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  1. Mon3yz

    That moment when you are about to finish watching the trailer and suddenly hear what you hear at 1:53. *INTENSE SCREAMING OF JOY* WhY tHe HeCk aM I ComMenTing On A TrAilEr UpLoaDeD LitTerLy 7 YeArs Ago?

  2. 4 2

    Thoroughly disappointed. You said you were going back to the roots with this game and it is just all wrong! Where are the partners!?!? I hate you Nintendo! You ruined Pokemon, and now this? Screw you guys!

  3. Tristan Ramalho

    0:16 me when i go golfing

  4. Devin Podany

    Yeah a new Paper game

  5. Sarah Adams

    Please either make this masterpiece of a game available for switch, or make a similar game!

  6. Juan Paulo Ayala

    WithSMB2 mush : Mario has been lifting!

  7. hosam fadel

    you can buy it now on eshop discounted from 20$ to 1.5$ now that is real price ...

  8. André The Ceptor Guy

    This looks like one of thoses mobile games you see on ads with the whole "THIS GAME IS HARD" caption

  9. AnimalCrossing FANS

    I Love all of the brain age game!

  10. The Apperson Losers

    Add a lava theme plz

  11. Broken Tangent

    17:10 His "little squid"...? xD You mean uhh....inkling?

  12. Bvg Tf DDT re4

    Park play and goffyy #ex scena please

  13. Veemo 2.0


  14. Bvg Tf DDT re4

    Spider man and aunt may #ex scene please

  15. extreme dumbness inc internał

    What golf

  16. SmashS24

    I hope Teba, Sidon, Yunobo and Riju are going to be the new champions or just play a larger role in the story

  17. Bvg Tf DDT re4

    Bowser and bowser Jr #ex scene pleas

  18. Bvg Tf DDT re4

    Who do is you utdfuyi22 stiuzv

  19. Liam Stark

    indie successor to Tony Hawk Pro Skater

  20. OCDean

    Remember when everyone was freaking out when they saw the back of Marie's head?

  21. Andréa Albertim

    00:00 Look With Subtitles! Can See "PAJAMAS"


    I heard smash Bros song

  23. Ashe Strachan

    How does it run though? We need to know that before buying it

  24. PuntoCasa

    Please do come back yo kay wAtch

  25. Roberto Aliaga

    Playing Mario cat


    My favorite color is tuarques and gray

  27. Matthew Smith

    0:28 I bet Mario liked what was in front of him.

  28. simple

    no dlcs will save this game from being pure trash

  29. Huogk

    360p hahahahahaha

  30. Sgt Smash

    Disappointing. I’d love Firepower 2000 for SNES, and where’s Contra or Rush N Attack for NES.

  31. PuntoCasa

    Come back yo kay watch

  32. PuntoCasa

    Please do come back yo kay watch😭

  33. Maximilien Bissonnette


  34. TheLordofRings 3000

    Got it pre ordered

  35. Mr funny Man

    The expansion pass more like the poopy pass

    1. Mr funny Man

      I’m so sorry

  36. Edgar Lara

    Hmmmm, never thought to be here a day after the second Team Ketchup vs Team Mayo splatfest.

  37. Aldo Portillo Alday

    This game deserves a sequel for the switch

  38. Roberto Hanson

    Meeee liiikkeyyyy

  39. Roberto Hanson

    Me likely(like always)

  40. ღ G r a c i e C r o s s i n g ღ

    “What if you’ve never played animal crossing before?” ‘Do I look like an idiot?’

  41. PuntoCasa

    Yo kay waych yo kay watch

  42. Cookie_masterxx

    Nintendo, what is the - button for on the lite??

  43. PuntoCasa

    #yo kay the coment always gonna be in the newest video

  44. Goomba

    New Super Mario Bros For The Wii, 3DS, And Wii U Have Naming Issues. NSMBW Is New Super Mario Wii Without Bros. Same For The Wii U. I Think People Know The Problem With NSMB2.

  45. Christopher Tao

    Still watching this video EVERY DAY until release... like if you are too!

  46. PuntoCasa


  47. the miggit king

    Thank goodness it teen because I watched these guys for years

  48. PuntoCasa


  49. Goomba


  50. PuntoCasa


  51. MR_COMPUTER 1234

    Nintendo what are you up to-

  52. PuntoCasa

    Please do more games of yo kay watch I love it #loveyokay

  53. Myles The pro

    Is it me or every remade game has deluxe at the end, well except for Mario maker 2

  54. phosphor1111

    what i wanna know is what the game over screen is

    1. okow tina

      are the other elements present in the first 3 games of the Paper Mario series?Where are the old days of gambling in the Paper Mario series?

  55. Manrrique 1


    1. okow tina

      Nintendo. Where are the NPCs? Where's Merlon? Where's the Koopatrols? Where's the rest of the battle system present in the first 2 games of the Paper Mario series?Wher

  56. Goomba

    3:44 I Did A Speedrun Of NSMBU And NSLU.

  57. Yen Mach

    This is the most pure thing ever XD

  58. Goomba

    2:32 Why Can't I Use That In My Levels.

  59. Mark Masters

    Hmmm switch getting all these good games.Trying to resist buying a switch.

  60. Cherry the furry

    It didn’t show when Tom nook murders you

  61. Ciara Kelly

    The switch is already 3 years old but it feels like it came out yesterday

  62. Goomba

    3:29 Was That Clear Condition REMOVED?

  63. OK OK

    Also damn luigis fingers compared to the computer keys are massive

  64. WD Gaster

    I hope it will come out this year :)

  65. Goomba

    Why Was The Mystery Mushroom Removed?

  66. Aidan903

    i've never been more hyped for anything ever

  67. SuperMarioIggy 8282

    I wish there was a nsmb switch NOT a remake

  68. Cacinildo Silva

    yutube como seria um jogo de pokemon no brasil

  69. Freddy Mekhtikian

    "Okay boss, now don't be mad, but... I made pinball!" "DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?!" "yes" Basically, I agree

  70. MallyTV

    So i heard a Metroid prime trilogy port will be coming out for switch next month and this trailer clearly hints at it! Coincidence i think Not!

  71. wendy rosales

    She’s so cute

  72. Deadly7241

    My only confusion is why is bowser folded up?

  73. Sonic The gangster

    I’m getting this

  74. Sonic The gangster

    I love burnout it’s a very good game series I played it a lot when I was younger.

  75. Moonlight on the Light Side

    i cant wait for it to become unplayable thanks to drift!


    I'm I crazy to buy a wiiu and buy splatoon after I have a switch and splatoon 2 lol

  77. William Cordones

    The best overwatch for ever

  78. Bolty Fast

    They should make five nights at Freddy’s in super smash bros

  79. It’s dotty

    I think it's really annoying that you need a paid subscription to use multiplayer or get custom designs from other players I got the free trial so I could play with my friend and then it expires and so much was blocked off for me, I can't do trades, play with friends, download custom designs, upload custom designs I can't get the subscription and I have been missing out on so much I just think it's annoying that you have to pay for multiplayer there's loads of other games where multiplayer is free and I don't see why this wouldn't have that especially considering the current circumstances in the world right now and not being able to see friends irl I know it's a pathetic complaint but I just wish that I could actually do stuff online that's the only thing that annoys me in this game, the fact you need a subscription to play with friends I just don't think it should be like that

  80. Ghost_ Valentin

    it gets to everyone recommended video...know why? smo 2 may be coming 😍

  81. Boi singhn

    Bruh they used inceninoar move

  82. Leo Wade

    "I recommend this guide: *A𝐏𝐏𝐈.R𝐄𝐒𝐓* So grateful it exists." 5:10 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  83. ChristopherTGamer

    This is cool and all, but being a deadly premonition fan who played the original on xbox 360 then xbox one, why is DP 2 an exclusive on switch? It makes no sense, i'd just love to continue York's journey on the console I own and played the original game on.


    BIG adventure: legit game thare is nothing BIG

  85. Jewelz X

    Thank you now im getting murdered by Windows 10 players and console players

  86. Hello FellowHooman

    next is a game for quirrel!

  87. PiXmyyy

    And Nintendo Eshop Cards🤣

  88. Alexandra Ma. G-H S

    I came here looking for an answer

  89. Hello FellowHooman


  90. Hello FellowHooman

    looks cool, don't hate on a game because it looks like another one, besides, who wouldn't want a game similar to hollow knight?

  91. Ayoub Gaming

    Nooooooooo Why ? 😢

  92. Jeremy Osten

    I wanna see the christmas update already

  93. bloop284

    Never have i been more excited about a game where you play as cubes, i think

  94. Bob Ross

    Why didn’t you just combine all 3 solitaires so we could have 2 more games

  95. Wish

    I want ryota kawade to come back to Paper Mario..

  96. Jeremy Osten

    Bruh almost cried

  97. OofyPlayz

    Doom Mario, well that’s not something you see everyday

  98. Joshua Nunez

    What if they added a Karen


    This looks kinda fun