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  1. Amei Konyak

    Who else is listening this in December 2019 I guess I'm the only one

  2. zanetttta

    He’s got so much natural charm :)

  3. Daneila Chambers


  4. lyra malfoy

    everyone came for niall's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  5. Gáčhã Čâptäïñ

    I did a dis!ike because of the girls the video is nice

  6. CountDoucheula

    *Thesis* Poor people are ugly

  7. Ryan Gaming

    3:54 They are

  8. Harry Hathaway


  9. Sa'-Mya With the crown

    She wants to be something that she's not and has a personality and good voice

  10. Rachel Starkey

    I adored Katie's jazzy voice the x factor at its best when I liked the contestant s !!! Yeah Katie she was TV gold !!!

  11. Rachel Starkey

    When x factor contestant s were likeable v the good old daze v I loved Katie ! !

  12. grof grof

    Two degenerates.....

  13. Dawn Marion

    Im already im already torn

  14. Lil Daddy oficial

    Niall: 😁🌺😊🌷😌☀️ Harry🤬🤬👿👿

  15. Lil Daddy oficial

    aaaaaahhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh

  16. Patriot Lord

    0:54 they actually sound decent

  17. Senko- San

    Incase y'all can't wait the punch is at 5:02

  18. Szymon Solarz

    Pity, that will never hear her studio version of the song. It would be great for sure listening this... so unfair 😢

  19. Tab Overton

    Who here after adore you

  20. Ecaterina

    I watched this so many times it’s actually starting to become good

  21. Yareidy Ramon

    Son abi y lisa pork abi le dio una palisa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. jkd hdiod

    harry keep calm pls

  23. Kremit

    How people actually hear me when I think I sound good:

  24. Otb Mai

    Who’s still here December 2019❤️❤️❤️

  25. rosa rossa

    Gli autori del programma non se ne sono accorti prima che queste due hanno gravi problemi mentali?! E le hanno fatte partecipare lo stesso?!

  26. nycerak

    Now this is entertainment

  27. steve gale

    That is not a Zim name. It is neither Shona or Ndebele. She looks Kenyan.

  28. Jimmy Boy

    Not one of these twinks can carry a tune.

  29. Paul Poulson

    Is that cheryl cole? Lol.

  30. valgerdur kristin

    That was the best thing I have ever seen

  31. Stephen Mabbs

    2019 and still love ❤️

  32. ツzhane’

    I laughed a majority of this lol. I miss them so much.

  33. Angus MacLellan

    Simon is such a prick!!

  34. filmupdatesuk

    Watched this video so many tumew over the years. Simply stunning performance by both artists. Beyonce was so gracious and that voice is just phenomenal.

  35. spiderman with a simit

    Bruh thats the most weakest punch

  36. Tee See


  37. Tee See

    Nice to see she has masses more views than the X factor has actual subscribers.

  38. wgnq 1


  39. Ali Ebrahimi

    Oh my god Crazy

  40. Mom2BbyG KaTeraD


  41. Lu Carcamo

    I know it's wrong to humiliate them that way but they're having a lot of fun on stage: ')

  42. Luis Velazquez

    Nobody does it like the Queen Cher Lloyd. The rest are just clowns. Politics exist in these kind of shows as well. Face it. Cher Lloyd should it been the winner, and you know it.

  43. Ruth Henderson

    Joe I watch your videos over and over!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Lrry Is Cute


  45. little lagoons

    There's no way they're 17 and 18 in this video right?? They seem 15 at the oldest

    1. Eib Semper

      Especially Abbey the smaller one, she really looks like 13-15 year old

  46. the essence within

    The way his mum looks at him like he’s the best thing that ever happened to her 🥰

  47. Fazrin Jamal

    Vicky Pollard?

  48. Jolina Oxio

    2019 ♥️

  49. RocketheadXX -_-


  50. Eib Semper

    The smaller girl Abbey doesn't look 18. She looks like 13-15 years old 😂😂😂

  51. Highlander72 B

    Please,please universe send an Uber to go pick up George and Freddie.....They’re needed onstage...❤️🌈

  52. Robert Hernandez élève

    At-lease Simon was nicer this audience,i mean sirrusly he's not always like this. This time he was honest with the contestent about his talent. So huge thx for simon and the judges

  53. Mary Clare Mayo

    When they make me cry, I know they've totally got it. Oh Mary, good on ya, love!

  54. Leslie Alanis

    Came here to wash my ears after hearing both ways

  55. Chels -

    My heart aches omg

  56. Mitche yankee Daniels Juan

    Waw your voice is very amazing

  57. Nicolle Ioannou

    eu to mt triste que saudades dos meus bebezinhos eu amo tanto af

  58. Zara M

    Why are they making the contestants dance like women. Isn’t this a singing show? I’m glad One D got something out of this mockery.

  59. Indonesia For MARS


  60. Rayhaan Beekawoo

    it was cringe when he said clap your hands now and no one did lol xd

  61. Your Girl Aliya

    The best vocalist when I watched all of the them live in 2010

  62. Wuttichi Sremookda


  63. DanR714

    They must get recognized everywhere they go for all the wrong reasons......... Nothing but two big fat whales.

  64. the bunnyman

    Matt, ruined factor for me, because no one will match his vocal range and tonality. It was all down hill since he won it.

  65. chung velex

    4:53 *Well.. if you’re NOT blind..Look up.. Her names right There-*

  66. Dinophyr

    Im HeRe To SaY I’m ReAdY

  67. Maz T

    I still come watch x

  68. Andreea Bbbb

    Poor girl...she was so emotional.

  69. xGamer Yeezy

    Zainabdeen al-maqdadi

  70. Zaara Nair

    She puts all chavs to shame 😂

  71. Savana Hentzell

    My boys have grown up😭

  72. Faith

    I refuse to believe this was almost 10 years ago 🥺

  73. 정재호

    such British BTS

  74. Becky Nash

    I think their parents wanted to prove a point cause they definitely know that they cant sing and that their attitude stinks so they let them embarrass them selves how nice.

  75. Christian Strecker


  76. Julie Tucker Hughes

    I love it when Simon smiles like that...i just wish he would have supported Matts career MORE..he believed in Him but somehow didnt follow through..this guy is so unique..

  77. Jainara Lei

    zayn is handsome !!!

  78. M.O.E

    Why is nobody talking about what the hell Harrys shirt is?

  79. stuiep1983

    Yeah but no but

  80. Annalise Doyle

    Ever trying being in a boy band

  81. Atlas views

    Who is here after niall released "put a little love on me" to appreciate how much he has grown?

  82. onchira direkphok


  83. Ольга Симакова

    Не понятно. Отбор же был... Как они попали на сцену?

  84. Леила Гучигова

    Ешкин кот где перевод

  85. Sahal Yare

    africa girls is beautiful keep going

  86. Fluffysheepbruh

    Weather spoon siblings.

  87. S Shervegar

    10 years ago. He still is dealing with anxiety.

  88. someone

    Niall is so happy) i just wanna smile when i look at him

  89. Thuy Nguyen Thi

    2020. still love this song

  90. Максим Голос

    Две ебанутые,ублюдочные свиньи....

  91. Kelly :v


  92. Avril Laigne Quintillan

    My ears is broken

  93. 박지성Ellaa

    guess who's very hurt right now?? it's me. 2019 and still no 1D comeback

  94. allegro Pl

    Sick british education.

  95. Mmm K

    Never heard him before now, Lewis Capaldi had him on his IG story, so I'm here :) I can't find an official channel for Joe, I don't think. If anyone knows it let me know, thanks :)

  96. Lali Manoban

    Casi 2020 y los sigo esperando 😭 los amo tanto

  97. Slanus Greenstreet

    She's got the voice... she's just trying to hard...!

  98. Cris Soria

    Its the problem of the parents how they raised them and let their kids like that. Spoiled brat yes they are right they look like the step sister of cenderela lmao

  99. Froli Lapume

    'My sister is her cousin' What

  100. Happy Vibes