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  1. Gill Donato

    When she said friend my mind went AARON HULL

  2. sundus aldrbas

    you should try iced Americano with 2 pumps of white mocha it's the BEST from Starbucks and yes we have urth cafe where I live ( Saudi Arabia )

  3. AndreeaGamer

    sis stfu thanks

  4. AubreyJamesMusic

    Yessss 4 the Santa Sweater.⛄🎅

  5. Mr. Cube

    idc what y’all say but fuck Philz coffee, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts is fire 🔥

  6. sally dolan

    no but starbucks coffee is DDDIIISSSGGGUUSSSTTTIIINNGG


    9:56 best part of the video.

  8. Anna Whitaker

    Do you think she likes 7 eleven coffee?

  9. Pierre-jean Leila


  10. Magda Andrade

    Dam what did Starbucks do to Emma

  11. Lizet

    Declan was me when I was a kid and my mom was busy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Shelley Holtmann-Schnur

    Philz is the best. I work at Philz and it's amazing coffee AND an incredible place to work. GLAD WE WON!!!!!!!

  13. Natalie Wright

    i don’t like the way your editor edits. too many weird zoom ins for no reason

  14. Kylie Alurcon

    I want to get coffee with Emma 🥺

  15. Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)

    When Declan jumped on the table, I lost it

  16. Clara Bouchard

    Gray need to build a table for Emma

  17. Manuela Gracia

    *emma making a video about coffees* *Also emma* :explains why Philz is the best coffees

  18. Skylar Tropp

    Declan jumping on the table 😂😂

  19. sanjay saxena

    done. ι aм ѕα∂ ωну? ι ѕaw grayѕon dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrend <

  20. Alyssa Tifft

    I love your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. 「 I s l a 」

    Emma hating every single coffee brand except for Philz for 13 minutes and 38 seconds

  22. Dïanne Shelbee

    No one :... Emma ' This is Starbucks EW !

  23. Jaime Devine

    The people that have said “sInCe WhEn HaS eMmA nOt LiKeD sTaRbUcKs!” Watch her fricking videos you idiots

  24. joe

    Nobody: Emma: Starbucks coffee tastes like urine

  25. IluvAmerika


  26. Petxvx

    My favourite iced coffee latte is the one I make at home. The coffee I buy outside is often shitty and we don't have philz here

  27. Tim Rapp

    Don’t worry Emma, your palate will mature at some point

  28. Cathy Martinez

    Declan is meeee 😂😂

  29. Varada Rohokale

    Is anybody going to talk about how Emma is just running out of content 😂😂 her videos revolve arnd coffee, haul, thrifting, vacations.

  30. Aiden P.

    okay but Starbucks black coffee 😳

  31. MIGVIE

    The cat 🤣🤣

  32. Angel Diaz

    I fw the Intro tho

  33. vinny

    day 1: trying to get youtube famous by commenting :)

  34. Nivek Dowman

    done. ι aм ѕα∂ ωну? ι ѕaw єммα dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor grayѕon <

  35. Deanna Bauer

    The whole time I just wanna wipe the coffee rings on her table from the cups 😂😂

  36. Petxvx

    Declan 😂😂😂

  37. Julia is mah name

    Declyn: Yeah I wanna try this hoomans drink. *Jumps up* Emma who is protective of her coffee: DECLYN!

  38. Jessica T

    Declan had me absolutely crying 😅😅😅

  39. Abxizz

    9:55 I think I just died

  40. AS

    You bring out my inner addiction of coffee *thanks for that* and I kinda wanna try Philz coffee so bad but I need to travel to the USA for that so *thanks for that too*

  41. Iqra Chattha

    Just means a screen's loose. Find the bad egg, tighten it and live your best life.

  42. Ted C

    Emma has definitely got an editor now

  43. Imaginarypeeps

    9:55 just a pause and then *DeClAnD*

  44. H A

    Can’t wait until u open your own coffee shop!


    how many times have we seen this video?

  46. bethany kim

    u can tell how passionate she is about this 🤣🤣

  47. Aaliyah Jackson

    Omg declan

  48. Bertine Lyche-Andresen

    How does she look good in all clothes?😍😭

  49. Jordan Hawkins

    Caribou is the superior

  50. Naomi Masson

    Replaying declan jumping on the table


    Declan at 9:55 is me trying to not fail school

  52. Basic Bunny

    So Emma has uploaded early is writing make up and seems happy something is up...

  53. Rainbow dash fun

    *Starbucks about to give Emma chamberlain a sponsorship* Emma: I hate Starbucks

  54. Andrea Sbei

    alright the slurp sounds every time you sipped were not necessary sis

  55. Christopher Mealer

    I *SCREAMED* when Declan jumped on the table🤣😂🤣

  56. The Kiki Hamilton

    “ DECLAN “

  57. Gracie T

    declan's really out here flexing his parkour skills in the back

  58. Juliet Mogensen

    tim hortons is the best. had to be said

  59. Halie Rose


  60. wavy is cute

    RIP the 7 Eleven sponsorship

  61. Javier Saenz

    What about Dutch Bros?? They have the best coffee 😍 or there none in LA?

  62. Reagan

    ok so this is really random... UmMM but for a video idea get a bunch of the same coffees but from other stores and mix them all together... and drink it.

  63. Jeannie-Rose Men-Martin

    major kombucha girl energy at 1:24

  64. Sharpness3v

    I didn't know starbucks could levitate 9:57

  65. Lilly Bae

    Best part of the video: 9:54

  66. Cmc C

    Last but not least... it's least

  67. Can i get 10000 subscribers for no reason ?

    why did I think this was a 2017 video

  68. Amazing A 242

    Ha Canada has Tim’s

  69. Rainbow dash fun

    everyone: and thats the tea sis Emma chamberlain: thats the coffee sis

  70. Andrea Hendrix

    lmfao when declan tries to jump on the table 😂😂😂😂

  71. Gabriella Longa

    when Declan tried jumping on the table i lost my shit

  72. Vareena

    I totally lost it when Declan jumped on the table. I rewatched 15 times and it only gets worse

  73. Ali Boaza

    Your slurp sound is 10/10 triggering every SINGLE time. Ngl.

  74. blue skies

    "i let my b- ..... friend borrow my ring light" did anyone else notice that at 0:29 😳😳

  75. Fer Pacheco

    it’s kinda funny that ppl still using the “emma chamberlain doesn’t shower” joke when in reality she has her hair wet in every single video fkfkf

  76. RaGhad Azizi

    Whoa, 2 uploads in one week? I was NOT ready for this, but im here for itttt.

  77. Kira Hofer

    why are all the comments no one: emma:

  78. 2ChordPublishing

    done. ι aм мα∂ ωну? ι ѕaw єммα dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor grayѕon <

  79. Marija

    Starbucks has the worst coffee. I don’t want to believe people go there for cups.

  80. corpoceleste

    no one: declan: jump on the table

  81. Baustelli 775


  82. Marie Marie

    Next time try them all & guess without looking! That would be more fun : )

  83. Catherine Campbell

    Too bad there is no Tim Hortons in California. They serve weird coffee that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

  84. Katelyn Lup

    dunkin’ is the best

  85. AnQi Guo

    Emma should start her own coffeeshop

  86. Sarah Moss

    No one: Emma: i HatE iT!!!!!!!! 😂

  87. Sohayla

    I clicked faster then how jojo siwa talks

  88. cringy, and crying

    Me during the first 3 min of this vid while she was guessing the coffee: WHY WE GOING SO FUCKING FAAAAAST

  89. Miranda Clifford


  90. Whitney Austins

    I knew this video was coming

  91. Obscure Je t'aime

    “It has pee pee undertones” on the Starbucks coffee. Here I drink it often😂😭

  92. Sean Markley

    nobody: *declan jumps aggressively on table*

  93. H Le

    Did anyone else die when the cat jumped 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. fat choomah

    no one: absolutely no one: emma: oOoOo i lOve lighT ice cUbes

  95. Paola martinez

    Watched the whole video and I don't even like coffee. Lol

  96. NASHAE Moore

    emma’s videos are just not good atm

  97. emily rayn

    declan: *jumps on table* emma: dEcLaN!!1!!1!!!

  98. ara

    dude i work at peets and i was prepared for you to ROAST us but thank u for not making me cry

  99. Nathania Antwi

    Finally gets Dunkin.... New England is happy

  100. Brigid Hosmer

    I swear dunkin donuts is better in new england