fukn broken hearted, take a listen

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  1. xxbrooke_robloxx

    “smokin is so cool might put it in my music video” nope

  2. Raiah Visana

    “Dancing on a cop car” was very literal after his incident

  3. Daneil Harris


  4. Raiah Visana

    Am I the only person listening to it after hearing he got arrested

  5. Herleana Damiea

    0:24 and 0:50 thoo 😷✋

  6. bunny Gacha

    No one: No one Me:telling people he is out of jail that what people said to me so ya

  7. Daneil Harris

    i like his song 👍gonna download all of them now

  8. EzY_PumpZ _

    Guess who riding in a cop car now 🚓🚔

  9. Vick Nicola

    i think he took the "dancing on a cop car" too serious

  10. Alexandra Ampatzoglou

    Mama I’m in love with a criminal

  11. Morven Shearer

    Wait in it it said “riding in a cop car” And he did ride in a cop car

  12. Brook Lain

    he smokes? these sway boys are really turning out bad.. marijuana, cigarettes, beer. but live yo best life. even if it is in jail

  13. Lorraine Hughes


  14. Sarah Bloom

    this aged well

  15. Emimily Leindner

    Go to get arrested he goes he’s going to get arrested him and busted him and Bryce is this girl said well it’s just a mistake and I



  17. Дарья Фуклева


  18. Xxlove_wolvesxX Wolf

    Jaden I really hope you are ok🥺🥺

  19. Farh Almukhaini

    Love you Jaden

  20. Ariana Jafari

    Whos here after they were arrested?

  21. Thea Unicorn

    The way Jaden sang thats the way how i have my mental breakdown!

  22. Sama Ashraf

    Ok like he did ride a cop car 😂 😃

  23. Seth Carlson

    Something did stop (drugs)

  24. Maira Mansoor

    Who's here after Bryce and Jaden got arrested...and Jaden predicted his arrest in this song i-

  25. Jaelin Dominguez

    Jaden kinda looked like Jaden Martell from IT or is it just me ????


    Сразу видно накурился🤣 Не смешно, я просто не могла это не сделать👼🙏

  27. SleepyJorJe

    skillet vibes

  28. i am Maelys

    it’s very amazing i love you so much!!

  29. Ampi Gutierrez

    Dios que talento

  30. Jono-brawl stars


    1. Aelis Mich

      He's out

  31. Kyleigh Mcmanus

    For everyone saying “who’s here after he got arrested” he got bailed out and so did Bryce. Plus I don’t think he wants to be reminded about it happening.

  32. katy nicole

    , 😍

  33. Yasmim Santos

    Escutando a música pra ele ter dinheiro pra pagar a fiança ✌️😗

  34. Варвара Чен


  35. María B

    " Riding in a cop car " he really predicted his future didn't he ??🤣 (Joke btw)

  36. Mariana Oliveira

    deve ta ouvindo a musica na prisao tadinho

  37. Bridget Faulkner

    So I’m writing this to say we are here before he goes crazy famous thanks 😃

  38. Ayari Mariem

    Free jaden and bryce

  39. η φάση είναι γκριντζη

    I've been broken so many times don't know what to believe

  40. nechama 123

    I love him so much 😍

  41. Kayla Reilly

    this is actually so dope

  42. Anime_otaku 199

    I dont know why but I can't help it.. I CAN'T HELP BUT SMILE/GRIN WHEN THE CHORUS CAME!

  43. just me hayleigh

    Well he said in his song riding in the back of a cop car what are the odds😬

  44. Sophia Leis

    when "dancing on a cop car" becomes real lol

  45. Macie Andrews

    OMG IM SO FLIPPING GLAD YOU ARE OUT OF JAIL I WAS GUNNA CRY WHEN I HEARD U WERE IN JAIL 😭😭😭😭🥺 I would have cam all away their to pay to get you out 😭😭🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭

  46. May B. dis time

    when i clicked this video it has 6m and then i read the comments, and i looked back to video again and it is already 7m views xD GOSH I AM ADDICTED WITH THIS MUSIC. AT FIRST I WAS DOUBTING TO LISTEN THIS BCS I THOUGHT IT IS NOT GOOD BUT HELL MAAAAAAAAAAAN SO GOOD ASF

  47. Meep Meep

    im mad this is actually good

  48. Alyssa Paray

    i'm just kinda sad that he smokes...but it's kinda hot...ngl.

  49. Kymberly Venegas

    Jaden are you ok?

  50. juan cruz

    Es malarda breeoo

    1. juan cruz

      @Valentina Barrionuevo que dicis vos

    2. Valentina Barrionuevo

      Que decís vs @juan cruz

    3. juan cruz

      @Valentina Barrionuevo que dize

    4. Valentina Barrionuevo

      Malardo ss vs juan

  51. Austin Rinehart


  52. mynameisfartnugget ilovefishyonmesubscribetotiko

    i guess he only talks truth. riding in a cop car

  53. Michell Watts

    You smoke

  54. Charlotte Fisher

    Who’s here when jaden got arrested and Bryce took the blame for josh

  55. Graham Crackers

    Hope you enjoy your time in prison

  56. amirror

    He really dancing on a cop car now

  57. benji zander

    im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay im not gay

  58. chinbotr somethmanavy

    why does some of the parts of the songs sounds similar to wiwo billie eilish (the kinda rapping part)

  59. Lexi Bryant

    people: tik tokers can’t act, they don’t have talent but do tik tok jaden: singing. people: omg a TIK TOKER has talent wow Me: if tik tok ends jaden will have something else to do.

    1. Graham Crackers

      News flash nzigga your talented tiktoker went to jail for doing drugs

  60. roxanne

    ...and now he's in jail lmao

  61. XHannahhX

    I love you J

  62. Lexi Bryant

    no one: not a single soul: me: listen to this song like a million times

  63. Катя Кравченко

    straight to my birthday song🥺❤️🥰

  64. BS Broadcasts

    So... About that mugshot

  65. Kardelen *

    By the way did you dance in the cop car today?

  66. Kani Amin

    Everyone “who’s here after they got arrested?” Me: *just wanted to listen to the song i heard on tik tok*

  67. Mariam Tatres

    I love this song

  68. Laura

    alors ca fait quoi la prison? krkrkrkrkrkrkr

  69. Chloé Dupuis

    Oh fuck this is fucking hooottt

  70. Gabriella Ferr

    Só eu q estou aq dps dle ser preso?

  71. 2j fan page!


  72. Kayla Katie

    Who else is here after he got arrested

  73. gkyume g

    *dancing in a cop car*

  74. farah syuhada


  75. Joe O'Gara

    Does he really smoke?

  76. AddyPavvy Vlogs

    jail time

  77. xxMayaxx

    He really said ridin in a cop car and didn’t lie

  78. xxMayaxx

    He really said ridin in a cop car and didn’t lie

  79. Ur Dad

    ✨dancing in a cop car✨ *gets arrested a week later how convenient*

  80. hirva shah

    I'm crying..! #freejaden #freerockstar

  81. Itz Safii

    Jadens last vid before he got arrested

  82. Tiya Tamim


  83. Brooke Watson

    He really do riding in a cop car

  84. hirva shah


  85. Clara Reis

    Eu sou a única pessoa do Brasil?

  86. Andrea

    The "dancing on a cop car" now hits different tho

  87. Blaze_STENNER

    who’s here when he’s in jail

  88. Vanessa Edwards

    I love it

  89. bone daddy

    someone took cop car a little too seriously 😭

  90. zoe zara

    bruhh i discovered this whole bryce and jadn arrest thing myself. this song was the main plan of jaden. he tried to tell us before all of the arresting happened.. just listen to the lyrics. Well done jaden.. ur my fav and hope youre okay..

  91. Hype Darwin

    “dancing on a cop car”

  92. mineyb56

    bro he said he quit vaping, and now what? on to smoking? its sad whats happening to all of the tiktokers i used to enjoy watching.

  93. America Lopez


  94. sarsk 21

    Ахуеть не знала, что это он поёт

  95. TITI World

    Now he is on prison

    1. Hobie Wickerham

      if you look at twitter he and bryce got let out

  96. Yaritza Avila

    Anyone here after jayden and Brice got arrested 😭

    1. Hobie Wickerham

      he’s let out same with bryce just look at twitter

  97. Krista videos

    is that him signing

  98. FF American

    0:59 ну этот жест описывает то,что произошло сегодня🤠Молодцы,больше сказать нечего...