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  1. Purple HeartVR

    Its almost 1 year anniversary :,)

  2. CoolDevil 1246

    After going through a painful acid trip, you get decapitated.

  3. Master Baiter

    Damn they put more effort into making curry than they did the game.

  4. Swaelo

    super wholesome

  5. roger douglas

    that powerwave finish cost him 9 points

  6. DabyQ8i

    Great job nintendo but please make this game hard 👍

  7. Tylantia

    Oh look, Charizard on the thumbnail... :shockedface:

  8. Keane L.

    SSBU : "Everyone is here!" S&S : "No one is here!"


    I love nintendo

  10. Xavier Johnson

    I imagine everybody saw this and was like I NEED it

  11. 뺙!삐악

    쥐져스 쿠라이스.....

  12. Lazy Brownie

    *"Mai Shiranui not featured, because boys and girls* of all ages play Smash" *...SKIN TIGHT HIGH HEELED VOLUPTUOUS ZERO SUIT SAMUS & BAYONETTA STILL FULLY PLAYABLE, MORE BEAUTYMARKS & VIEWABLE*

  13. Failure

    my favourite way to play is by not playing at all since i bought my switch for online smash bros and pokemon and neither of them are good, is it to late to get a refund on the whole goddamn system?


    Nintendo! Can you ask Sakurai put Goku in smash please? He can be an great great great character because he can transform into any super saiyan but not the ape transformation because its not much great character. So...can you do it? I want some more DLC. OK that's it. Thank you. Arigato

  15. Pr0toTyP3

    This will always be w fan favourite game

  16. Leafstyle

    My favorite is the missing National Dex!

  17. damian penaloza

    Yeyeyeyeah, all about Neo Geo, SNK all the way 😎👍

  18. Cringe Couple

    Pokemon Company made 120 million dollars in profit in 2019 alone and they cant hire more dev's to work on making the game look better. They used and recycled old animations, they cut the pokedex to about a third of national, the world itself looks empty and they raised the price to $60 for less content. All that can be said about this is how greedy these people are. I hope it fails at this point because The Pokemon Company shouldn't be allowed to treat their fans like this.

  19. Alex Brah

    Gamer mom = immediate MILF

  20. Fro BlueFlame

    TsumsTsums at the Winter Olympics

  21. Super Pony 3

    Now we know Charizard will be confirmed to be in the game

  22. Cytryz

    The name sounds like a bad porno.

  23. Chris Love

    Got a job just to get money for this, it's hard to wait

  24. Donut Genesis

    0:18 of course WALUIGI NUMBER ONE!

  25. ꧁NitroVyonder346꧂ ꧁Cookielover559 Is Cutie꧂

    If it doesn’t use miis I will go insane

  26. Terance

    I would love a Professor Layton collection. He is iconic.

  27. D Williams

    is FFVII remake will be available on the switch ? also what about FFXV and FF type 0 ?

  28. Gogeta Sama

    Wait how come this was in my recommended?

  29. Isaac Adam

    9:58 I hope their American Express of Splatoon universe is more successful than ours.

  30. LycanLink

    Huh, Dagon isn't some sorta earth god? I thought that was why I named my Golem that. Maybe the wiki I read was incorrect. :/

  31. Typhlosion Master

    He lied about the long time fans being important. There’d be a national dex if they were important.

  32. Yedidya Gruzman

    What is the name of the music that played when Akira showed up?

  33. Kale Penquan

    You know, Sans has actually made me play the Miis and the Miis are really good fighters.

  34. Some random person’s account

    Is this botw two?

  35. Kizhaz

    Bring back playing in the bathroom man, that's my way to play

  36. Jorge Mena

    Just got the notification. Good job BRsel

  37. DerpyDrago

    Who's that Pokemon? It's Charizard! (Obviously)

  38. Sorapol

    No one : Literally no one : Nintendo: * Yeah,......so i got first let's gOoOooO ! *

  39. AlvinRey83

    I already have it on Xbox one x cause it was free on gamepass. But This will be awesome on switch. I can't wait to take my switch to work and play Outer World's on my breaks.

  40. Timothy N

    Oy, Terry takes some getting used to. A lot like Ryu. Fighting Terry vs Terry is pretty fun though, and I like the nuances of his gameplay style (cancelling, spot dodge reaction, aerial powerwave is interesting). I don't like the force facing the character (in general), I feel it narrows some possibilities (i,e, those who like to use back air), but it's interesting to mess with

  41. Erired Maku

    Imagine playing sword and shield when you have sun and moon or the other gens This post was made by the culture gang

  42. Rodion Salimyanov

    Now we have a new Mario Party, without Mario and I hope not without a Party.

  43. chantal loves you

    WHERE'S WII U????

  44. Raymond Hart

    the victory pose at the end of each level doesn't ever like to work with me.

  45. R-J the Cookie

    Uff my parents doesnt allow me to buy a Switch

  46. Kane Curtis

    I wish there was a handheld version of the Wii U.

  47. heavyarms55

    Such a lovely commercial. I wish I hadn't read the piles of nasty comments. :(

  48. Minus Gill

    This is literally “pay for doing the same things you could do for free but you also get some NES games that aren’t too good.” But that Bowser and Bowser Jr segment was really wholesome

  49. Haii __chai

    Oi when are we gonna get pearl and marina solos? >:(

  50. TheTalentedLuigi

    May he be with us, Also a Nintendo 64 Easter Egg (well not really) 0:56

  51. Owen Racker

    At least the membership is less expensive than Xbox live

  52. Supreme Seregios

    Nintendo: *remasters the katrielle Layton games* Professor Layton Fandom: Nintendo.... Y U NO REMASTER ORIGINAL TRILOGY?!

  53. Andrew Riley

    Why did i get a available now for sword and shield?

    1. Andrew Riley

      And it wont let me post a pic :(

  54. Yes '

    English voice cast?

  55. Midas Magnezone

    haha Super Mario Party

  56. Mike Whit

    Sure wish the Developers of Luigi’s Mansion 3 patch the game. They did not include the Invert Y Axis option. This game the way it is now without the option is very frustrating to the point i no longer play it. And yes even with the Gyro it still unplayable. Don't know who over looked the Invert option but it was a huge over look. Its in all the Luigi's Mansion games. The other issue is hardware with the controllers loosing connection at 10 foot away from The console. I had to mod the antenna just to play anywhere in my living room.

  57. Chiramii

    Game Freak: Dexit and GTS removal, that is my way to play.

  58. FinnGeometry

    Nice to bundle Mario kart 8 with it, I wonder why they did? Clearly they would lose money...... This game has online features, which requires a Nintendo switch online subscription to work.

  59. GamerZed Tv

    *TOP 10 NEW ULTRA GRAPHICS 🔥 ANDROID & IOS GAMES IN 2019/2020 | OFFLINE & ONLINE* ▪ brsel.info/video/video/hnyCq4unatSuqrU.html 👉 *Thnx for watching* 🙏

  60. Meashayshay2

    I read the title wrong at first and thought it said, 'Layton's LAST Mystery" I gasped ;-; lol This looks so cute and fun. I'll be sure to get it when I eventually get a Switch.

  61. The gamer Boio

    Im getting sword on friday

  62. Kevin Marvinza

    Expectation advert 🤣👍

  63. Cazalugias113 XD

    So SWORD and SHIELD was make for veteran players like those seven years old kids, isn't that?

  64. GamerZed Tv

    *TOP 10 NEW ULTRA GRAPHICS 🔥 ANDROID & IOS GAMES IN 2019/2020 | OFFLINE & ONLINE* ▪ brsel.info/video/video/hnyCq4unatSuqrU.html 👉 *Thnx for watching* 🙏

  65. Tbagstealer

    Mario party is a dead game

  66. Painus McAnus

    Sakurai: Smash is for good boys and girls Remember the Palutena trailer where there was a close up shot of her thighs and breast?

  67. The Unfunny White Kid

    Nintendo, can we please have the EarthBound trilogy on the Nintendo Switch please?

  68. Syazlin Omar


  69. Spud

    I am disappointed by how hyped that guy was when winning mario kart

  70. Shooting Dio

    Nobuyuki Kuroki and Yasuyuki Oda are gushing over this presentation.

  71. Chewi

    Reggie was epic

  72. Chewi

    When he said "not anymore" I felt that

  73. JJROX ?

    Hope y’all know that every time there was a mario game Waluigi was being played TAKE NOTES NINTENDO!

  74. Mellissa Stevens

    At this point Pokémon is the knife and Gamefreak is the toddler running about the house with it in their hands. Praying daddy Nintendo comes along to take that knife off then pronto

  75. colonodemarte2014

    WOW NINTENDO !!!!!!!! 😱😪😃🥰💪

  76. Alex Jackson

    Can't believe these girls managed to get the game and playing it before release 😤😤😤

  77. Lobolink14

    i couldn't play the 3DS games of Professor Layton but trust me i would gave his daugther a chance, by the way who the heck is her mother? XD

  78. hey hey

    0:02 in low resolution: OH MY GOD THERE İS 4DS COMİNG!!! Later when it is at high resolution: Ok boomer.

  79. Troy Uchimiya

    You should add Cooking Mama into Super Smash Ultimate

  80. B Schexnayder

    I got this game a short time before Smash Ultimate came into the picture, but I’m thankful enough have been because at the time of Smash’s reveal, we also got the Octo Expansion and a whole load of other things. To everyone, from the characters, the fans, or the creators, Thank you for almost 5 years of freshness, and let the next generation of squid kids light the way to a new adventure.

  81. Joshua Krady

    Adults play too.... 😢

  82. Gordon Hu

    Different ways to play the Switch. Meanwhile someone that doesn’t know a single thing buys the Switch Lite.

  83. Stealth

    Soooo did anyone else see Zacian footage on Twitter where they turn around very... oddly

  84. Abnormal Stick

    I love it! I hope we can still do that melia trick in bionis leg to push golgos into a cliff or else i'd be quite disappointed. 😅

  85. Pilot Raptor 64

    Its the old model dont buy it

  86. coder bro

    What is your favorite out of Mario, Zelda or Pokemon

    1. creative username


  87. ImAFrogUrAToad

    All i asked for was jigglypuff, was that too hard to handle?

  88. Jojo Pingu

    For the longest time I have been wanting a remastered version of Xenoblade Chronicles WHY IS THIS IS FIRST TIME I'M SEEING THIS AD??????

  89. Aotarer

    Imagine playing early

  90. Bloody Rosy

    Lame. I'd rather see just the console for 250.

  91. dws18

    Terry: *Gets 50 songs that represents both his own franchise and SNK as a whole* Cloud: *just SD's off the stage*

  92. BeLazy409

    Does that boy at 0:17 have down syndrome

  93. The Beanz

    I wish they'd just release the game a little early. Got all these people playing and enjoying the game illegally