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    If you're thinking about getting For honor, get it one of the best fighting games out today , check my channel out for some gameplay

  2. Papaindica

    The event is boring.

  3. 300-I.Q. Prower

    Cause I’m a capitalist

  4. Aleo Aninda

    get Siege and you can stop playing any other games

  5. SupaCruzzer

    I am so hyped

  6. X-Jpeg

    Ehhh shouldve been a payday 2 thing

  7. ShadowDemon17


  8. NotSugar

    Worst event ever

  9. Bio Banni

    Welp back to the grind

  10. Vipercdx

    Worst event

  11. KryptonArcher

    No one:.... *Me in CS:GO voice* : Enemy Spotted

  12. Alexandre LG

    it literally is the regular hostage gamemode with a red jumpsuit on the hostage...

  13. Danilablond

    Well, that event was surely a dissapointment.

  14. Павел Герасимов

    Не ивент а говнище лишь бы денег собрать

  15. Reese W

    [POLICE ASSAULT IN PROGRESS] tbh, this event sucks, definitely woulda been better as a payday crossover with badass music and money bags instead of a hostage

  16. 신동범

    so payday3

  17. NotaSmartNugget

    i dont play hostage and i play fuze a decent amount...... this gon be good

  18. You2Good

    Serieus what a bs, be ashamed. You guys can do better than this come one. Only 2 skins else nothing diff. Not even Easters or any new cool Hidden things blugh.. Diss !

  19. Jakub Czarnecki

    I can't believe thisssssss

  20. 10000000000000000 Subs With Videos ?

    I was Really hypd , but now im pretty damn dissapointed , like you just changed the hostage , vigil and hibana , nothing else , i really hate the new update and i wont play it anymore

  21. germ_rc

    How much will each bundle cost??

    1. You2Good

      It's 1560 points so around 20 euro

  22. Zsmo0th


  23. Evdokim 32

    Event is so disgusting that I want to remove all my expectations and ideas of it that I created in my mind during expectation of it since I have known about it😓😥😭

  24. abrry S

    R6S becomes cheaper and cheaper every time, why cant they just make it free? Lmao

  25. Lord Nova

    R6 Credit Discount?

  26. Paulos Gaming

    When the update is coming I am waiting 12 hours

  27. Alex H

    Really wish you guys would sell digital console codes. I end up having to pay the money I just saved on a game for a delivery

  28. Fxgz

    They missed the opportunity to add the bank off the show

  29. ThaDevilsJester

    "Ghost Recon Breakpoint is up to 50% off." Nice try, Ubi, but I'm not falling for the ole "candy in the van" trick. Not again

    1. Zachary Spencer

      ThaDevilsJester this should get 10000 likes, you are preaching

  30. Shaheen Shukur

    you should've just released the skins without an event

  31. Kboi 215

    Automatically the best character

  32. mario on a cross

    best movie ever

  33. Ahmad Auwad

    I need this

  34. marshall 19744

    Ok i'm italian but i dont need it I need it!!!!!!

  35. SuperSam8801

    It's literally hostage on Bank, come on Ubisoft you didn't think of an actual new game mode not just 2 skins... maybe the defenders should escape with all the money through a NEW tunnel while the attackers try to stop all of them before they run with all the money?

  36. moloko plus

    its just normal hostage, nothing new at all. this is the most laziest half assed event yet, its literally just an ad

  37. Devoured Broward

    They should have replaced the hostage with a bag of money

    1. RX 570


  38. Mesutcan Kulak

    It is bullshit. It is same with normal hostage mode. Hostage has la casa de papel skin and that's it.

  39. Kboi 215

    One of the best characters in the game

  40. Fermin Rivas

    Bought the division 2 at launch for my xbox couldn't even play it as i kept getting errors messages and all my online games work fine with my internet. And even after support helped me the game just didnt work

  41. Mluera

    I like the new vigil outfit, UBI is treating vigil well

  42. Onyx Wolf

    These are some pretty massive deals, thank you Ubi:)

  43. Andrew Zanoni

    Isn’t rainbow primarily 70% off ... now it is 60% off... the hell

  44. Exile07

    I can recommend Rainbow 6: Siege and For Honor as I have over 700 hours between the two games

  45. Ultra

    So for honors basically free right

  46. Lopus 312

    F for Berlin

  47. Onyx Gaming Org.

    At this point watch dogs 2 should be free. I can get it new at game stop for 4 bucks.

  48. Azad Gt

    Who's here after playing the event and he's disappointed because it's trash

    1. Arcrasis

      This is the first I've heard of it and I can tell it's trash from the trailer alone. What kinda event is just a base game gamemode with a few cosmetic additions?

    2. Peyman Jahan

      Should I buy the uniforms or if I take Vigil or Hibana it has already wearing that uniform?

  49. Calculated Gamer

    Waiting for assassins creed giveaway.

  50. Alejandro Muñoz Paz

    If you got a RX 5700 or planning to get a RX 5500 dont buy the DLCs of AssCreed Odyssey. Elysium will crash and you cant continue the story Ubisoft has know about this issue for over two months and hasnt fixed it yet


    People For Honor is a good game

  52. LK

    Why is this age restricted on youtube?

    1. RX 570

      Cuz Hibana be thicc

  53. 24 SPORTS

    They should have the defenders print out money and after a certain time they should have to leave the bank with the hostage

  54. Donald Duke


  55. noah fwa

    For honor is one of the best games ever made by ubisoft it's worth it from the customization alone and on top of that it has one of the cleanest combat sistems ever made EVER it gives you full control and feels amazing I highly recommended it grab this while you can!!

  56. Sorghum


    1. Extern4l


    2. noah fwa


  57. DJVEGAS1000

    Sale time. The only time to buy an ubisoft game

  58. crazyjoe101

    Why no discount on breakpoint for ps4 ? It's only showing xbox and pc

    1. Uchiha Arti


  59. Dmnd Mozzie


  60. Ix skill 97 ix

    For honor is 67% off “We were on the verge of greatness were where this close”

    1. apex XD

      u ducked up the quote man cmon

    2. Spooky boi

      Another 2% off would be nice

    3. Raging Gamer




  62. Logan sackett

    Please try for honor we need more players T_T

    1. Spooky boi

      For honor is bad until they add guns

    2. Calculated Gamer

      I feel ur pain

  63. Real Tachanka

    Are in game items discounted (specifically for siege)

    1. Zachary Spencer

      Real Tachanka probably not

  64. Basic Azure

    This makes me happy 2 of my favourite thing together

  65. lepel111

    on xbox one

  66. lepel111

    Why my specialization disappears every time I start the game, or I answer the agent's call????

  67. KRANE-44

    The 'deals' are the exact same as they usually are.

    1. KRANE-44

      @エルサElseStand pre-owned prices really

    2. エルサElseStand

      I mean..... they are still deals.

  68. Raiden the cyborg

    Ok ubisoft how much money for the name of the song? Also are we getting an event in Payday 2 as well?

  69. tut28Angel

    I maybe looking at New Dawn.

  70. Happy Theo

    Ubisoft why you make a la casa de papel update and not even mention the series

  71. Jon 117

    52 comment

  72. Glass is just hot sand

    Did ubisoft just forget far cry new dawn was a thing until now

    1. Scout Trooper

      that’s for the best

    2. Spooky boi

      When it first came out I thought it was a dlc for fc5

  73. Lego In A Suit

    So its just hostage with dumb uniforms that you have to pay to play... ok

  74. Nathan Cormac

    Yhea more garbage

  75. Kawee Supakeeratidamrong

    What is this music name

  76. egorbuter

    That's the baddest event

  77. I bims 1 Tim -

    Is the Weapon skin Universal?

  78. D3aTh t0_aLl

    Should of had ghost recon wildlands

  79. Tymek

    Veri gud

  80. Vinh cuong Truong

    Do they sale in steam to

  81. Bircan24 Huseinov

    no words for Breakpoint I REGRET BUYING IT FOR 60$ AND NOW IS 50% OFF. Good fcking job ubi

  82. Hectorthesir

    That last game looks so cool what is it?

    1. noah fwa

      Its amazing watch some trailers and you will get fucking hyped bro it's glorious

    2. K86 CLAN

      For honor a great fighting game

  83. Jameel Far

    guys plz help me assasincreed 3 remastered or farcry newdown which should i get and tell me y?

  84. Josh C

    ARGHHHHHHH! I NEEEEEED A MEDIC BA- Oh wrong game. Uhm... *La positaaaa la la laaaaa*

  85. Zakaria El haddadi

    Where is the event it is 20th now

  86. Zachary Spencer

    Boutta get AC Oddysey

  87. ___Papaoompsy ___

    Are they on sale in the ps4 store too or nah?

    1. ___Papaoompsy ___

      @Snakey Nade in the ubisoft store it says 8$ and it is already out.

    2. Snakey Nade

      ___Papaoompsy ___ thanks and i dont think it will be that low since 60% of 40=24 So 40-24=16$

    3. ___Papaoompsy ___

      @Snakey Nade I will and btw R6 will be 8$ or € I don't remember.

    4. Snakey Nade

      ___Papaoompsy ___ if you find out please tell me too.I want to buy R6S

    5. ___Papaoompsy ___

      @Snakey Nade I sent them an email I will find out in a while probably cause I really want AC Odyssey and Breakpoint.

  88. lunati wins

    Casa de papel siiii

  89. Jameel Far

    ohh my hows ghost recorn brakepoint the latest game lower than all of this i love ubisoft soomuch but the biggest mistake you did in this game is make it online only i couldnt care about the reviews i could've just bought it dayone but because its requires internet only that a no for me maybe rerelease it with offline mode and it'll do well

  90. Solid Steak


  91. B7GAMER

    Omg Imagine Warden getting a Professor skin

  92. david martinez

    I love the music

  93. Juan Fernández

    Just try to add Toyota supra instead of this ugly Cars you are adding, we need subaru, and more Mitsubishis as well

  94. Vexx Spawn


  95. Torrell_445 PSN

    Can I download it on ps4 on sale?

  96. OnYx Dizz


  97. tasty flokos

    You are not fooling anyone

  98. Revanth


  99. Nathan

    But when does this start? Edit: started today

    1. Zachary Spencer

      Nathan yeah that’s understandable

    2. EsotericNarcolepticSkeptic

      Not xbox store. ...

    3. Nathan

      @Zachary Spencer had a bruh moment for a second

    4. Zachary Spencer

      Nathan lol

  100. Jello

    Yoooo my favorite movie with my fav game???