTS is my evrything Arab army💜💜

  74. Roaa Tv

    Who is your bias??? -Jimin=like -Tae=like -Jungkook=like -Jin=like -J-hope=like -Rm=like -Suga=like For me I love them all #arabarmy💕💕

  75. احمد جاسم

    إلي يحب bts يروح يصوت ل bts ❤

  76. Sonja T

    Finally, after all these years, someone has located the Jams.

  77. Miriam

    Para las armys que sepan español... ¿Os dais cuenta que HoSeok sabe lo que significa "poquito"? Jajajajajajaja

  78. BTS ARMY

    I love you very much❤❤❤❤ ❤RM❤KİMSEOKJİN❤SUGA❤JHOPE❤PARKJİMİN❤TEAHYUNG❤JUNGKOOK❤BTS İS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  79. Sofía Peláez

    A penas llegué a ver el vídeo, y a los 28 segundos morí por el “poquito poquito” de Hoseok. ¡Ahhh me hizo el día!♥♥(つ≧▽≦)つ

  80. Sharna ab

    no one me : Hoseok Latino(his Spanish name is said to be Joséok)

  81. p-p나츠 네


  82. keylla keylla

    Kak boleh minta no wa nya dong plis

  83. Anzila Akter

    Jimin you should be here

  84. Shania Castanon

    I think they all forgot about the Jim in you got no jams thing 😭

  85. lolitsarman

    Awe cute 🥰❤️

  86. Monserrat Alcapan


  87. keylla keylla

    Kak main dong ke krian

  88. Hope Shouto

    A que hora pasas por el pan j-hope? :v

  89. 모찌창섭 아미 멜로디

    내가 잼이랑 빵 몇천만개든 아니ㅠ1억개든 줄게.......ㅠㅠㅠ

  90. Syahraini Nabila

    Its just hobie with his btead OMG so adorable my cutie......

  91. 킴주나

    I love, BTS, MY BAIS IS A YOONGI😻🖤🇰🇷

  92. Dahlia Dahlliatakam

    Ganteng bet sii😊😙😙

  93. lovbomb

    everybody loves bread? u mean jungkook’s cheeks?

  94. اريام . Rbvv


  95. K5rl5

    Siento que he ganado :'v

  96. Cute Galleto :3


  97. Hannah Agustin

    Its 3:00 am in my place but idc

  98. su j

    아미들 덕분에 정국이 니가 그자리에 간거 아닌애가 아미들이 실망하게 온몸에 문신으로 도배했니? 정국이깨끗하고 바른 이미자라 제일 좋아했는데 문신 도배한거 보고 정말 충격적일정도로 실망했다

  99. Kim TaehyungX

    I want the game to drop out alreadyyyy 😭😭😭

  100. Таня Сусидко

    Здесь есть русские Арми??? 🤤♥️