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  1. Abel Rivas

    The father, is Dannie Aiello From Leon, The Proffesional...

  2. Daniel Bezerra

    Maravilhosa, sempre escuto. Madonna é uma artista fantástica !!

  3. Pascari Robert

    When live is better than studio!

  4. Almudena Lanzas

    Sierva de los Illuminati

  5. Criiz Rodriguez

    Mine for ever for ever

  6. Nathalie Hirt

    Kein Mix

  7. Juvenal Vences

    Hola 👋 madona


    Best Queen forever Madonna


    the best vídeo of 92 with no doubt

  10. Ilona Erdelyine Lengyel

    I listen music. I love youre music

  11. M K

    Like all Madonna's songs but prefer her 80's period. And you ?

  12. James Muños

    Las altas élites usan los artistas para distraer la gente estúpida. .

  13. James Muños

    Es un ritual satánico. .La gente es estúpida y no sabe. .

  14. Robinson Arias gomez

    Madona cuándo no kiiizzz kiiizzz 😈😈😈😈😎😎😎😎🙏🙏🙏🙏👵👵👵👵

  15. Cyclomaniac

    Wow... 22 years have passed and still a great tune

  16. Lisa M

    She puts on one helluva show. So glad I have seen her.

  17. Raquel Ferreira

    Eu gosto do toque dessa música 👍

  18. Aboud M

    Beautiful women

  19. Edi Gabrieli

    Is getting boring to watch Madonna every show is the same as the one before she's making the parody of herself.

  20. Alex Citharel

    A great song to help us get through these times [email protected],a fight race for a vaccine.

  21. Braulioyayo

    Yo solo pase para ver la simbología iluminati de Madona como siempre en todos sus show.

  22. dolphin wave

    You've sold eternity for such cheap bunch-of-years fame, mortal!!! Hell is not a fancy place or status to work so hard for but still some CHOOSE to steadily and firmly end up there.

  23. George Higby

    This was the moment I saw Madonna live for the very first time... such a hot day. Literally and figuratively.

  24. ronaldo limeira

    a madonna eu pegava facil mesmo com os seus 80 anos kkkk

  25. innocenti daniel

    Remember Style

  26. Erika Martins

    Saudades tempos que não voltam mais 😞❤❤

  27. innocenti daniel

    Remember superbe cool Music Electro Bravo !!!!!!!!!!! Madonna


    muu oh donna

  29. MrRonsof

    Madonna you are hot X

  30. Ivan Salazar

    Cuando t das cuenta con esta canción que los 80 y 90 s ya pasaron

  31. Lee Parker

    This is from the 1985 film Vision Quest...By the way, I'm slightly auditory dyslexic and always thought she said "waiting for you..."

  32. vincent myers

    This was support too be my phone svm up there bent evil badgarfs my gag machines broke cos and her who lived up stairs from us at Silverdale Close Blackburn i

  33. Laura Mock

    Melhor música da Madonna na minha opinião 🤩

  34. Aboud M

    2,4k who dislike this song ,well i think they are not human, !. or maybe you are jealous of her ,

  35. meninão

    Thank God, I’ve finally found this song!! Love the intro!

  36. Bobby Waddle

    Goddess of new !!! You tube "TRIPLE KROWN PRODUCTIONZ"..."VITAl"…..

  37. Aboud M

    One word you are the Queen ,

  38. Bobby Waddle

    Lol !!! DOPE , innovative,the first !!! Madonna !!! She was the first !!!

  39. Aboud M

    this Abba music is BETTER FROM MADONNA , dou you understand ? with all my respect to Abba , it's Better and beautiful from Madonna

  40. benkhoud mohamed

    If all madonna's songs are like this not arguments on religion, sex, love, politics..... No risk she will outsold the Beatles and elvis Presley and Michael Jackson

  41. HinHwood

    The last good Madonna album/concert/look/moment.

  42. Joseph Gonzalez

    Doctors and scientists at Johnson & Johnson : “ we only got 4 mins to save the world !”

  43. Jemimah Ngu

    OMG had no idea this was a Madonna song 😁

  44. kawasaki whip two

    This video is inspired by the novel/ movie Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977). At least that's what Madonna said.

  45. hola soy rocio flores

    someone listening in this quarantine dancing it sensual

  46. Xtalin Chicaiza

    Reina del Pop

  47. Aboud M

    wow Tres jolie ma belle , i like your accent in french tres jolie , you are amazing ,love u

  48. Yolanda Goddard

  49. Massimo Massimo

    This song is so unique and hard to classify, incredibly unpredictable, modern even today and the string arrangement in the end puts a classy artful cherry on top of it, just sublime.

  50. Breah Saldana

    Always a winner!!

  51. denis ,thtpf


  52. denis ,thtpf


  53. Aboud M

    perfect song ,i love this video clip

  54. Bart Anonim

    dark angels love you

  55. Laouaj nourddine


  56. Aboud M

    beautiful eyes ,Beautiful voice ,Beautiful Madonna

  57. Ignacio Soto

    Que paja estar en cuarentena pensando en que podría estar bailando esta canción en Blondie o en cualquier otra maricoteca

  58. David Carpenter

    Never much cared for Austin Powers but I'll deal with him here, because this is one of my favorite Madonna songs!

  59. John Harmon

    Weekly Wackadadoos check in here

  60. Дмитрий Тарасов

    Super Gerl 💋

  61. Eddie cheung

    Crazy For You😇😍

  62. Said Jsk

    هذي الاعنية تذكرني بالماضي

  63. اسامه العبيدي

    والرب نجفي وكوفي ومش خاب يون ومس كفى واجزائهم ومستقبلهم ونهايات جنوب دعش جنوب عراق ونهايات شنكاف مدعش وزوجي شيعيون وسنيون وزندق وشيو عي واجزائه م يستخدمون لطميات ومسروق وش وشلل تعبانه وغابات وجزر تعبانه وجذور تعبانه فرار وتبدلي وسرقات حصص مواطنين وجماهير وشعوب واجيال أولى وأخرى وخياتيات وحيا تيات أخرى وجبال وتلول كنوز اخراع أخرى وأخرج آخر جت البراري كنوزها واعترافيات قبل عامين وثلاث أعوام وسرقات حصص سيدات ونسوان والأطفال وأدوية وطعام وشراب وسرقات أقوام فيهم خيرات وأسرار في كل مكان وعوالم ووووووووو

  64. Gavroche Thomas Belcher

    this was the number one song the day i was born

  65. Cliff Butler

    This is one of her catchiest song and a great video pure maddona the best there is the best there was the best there ever be

  66. Gus Drekavac

    Lady gaga plagious madonna

  67. HadimogFly's

    Doesnt anybody notice that this song sounds ALOT like michael jacksons beat it?

  68. He HD Hffhs

    Todo es un recuerdo Madonna eres linda te admiro increíble 💕💕💞

  69. Gian. GL armonia. y paz

    Me. Encanta. Esta. Canción. Me. Encanta. Vamos. A. Bailar. Suavidad. Te. Amo. Musica. Te. Amo. Me. Haces. Feliz. Felizzzzzzz. Sentir. La. Musica. Estoy. En. El. Cielooooooo. Mary. Bailaaaaa. Tuuuuuuuu. Maryyyyy. Solooooooooo. Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Solooooooooooo. Tuuuuuuuuuu

  70. Bruno Costa


  71. Gian. GL armonia. y paz

    La. Mejor. Canción. Bella. Canción. Gracias. Madona. Bella. Persona. Bella. Cantante.

  72. dantrel81

    Madonna has a platonra of HITS ,its ridiculous! Greatest female Pop artist of all time ?

  73. María del Milagro Acosta de Zafra

    Me encataba Maddona me vestía como ella.

  74. syed subhan

    Corona era , and madonna music...wooaahhh 2020

  75. ALLEX tavares


  76. Rgh Rfgg

    From iraq i heard this song in 1988 when it was playing by caset and i hear it now in 2020 by youtube 🥰🥰🥰

  77. ONLY in TIME

    Did France ever have a real queen sis? who is the mother land to our father land?

  78. Yolanda Goddard

  79. Erick Bitch


  80. Yolanda Goddard

    1. Yolanda Goddard

      ....all i do is cook, clean and f.......

    2. Yolanda Goddard

      Shouldn't have to marry for a job......

    3. Yolanda Goddard

      ...a candy-perfume boy?....

    4. Yolanda Goddard

      Do u know what it feels like to be a girl? ;)

    5. Yolanda Goddard

      Why not just buy them off me if i am so abhorrent?

  81. JOEY M

    Favorite song from the Album

  82. syed subhan

    This song is so intense. still vulgar and erotic for 2020. Imagine

  83. Игорь Венглинский

    идет разоблачение по адренохрому

  84. JOEY M

    This is one of my favorite Madonna songs Ever!

  85. #-Kate Hawk-#

    *i just came here for the "HEE"* XD i always make that sound Like im just "oh here it comes here it come-" *LIKE A VIRGIN-... HEEE!*

  86. Chris Ohare

    Beautiful madonna x

  87. syed subhan

    why cant she make such creative jaw dropping videos now? wTF is wrong with her.

  88. Kim Night

    I remember the first time I lesson to this song, I was 15, since that moment Like a Prayer is my best song ever !

  89. Megan Smith


  90. Megan Smith

    She has 50 number 1 dance hits!!!! ♥

  91. Megan Smith

    This album is a masterpiece!!! ♥

  92. Megan Smith

    The most successful song of 1989! ♥♥♥♥

  93. ernesto egger

    You are the best ! Ernesto from swizerland with a Dog .

  94. msdixieblues

    Anyone else think photographer resembled Paul McCartney? Always thought so, even as a five year old watching on MTV.

  95. Erik Escobar

    Material Doggo brought me here!

  96. ernesto egger

    Du Bist die Beste 😛

  97. Richard Atami

    She was amazing

  98. Megan Smith

    Masterpiece!!!! ♥

  99. Jimmy Moore Canada

    Epic !