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  1. Orla Mundy

    she looks like tana mongeau

  2. Venom Melon

    Low heeled boots also mean: I can't walk in heels!

  3. Mary Wright

    I literally rewatch this video all of the time because it is so funny

  4. bascoaful

    that shirt looks good on you, but it would look much better under the hood of my car XD

  5. MACKA THE ALPACA !!!!!!!


  6. Anthony New

    As a virgo, I relate so much to 2:13

  7. Whatever Goes

    StoryScape is way worse lol it's so creepy and annoying

  8. Ashley Rinamon

    Jenna, we need another one of these videos 😂

  9. Co ol

    My mom found that glow in the dark spray paint and literally sprayed all the light switches in our house with it😂

  10. Chris

    Kermit is such a handsome cowboy ❤︎

  11. Mari Quezada

    Just me seen her head on fire at the beginning of the video?

  12. Kelly Pham

    This is literally one of my favorite videos. I've watched it so many times it's ridiculous. I NEED A 2019 COOKING THANKSGIVING FOOD VIDEO PLS AND THANK YOUUUU.

  13. Emma Westbury

    Goals, relationship goals, friendship goals, life goals, just goals. I love everything about this.

  14. Cosmic Jesús

    This is the video I tried to convince myself I was straight with lol. Her points are legit tho but haha @ 14 year old me

  15. Claire Bee

    Is t she like 31 when is she popping out actual babies

  16. Wheein's Dimple

    anyone else base their time relativity on Jenna marbles videos Im always surprised when I realize how long ago one was made when I feel like it was 3 months ago

  17. morpho portis

    Reverse zodiac. Julien being a Virgo and Jenna letting out her inner Aries. XD

  18. Kate Ifyoucare

    I need more

  19. WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

    Nasty licking in the background

  20. Whatever Goes

    After the basketball one I just started dying laughing at everything

  21. Random Sundays With Peeves

    Oh my God it's a rare beach bunny!

  22. Ashley Vida

    "Who wants to brush they fucking teeth" 😂 😂 This is my new favorite sentence in the English language! 😂🤣

  23. allyiah simon

    2:40 people with ante comedic timing usually find this type of content funny. Its just how ur brain works.

  24. lily Field

    The deep voice has me dead

  25. нууу Как-то так

    So WHERE IS THE LINK TO THE FLIP'S( it is spelled? ) CHANNEL ?😠🐜

  26. Grace Smith

    This is literally my favourite series on her channel, I just feel like I’m hanging out with friends and it’s nice to laugh with people. Sorry this got cringe 😂

  27. Elephant in the room

    Jenna, you need to rename this video. You are great at pranks.

  28. Cassie


  29. Wolfgang R.

    Frekles are so ugly, they look like you have dirt on your face. why do you want to have them????

  30. нууу Как-то так

    Omg your voice is not male. He is female. it's not normal for me...

  31. Colonel Noodles


  32. N C

    Kermie needs a mask too.

  33. Manny Gonzalez Valle

    That shit was hilarious 😂😂😂

  34. Lidia Beretta

    Jenna's looks now include: chair, toothbrush, country boooy ehnn, Claire's model

  35. Sharon Barlow

    This was fantastic

  36. Heather Norton

    She looks like the result of Dr. Seuss having an emotional outbreak at 2am and just letting his hand do whatever the frick it wanted.

  37. theBeastcub

    Next time scrub them with warm soapy water first, there is a release agent spayed into the molds the shoes are cast from, any residue left of it on the shoes very much will repel the likes of paint or glue (*also does crafts with croc-type shoes)

  38. lizzygirl 1990

    are the jrunken

  39. Maryam Hasan

    Watch this and You’ll die laughing fr😂😂

  40. rocketgum

    I wanted to laugh but didn’t find any of those TikTok funny :(

  41. CarLover 101

    Ronald trumpet is a big fat man, he was born to be so fat, you know he can't even walk From eatting burgers at burger king.

  42. Zoe Pearl777

    11:22 LMAOOOOOOO every time Julian leans back a little like that and grabs his hair the only thing I could think in my head was: " *WHITE CHICKS!!!!!!!* " 😂😂🤣

  43. typicallyduckie

    I'm dying laughing. I don't watch tiktoks, but I would if Jenna was presenting them.

  44. Melinda Hofecker

    Why did I back away from the screen at the ankle surgery one

  45. o0yari0o

    father and son 3 sum had me rolling

  46. Emilee Foreman

    Marbles was such a YOUNG BOI

  47. mukbone


  48. Marissa LovesMusik

    Today I discovered that Jenna and I own the same pair of running shoes

  49. Noelia Gutierrez

    Part 4????

  50. Samantha Davis

    we need more

  51. Navi noodle

    GURL where’s episode 2. I wanna know what’s up with Beech.

  52. Katie

    i'm here because your all we have left on youtube

  53. TheNinjaSqaud

    The older I get the more relateable this becomes

  54. Indya B

    I love just watching all the dogs chilling in the back while also watching this masterpiece

  55. Stephanie Thomason


  56. shelia nichols-douglas

    As fellow Iggy owners " we understand your pain'

  57. Bríambh Ó Cíarbahaín

    wank material

  58. jared 19

    I was crying laughing this whole video

  59. MarijaKeisha

    You guys are sent from heaven 😂😂😂

  60. LetiPlaysGames

    Who else wants to see her growth at the end of this decade?!

  61. gachahanna YT

    Jenna: Do you know what its not about? You Peach: *Depression*

  62. thenormalstate

    I feel like if you want Joe Biden in a porno, all you have to do is ask

  63. Veronica D.I.A._Artistry

    Wait... is that juliens arm lmao

  64. jack ryan

    you should look back on what's your underwear means from the 30yrd old pov lol

  65. BanjoVEVOTV_YT_Gaming Official

    I know this is late but Jenna made XBOX crocks.

  66. U mad bro?

    I love her accent here

  67. BeautyQueens 101

    4:04 it sounded like she moaned

  68. VeniVidiVici96

    I just noticed Marbles looks so smug during the final points 😂

  69. Amanda Rivera

    Does anyone else remember that episode of Jimmy Neutron where Jeans came to life? That’s what this reminded me of

  70. Reese Jacoby

    No one: Jenna: copy strike me harder daddy

  71. Brooke Ross

    jenna getting a smash from ksi's dad tho

  72. Grace Belcastro

    *can you make a video of you counting the hairs on a wig* and if it gets too hard you can pluck them out as you go

  73. Sophia Piersall

    in the spirit of this redemption video theme.... i would nut you see you actually make that fucking jeans chair work

  74. BabyBluu

    Every other youtuber: Lets put un copyrighted music over this tiktok! Jenna: *I DONT CARE*

  75. inveinsible

    Why does julien look like a totally different person than he does in 2019 lmao

  76. Delaney Tatarka

    I'm making those biscuits over Thanksgiving break as an apology to my dog for being away at college and not giving him cuddles every single day like he demands. I doubt he'll leisure, but he'll probably appreciate the cookies regardless.

  77. Kaynaydia Williams

    OMG MY FRIEND FROM WORK MADE THE MOTTS TICTOC im dead I cant stop laughing and screaming omg hes FAMOUS 😭😭😭😭😭

  78. kari

    literally crying my eyes out rn bc bullshitt then Jenna made me LLLAAAAUGGHHH

  79. Megan Hatfield

    As a fellow blind bitch I can relate and this is probably the funniest shit I have even seen.

  80. Madison Jones

    One day she’s just gonna day screw it and shave her head

  81. abi summers ^^^great video that gives some good tips for hydrodipping if you ever want to try again, fren! also, some spray sealant or sealer never hurts to add on top to prevent flakiness :) cool shoes though, they look rad. plus i love the glow in the dark! it makes me so happy to see how excited you are to see them glow :D thanks for all the fun videos!!

  82. Mary Ortiz

    This is probably my 100th time watching this video along with other two and i swear i laugh hysterically EVERY single time.. I freakin love yall!

  83. JeanThePants

    Bye Spiderman

  84. yeet

    3:09 why is she so orange

  85. inveinsible

    "I dont have enough lip" "Why the *fuck* would you laugh at that" I am DECEASED

  86. Tia L

    Kermit is the best, nastiest goblin dog. I have never wanted one more.

  87. Avery Blue

    👁 👁 👃 👄

  88. Noelia Gutierrez

    He's more chaotic when he cooks with you than on his own channel 😂

  89. pastel demon

    Kermit’s face on the thumbnail-

  90. Xindel Nebula

    I only know her as zoos are bad girl but okay kombucha girl sure

  91. Asha Vincent

    WAIT with only the mustache on jenna looks like that guy from "the end of the f***ing world"!!!!!

    1. Asha Vincent


  92. Angel Piper

    Back to watch this for the 17th time

  93. alexislerma1515

    My dog has that blue puppy she’s picked it out every time we go 😂

  94. jacob

    i was today years old when i discovered jenna marbles isn't actually her name but a combination of her and her dog's names.

  95. Jolee Plomb

    Kermit was on Ellen!!!!!

  96. Its Me

    0:42 Kermit in the back tho 😂

  97. Nara Sosa

    I cannot believe im so incredible happy about someone turning their hair into a hot wheels track

  98. Jess Herz

    Please make more of these omg

  99. Margaret Higley

    Miss the “buy Spider-Man” out takes

  100. StrudelGod

    The song in the background "Lose yourself, *spaghetti*"