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  1. Twister Sister

    I ate dog treats when I was little

  2. carlo Cruz

    grayson dolan im in love 💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Sheren Sutanto


  4. Alakayable

    14:25 Noah’s voice

  5. Morgan Giovinazzi

    I miss this era. They looked genuinely happy and were just being goofballs

  6. Yana Loo

    its crazy how you can tell greyson feels slightly bad just for wrapping ethans stuff. ethan dont give a fuck in this vid

  7. Lucia Yep

    “i slipped on my frecken flip flop” -*grayson dolan 2019*

  8. France Yee

    18:24 is so cuteeee 😩

  9. Alastor

    2:26 "everythings pink" red chair : *am i a joke to you?*

  10. Laura.brown

    cant fucking wait for the next video

  11. Hype Cliff026_Yt

    can you do more survival challenges

  12. Parker P

    New Beginnings! Keep being you, you guys because trust me we’ll always be there to support you no matter what and the new content you’re puting out is so you so keep trucking bois good things coming up let’s get it! 🤙🏻

  13. Small and tall

    I love the final outfit for ethan

  14. M P

    It's nice but i just wish that y'all painted the cabinets white.

  15. Game Master

    Ethans too dramatic

  16. lindsey ray

    “we shouldn’t say body were guys in a van” 😂😂

  17. Bree Wilson

    I literally just came to see James cry after getting his piano

  18. jenuine queen

    okay but the pics at the end were the absolute best and cutest🥺🤩 im happy that y’all did this💓💓

  19. owen Flexpell

    why does that doctor have horse riding bits on his tiy

  20. Mz. Punkin

    That sounds like me and my brother

  21. Stephanie Gonzalez


  22. Kayon Alshowaikhat

    If I was Grayson I would’ve put the blanket over my head so he couldn’t get anything on me

  23. alyssamorgn

    I wish they would have done more videos of them reacting to old vines! I've seen compliation videos of their vines on youtube and they're hilarious.

  24. Summer Male

    Grayson is like my dream crush ngl

  25. YouTube Queen


  26. Lily Anne

    8:35 dylan’s little butt bounce 😂💜

  27. Lily Perez

    What did Grayson say about what Emma was thinking?

  28. Kimora Wallace

    Camera man do b lookin kinda fresh doe👀

  29. Emily Turney

    Greyson has a hydro flask

  30. Thanh Cao

    The red berries you were unripe mulberries

  31. Sophia Russell

    So excited hehe

  32. Dorothy Burley

    Ethan should have used the washable paint on top of the spray paint. So when Grayson went to wipe it off....

  33. Triss Jerlynn

    Ethan .. don’t eat my ass 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I died ! 💀🤣

  34. XZY KTM

    Jericho the toad

  35. Julian Prado

    I love the Dolan twins. They are always a BRselr I can always watch. I also have a BRsel channel and I would love it if you can sub and like my vids and if u do I will do it back.

    1. Itz Julian

      I love Julian Prado’s vids. Their the best. I know it looks like I’m the same person but I’m not. I’m one of his subscribers and I always watch him. Plz sub to him because I’m in some of them.

  36. Terrance Mosley

    2:34 I watched that vineee LMAO it was about how Miley Sirus dresses LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂❤❤ I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ❤❤😣😂

  37. Josabet Aguilar

    6:25 Ethan is crazy 😂😂

  38. Malek Salem

    Cuz the girl in the pink looks like voldermort from Harry poter


    Lindo demais vcs tô na conta da mamis kkkk sou Janini bjs💖

  40. Madison Hale

    The end had me😂

  41. shi hoffman

    I was lafing so hard i love watch there old vids

  42. Eddy Tedbear

    I actually want Grayson to be my brother for he could cook for me 😂😂😂😂

  43. Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti

    And do you cook sometimes with it?

  44. Melissa Tanatswa Mudzviti

    How do you shower? I saw a tiny house with a like slick long water tank thing with a shower cord and shower head connected to the top of the vehicle which could work for u guys

  45. Oksana B

    “ it’s a dance class....for old ladies!!! , no offense “ 😂🤣👌 lmao ....I’m probably an old lady to these boys. Not Zumba old, but old..... hahahhaaaa 🥴🤣

  46. Nova Playz

    Anybody realized that there were trespassing?

  47. ABHI 007

    New subscriberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr😁

  48. Fredrickk the frickin earless Bunny

    This was the greatest video because I understand it! Lol

  49. Vera Rodriguez

    I love when they swear...🥵

  50. Victoria Johnson

    they’re really out here doing povs when was still a thing..

  51. YummyTimeWithAniyah 2

    1:05 i am suprised he didn't get a concussion

  52. Francine Ann

    My heart💜

  53. Nina Gugino

    dude grayson is not a good brother sometimes 😂😂

  54. ava elizabeth

    F R O G

  55. Purple ND


  56. harrysayno

    19? Wtf i though they were 25

  57. Ann

    “Home-y” not homely. Homely means not attractive. Young folks sound dumb using it that way. You already seem dumb anyway.

  58. Dragon 534

    9:45 through the montage has got to be one of the best Dolan moments ever. The reaction is priceless and the montage is fire! 🤪

  59. Ivy Jordan

    grayson looks like he would fuck someone up for calling him out his name😭

  60. angela schneider

    I’ve always been scared of nutcrackers I’ve always had nightmares because of the Barbie movie from when I was younger

  61. Jessica 07

    Emma: don’t give me delicate things bc ima break them Me in the end of 2019:Eathan shouldn’t have gave her his heart

  62. Jeimy Herrera


  63. GALaxy Queen

    2:33 brooooo "me ,you and your b*****"

  64. literal trash

    isn’t grayson claustrophobic? if he has some type of panic attack- i’ll cry 🥺

  65. Shawna McKittrick

    Lisa is so beautiful 🤧❤

  66. CrAyOnAlEx

    Who is clostrophobic and has try phobia

  67. Charlee collins

    Do a who can open the most fan mail

  68. Aymar Pemberton

    I have triphobia to

  69. Aymar Pemberton

    December 2019

  70. Emily Morgann

    i've got trypophobia too i know how you feel ethan i've been closing my eyes

  71. Babygirl Vanice

    why don’t they like the younger selfs they were cute

  72. shadowofficialy - gaming

    Juanpa: alright Also juanpa: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT 👉🏻

  73. Cynthia Correa

    I like van

  74. Kester TV

    When ur only on body paint and it rained

  75. Selena Hardy

    So refreshing like drinking a cold cup of water but for my soul lol love it 😍 lol

  76. GALaxy Queen

    25:52 omggg

  77. Cecilia Smith

    Grayson:Goes to get stuff to clean up Ethan:That’s what I thought! 😂yesss Ethan

  78. Julia

    "the moon is just a floating ball in the sky, no one even cares"

  79. Gabriela Garcia

    You got to camp the good old fashion way Grayson Dolan 2019 😂❤️

  80. S T Y X

    I'm glad they went to talk to someone about this. Bottling up your emotions is not good for your health. I hope they take a break and get better. - Dr.Styx


    it was really hard during trimester 3 to tell whos who because their voices sounded exactly the same and they looked the same

  82. Maria

    Are you selling your old house?

  83. Elyza Brown

    I think we all picked up the fact that Grayson reads A LOT of books because of how he talks XD

  84. Arais Vloggs

    19:16 I’m dead I couldn’t even breath it not lying 😂😂

  85. Eve Chavez

    1:15 I know you’re trying to insult Ethan, Grayson, but I think you’re insulting second graders more than you are to Ethan

  86. jeanette flores

    im going to get nightmares

  87. Paizs Fate


  88. Isabelle Roman

    8:11 Ethan didn't have to do that. If I'm being honest, that just made the video more cringy. 😐😕🤮

  89. Laine Williamson

    Ethan: no flys in the fan that’s why we got insulation Me: 🤣🤣

  90. Gracelynn Cowart

    When they where taking them out it looked like he was drunk LAMO

  91. Harlin Womble

    You should of tickled him

  92. Liana Samson

    my right noes thing is blocked too

  93. vi zeath

    After you got the shoes then you took the paint off?? Really?

  94. Giovana Miranda

    my favorite video till this day

  95. Lorna theodore

    OMG they kissed I'm jealous 😔😔😔😔were grayson at tho

  96. vi zeath

    "I don't feel naked"

  97. Rafael Maldonado

    They look like the mean girls

  98. Belén Di Fiori

    20:20 omg the fight tho 😂 is this keeping up with the Kardashians?

  99. Kaylin Renee

    Do they know what a camper is

  100. Avery Meyer

    i wish they would i the only one?!