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  1. D4Real

    you sometimes sound like dane cook doing standup .... i cant be the only one who has said this before

  2. Mynthx연리

    0:47 How sad Disney didn't make a movie inspired by my country :')

  3. Noah Salazar

    you watched the anime dubbed?? I saw it in Japanese audio with subtitles... (oh and yes, end 2019 represent)

  4. Clinton Arledge

    Now it makes sense! When Luke says, “ I felt this power once before. It didn’t scare me then but it does now “. He wasn’t talking about Kylo Ren. He was talking about Palpatine!

  5. Ghosty Playz

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yes i actually counted how many zeros were in that

  6. MyChemicalKlance

    The Lion King 2 played with the termites because the lions that live in the Outlands have to live off of termites exclusively since there isn't enough plant life to sustain the prey there. So good job MatPat :D

  7. AllOf Eales

    I am a lion

  8. Brandon Monroy

    See these kids don't know about Zen but you have to learn this kids everybody in the world who's ever watching this video there's a reason why they're teaching you this technique there's something very bad going to happen to this world and we're going to have to use that technique to fight it because there's no other way only send can help I'll survive the apocalypse

  9. agentblank122

    It's an interesting theory, but its not right. Zion is the real world, look it up for explanations.

  10. MeloMewo

    Retarded sonic or epic sonic

  11. Pisau ir tapšnojau

    God is a parasite

  12. Chris

    This video was made after age of ultron

  13. RoboticraftRME

    Why just not make another Planet

  14. donofon101

    When your host / narrator sounds like a ranting idiot ... you just might b listening to a ranting idiot'

  15. W4ffl3_C4k3

    Ah yes balanced out Peter:random stuff Miles:random stuff plotline and plot armor

  16. Kaustuv - brawl stars


  17. sammi g

    Brain neadle

  18. MyChemicalKlance

    I loved Kimba and The Lion King as a kid pls don't do this (watches anyway) ;-;

  19. Syaz's Productions

    He was probably during or after 1939 because in the episode "Friends" he sings a song from "The wizard of Oz" 'Somewhere over the rainbow'

  20. Das Lama

    Uhmmm... Am I dumb ? How do we know that in Moana the stone of life or what so ever was just stolen when they came on this island ? Does it get mentioned somewhere ?

  21. Emeraldplaysmc Mmo

    Plot twist Mr. Poopybutthole is Bill cyfer

  22. Austen Bro


  23. FreddyGirl628


  24. jackson jyp

    I can only hear green needle😭😥🤯🤯👩‍🔬

  25. Harvmarv 24

    I am a lion

  26. 김주호

    I guess his theory is wrong

  27. Lucas Jarman

    HEY, I'M AUSTRALIAN, btw it's quite simple

  28. Niicha Doungtongyou

    you could whittle the amount of clues to four

  29. Pierce Animations


  30. Niicha Doungtongyou

    get off my laun(i live in aus)


    I am a lion

  32. beti mobla

    Their voices are better in Japanese.

  33. Torin Lupo

    Just get into an aircraft.

  34. Gamer craft's

    Please do a theory about hazbin hotel

  35. Death Battle321

    December 7, 2019. So today I had to fight off the A.I. so I harvest what is left of the crops that can grow in this harsh environment. The radioactive fallout is pesky because I have to wear a gas mask all the time, only exception being when I'm in the bunker part of my "fortress".

  36. Baisc

    I am lion.

  37. Røse Yuuki


  38. Travis Humphrey

    -NOTE- it's a nitroglycerin-LIKE sweat, meaning it can be expanding way more than nitroglycerin.

  39. lesil1000

    Insects are technically animals, but I assume they're not considered "sentient"

  40. Gamer craft's

    Please do a theory on Hazbin hotel

  41. Aussie Films YT

    Do u sleep mat?

  42. JustPassingThrough

    Blind people, insane people, and criminals- *exist* All the gods causing the bird box rapture to everyone else- Pathetic....

  43. Captain Fuzz

    Matpats search history now has a crap tonne of cocaine

  44. lesil1000

    A dog was put down in Lady and the Tramp, so that's actually two.

  45. Alexander Bender

    The writing of this episode is actually profound

  46. 한정섭

    please stop yelling at the end;;;;

  47. Odd Boy

    |-| [] \|/ c| | c| ¥[] \/ c| [] (- |-| @(- How did you do that

  48. Willow Whimsicott

    welp, I said soup

  49. Hounaida Ben


  50. mored arev haritourian

    neat now i can look real smart talking about rick

  51. E White

    You just prove one of my theories, which is: Summer is more like Ric. I believe there may be a Citadel of Summers out there.

  52. sister Tea

    1) i hear only Brain storm 2) my hands don't feel weird 3) i only saw it 1time 4) i was thinking slep

  53. lesil1000

    He's smart enough to make a decent antidepressant, but my guess is he's too afraid it will change who he is. Or it's just convenient to the plot that he can't cure his depression.

  54. 1pcmedic

    We all just love to PAY for RE RUNS................

  55. Oak Bolan

    i relate matpat

  56. GabbyLolz

    When he scared his short ex coworker after he killed his other ex coworker I lost it

  57. Disco Doggo

    And i still can't watch season 4 because im in australila

  58. Pabu Redpanda

    Im sorry but here we say:”ROADA ROLLER DAAA!!’’

  59. kloassie

    Ehm ... Did you also have a (faked?) stroke of anterograde amnesia at 9:48 / 9:58 MatPat? 'Ringo' also ends with an 'o' so Dory guessing 'Ringo' would *not* improve her believability in comparison to Fabio, Cheeko, Bingo, Harpo and Elmo

  60. GabbyLolz

    “You either die the hero or live long enough to watch yourself become the villain

  61. Maxine Northam

    many big num bers brak brain

  62. Degenerated_weeb

    Smh Best girl Penni Parker would demolish them all at once

  63. Xavier Langlands

    Disney would never do something risky.

  64. laprill gromoll

    Man 3 years ago am I really that old

  65. Patience Perkins

    Is it just me or would other people shake Bills hand

  66. Remy K

    I always thought goku helping Gohan in the Kamehameha against cell, wasn't literal and more supportive in spirit...

  67. Gene Hunter

    At of all honesty, this video is real deep... some may think it’s over analyzed, because it’s a cartoon.. but how it was explained throughout in full detail, only AWAKE grown-ups, will understand, and relate to it. Great video..

  68. RainPlayz

    can you buy the ancient evil book with all those secrets and stuff

  69. Tyler Truesdale

    One episode with king Neptune or Training the the secret formula is love. The episode where SpongeBob and Neptune have a burger making contest...a possible Patty secret formula.

  70. lesil1000

    I don't want to get too much into philosophy, but I think people sometimes don't get that the thing that is best for them is often the most ethical option. Empathy was an evolutionary trait for a reason. Helping others helps yourself.

  71. Go CPNG

    Symbolism Motifs And Redherrings

  72. RainMoontide

    enjoyable break down ep

  73. Sirius Black

    yey my bnha!!

  74. Andrea Gudino

    The BOOK says that it is not uncommon for stacks to fall

  75. Aaron Fangheart

    Please I watched the whole series in front of my whole class when I was done I went meh I've seen better its not that bad sissy's they called me "tuff guy",.

  76. greta garbo

    I hear luweegi bord

  77. train boy

    Love the poop jokes I'm 12..

  78. Regina Bagwell

    You know James?

  79. Tyrone Wentzel

    i swear this is how anakin was born

  80. Esther Koebel

    Just watch the movie.

  81. evrett hills

    Bro the movie theater at 2:45 is literally the exact movie theater that is 5 minutes away from my house

  82. Don De Guzman

    is Quicky (from Midnight Horror School) truly possesssed by My Son (from Gregory Horror Show).

  83. Sticky Keys

    I like this theory, RIP BERTOLT

  84. Rodnel Escobido

    So its possible that rey will fight luke

  85. Cyphro H

    I think he is Rick's sense of consciousness.

  86. Dennis Forsland

    But time travel is common in gravity falls. There supposedly isn't time travel in rick and Morty

  87. Emily Frampton

    Can you please do a film theory about how all the Holiday Netflix Movies are connected?

  88. Don’t Exist

    I can imagine Shane doing a documentary on this👀

  89. Viupcake


  90. Bill Cipher

    If most of the movie is a hallucination, why would he want to get back at Murray if he hadn’t yet done anything bad to him?

  91. Rootle

    he says arthur gains confidence bc it wasn't real but you could just say he was planning on literally shooting himself so wasn't looking at many consequences huh

  92. dahman mc

    so there is no original content after all

  93. Thian Huat Shang

    Well, Magneto can attract lots of metal, but can he attract........... The ladies?

  94. Sans Comic

    smh my head, he used the part 4 intro instead of the part 5 intro

  95. Krystal Duran

    wait when he said " he used to be" in that special it was in the future

  96. fluffy stuffed fluffy clouds fluff fluff

    Yeah...I was afraid to touch algae to..

  97. Yes I am rich

    Before I clicked this video I thought..."If love doesn't save her then it means the kiss save her."

  98. Mask Kyrie

    there is no way a cockroach can move a pickle its way too heavy.

  99. Oicjre_Gaming

    MatPat: the jungle book has no deaths Me: So what happened to Akela?

  100. Dr E bot

    Fun fact : Foxface actually did the edible food test... So she probably committed suicide