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  1. Scott J

    Pats offense: 1 TD, 3 FGs, Pats D/ST: 1 TD. Bengals: 1 TD 2 FGs. Score: Pats 23, Bengals 13. I fully expected the Pats to lose their last two games. Not this one.

  2. Danny Hendrix

    13:29 what a truly awful tackle attempt

  3. Danny Hendrix

    9:31 if that's not pass interference nothing is. Wtf

  4. Colby Meyer

    😂 the 2000s music 😂💀

  5. Ryan Flanagan


  6. Knight Oyin

    MVP End of story!

  7. MrTitanSword

    "Let's see where they mark Andrews." 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Go Titans

  9. Chidozie Osuji

    Why the comments so toxic we know she pick the same number each time we know it’s coming so why do we have to complain every week


    Lamar has 39 td and 9 int 63 comp % and over 4000 yards in his career so far....Can we end the whole he can’t throw thing???? Regardless how you look at it he can make every throw and proves it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. MrMatanza

    When the Chiefs beat the Patriots but the best play of the game was a swat.

  12. ja bo

    Should have been Saints vs Patriots in the Superbowl. Brady v Brees one for the ages. I'm predicting that's what were getting this year.

  13. xxxtenchin

    yo bro chek out my musik

  14. De.Ville

    I love how they hand the ball to there fans that's freaking dope ey

  15. Agastya Wiraputra

    Justin Tucker and Sam Koch have been seeing less action this year that they seem to lose their golden touch on kicking and punting 🤣

  16. Guardrail

    As much as I hate the Ravens, I don't see anyone beating them. Lamar Jackson is awesome and I wish he was at the Redskins.

  17. Jay McKinnon

    As a Ravens fan 1:05 still hurts a lil

  18. Stubbz02

    Rank STILL picking against the Vikings interesting

  19. Braylon & Peyton

  20. Ted David

    Put in Fulgham!!!

  21. Nathan

    The dolphins announcer sounds like john madden

  22. Aye D

    (In T.O voice) that’s my quarterback! Feels good to know your team has found there QB! Go Denver!

  23. Cape Fear Koi

    Any of you like koi ponds?

  24. Lucy Vang

    Best game yet

  25. Imperial Watch

    Michael Vick will always be a piece of garbage.

  26. Dr Phot

    I love it, “The North Is Not Enough!”

  27. D Me

    Get rid of the division structure. The best teams in the league should go to the playoffs, & have home field advantage. This year's NFC East winner should not host a playoff game to a team with a better record. New England has won the sucky AFC East forever, & therefore, always get home field. Plus, we don't need the division teams playing each other twice every frickin' year.

  28. tiffaney H

    GO PAC GO 💪 TO THE 🌛 AND BACK 👶🤸🍀🎉🎊✌️😏🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  29. Vflorio

    Rams come of with a huge victory against Seattle and you don’t move them up?!?!

    1. Vflorio

      At least you moved Seattle down

  30. F. Creaven

    Manning...lobs it..Burress! Alone! Touchdown New York! I'm a Raiders fan but I love that call

  31. Lil Poochie

    Cynthia is terrible at her job.

  32. Jackson

    really? chargers win? u have got to be kidding me

  33. Justin Fritz

    we already beat the broncos with our back up qb, i think the we have this game on.... "lock"

  34. Jr Sy

    Lol sean Payton about to cry

  35. Ryan Montes

    The Saints may bend but NEVER break. Doubt them all you want, but they have a nagging chip on our shoulder to earn that Lombardi. My prediction for this game would be 34-17 but anything can happen.

  36. Bears fan Till I die

    Fire Cynthia

  37. #1 Fragi Fan

    Eagles win and push themselves into the lead over Dallas. All hail the deadskins.

  38. Kealii Chun

    Wow he actually threw it a few times.

  39. Eschaton Zenith

    Wow those boys can really play with a ball. Impressive!

  40. Dave

    Big Breasteses

  41. Dave

    I’m drunk 🥴

  42. Jeff Randolph

    WOW we just gonna act like Garrapolo doesn’t have chalk on the ball he threw at 18:50

  43. Ryan Flanagan

    Saints win

  44. Ryan Flanagan

    Saints is my favorite team in the NFL I Love 32 NFL teams

  45. SkullGamer

    dumb Tom baby he’s stupid.

  46. Ryan Flanagan

    Go Broncos

  47. Stephen Curtis

    The football God's love them bears ! Comon trubisky let's do this !

  48. Ryan Flanagan

    Denver Broncos

  49. Ryan Flanagan

    Kansas City Chiefs

  50. Ryan Flanagan

    Go Kansas City Chiefs

  51. Paul Buccigrossi

    Darold is terrible. Bell should retire and star on bowling for dollars.

  52. Ryan Flanagan

    Go Denver Broncos

  53. Ryan Flanagan


  54. Ryan Flanagan


  55. Ryan Flanagan

    Let’s go Eagles

  56. Ryan Flanagan


  57. Ryan Flanagan

    Philadelphia Eagles

  58. Ryan Flanagan

    Go Philadelphia Eagles

  59. EndlesSplash

    Steelers would be the best in the nfl if they had their defense now, Ben, bell, and brown.

  60. Martin Huerta

    Mahomes throws incomplete pass : Commentators :OMG THE PATRIOTS DEFENSEEE

  61. Steff Cuddi

    Really need gurley and saquon this week for fantasy cause ingram gave me 23

  62. BOBMAN 4900

    Talking about Amos getting a revenge game when haha is gonna get 3 picks

  63. Alberto Cortez

    As a Philly fan ... how are we 15 ??? We gotta be below 20 lmfao

  64. William Sanders

    Baltimore's got a team this year. And it looks like it's a damn good one.

  65. Chartreuse03

    Viking fan since 1970, always hopeful. Vikings and Lions: only two NFC teams not to get to Super Bowl since 1990.

  66. Deez Highlights

    sub to meeeeeee

  67. Potty The Parrot


  68. Ryan Flanagan


  69. Ryan Flanagan


  70. Ryan Flanagan


  71. Natearl13

    Cynthia hates the Vikings

  72. Dylan O

    3-13 49ers lol. They’re 11-2 now.

  73. Saul Gonzalez

    The fact that action jackson beat The pats with their record... MVP

  74. sham lamb

    Bro, Jackson's a god damn monster, I love it

  75. Dynamix

    everyone was shouting mvp when i was there lol

  76. ProLeopard


  77. King Tyson

    So sad for tampa.... best play=mike evans inhury.... best play colts=int by winston -.-

  78. Supernorry

    I am SO GLAD the Chiefs won. I dont care if the referee was bad or not i just really dont care i am just very happy Chiefs won

  79. Tony

    On the pick at 2:30 he wasn't out of bounds, he flipped it to McAlister before stepping out. McAlister had a lot of open field and was a great returner himself. This was the 2006 playoffs and if the refs would have just let this play go the outcome could have very well been different. The Colts won the super bowl 2 games later, but that was one of the best Ravens teams.

  80. JhonIsOkayIGuess

    Patriots record against good teams. 0-3

  81. michael Castle

    The Chiefs are a fraudulent team.

  82. Brayde n

    nah 49ers best game winning td was in the super bowl against green bay by terrell owens getting hit hard by 2 people mid air but still held on

  83. ol305stunna

    Florida Boys

  84. Ryan Flanagan

    Saints will win


    Run Lamar run...Lamar is garbage.. You will never win a Superbowl with a "I'm calling my own number" running QB. 1 AND OUT IN THE PLAY-OFFS...Just like last year.. He will be carried off the field on a stretcher..

  86. Branden Frazier

    Refs gave that game.away

  87. SLDJ

    3:40 can someone explain me what that rule is? Why does someone need to report something?

  88. Richard Sinclair

    I mean, throwing the pick sucks, but how many quarterbacks can actually make a tackle like that? One of the cleanest I've seen.

  89. Will D.

    To drag not one, but TWO, full grown human beings for 10 yards, and then another for 5 more, that's just the most BEAST play of the year right there. George Kittle is what we call a GAMEBRAKER...

  90. Noe Body

    4-7 team vs 3-8 team? Battle of the sad and I am saying this as a Charger fan.

  91. Travis Hoover

    I have to give Jackson credit. When I saw him last year I thought he had no arm talent. He really worked on it and has become a good passer as well as crazy rusher.

  92. C Smith

    Whoop those cheating bastards PLEASE

  93. the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

    the New York Jets went downhill

  94. Arthur 94

    Cynthia is so dumb, like how often do teams score 23 points?

  95. Lonk

    Rare footage of Cookie Monster beating up his home

  96. Thomas Parry


  97. Kevin Anderson

    That run by kittle is just so awesome you can't just watch it one time dude is the MSP Most Savage Player

  98. SmeatPlays

    Jets got so salty they smacked 4 flags in a single down

  99. Quincy

    I don’t know who Adam is but he needs a pep talk.

  100. Danny Phantom

    I feel like these people all hate each other lmao