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  1. Fati

    k, what does 2020 have to tell us more? 2020, is there more? what are we supposed to say...

  2. MJ

    That is Dojas eyes

  3. ItZ Abnxz



    I respect this man all his fame,money and lovely personality said he waitin for the right person

  5. Jane Doe

    Shoulda been the ORIGINAL!

  6. Maroua Bendou

    come on the weeknd! am an aqua sun scorpio moon and i understand why ure conflicted! sometimes u cant feel ure face and some other times ur virgin! xD i feel u cuz ure a soulmate, and thats why i really like you 💙

  7. caustic NOStalgia

    I'm angry at Doja but her in this song is giving me the feels

  8. Vuyani Masango

    Plot twist, the weeknd knew he was working with a racist all along...

  9. Dalton Glova

    To all the XO fans: this song is hope that the OG Weeknd is still lurking

  10. Azuma


  11. rick sanchez

    Man I'm so obsessed with this!!!

  12. ansam M.A.G

    Can’t stop listening to this 🤤🔥❤️

  13. an se

    Some people on the comments here played by the fake rumors [and this industry is like that some spill the rumors to ruin other's career] and Doja is super talented woman who is gonna survive this and STOP THROWING DIRTS ON HER PEOPLE Even in Black community they be judge other black people's skin colors light or dark and that's foolish... And Doja is black too.. And I think that Doja was never fully accepted by Black community cuz she is half white and neither white community did And ppl with mixed races they grew up with blaming the other side cuz of insecurities and cuz of haters... Let her be Her and leave her alone She is moving forward no matter what ppl judge her past (I am sorry if there is any grammatically wrong sentence I am Korean) And this song is AMAZING

  14. kadie

    my 2 favorite artists in one song i- work of art ❤

  15. Stella Ngoh

    Wow..........just wow

  16. Pink Bettas

    Why does this song feel so nostalgic

  17. Clement Fermn

    When the vergin dude meme makes a song

  18. Serenity

    Thought he was gonna say he is gay....

  19. Film Cam

    Am I the only one that wanted Steve to sing with The Weeknd?

  20. Hxng Dixk

    I remember hearing this on the Southpaw soundtrack, good stuff

  21. Tania Dias


  22. Tania Dias


  23. Prince of Twerk

    The cover is exactly the same as BASTILLE's Blame 🤔

  24. TealTime!!! 123

    Who is Here From TikTok

  25. Daniel santiago

    Is he actually virgins?? 🤣🤣

  26. bitch lasagne

    Its better than any song right now.

  27. Annika Dahlqvist

    Ooooohhh 👌👌👌👌

  28. Selenay

    Now that Doja debunked all the dumb rumours regarding her on her live, let's enjoy this beautiful remix ❤

  29. Mheay Fajardo


  30. You Cant Stop Me

    3:04 Pretty sure that's the best part of this song

  31. Sade ß


  32. Maeva R

    Love the weeknd😍

  33. Matheus

    galera, quem é clóvis?

  34. David Oates

    This needs to happen! ----> <---

  35. Simmonds is A beast

    The official song for Fortnite players

  36. Dafinny Miranda


  37. e

    time to re-stan

  38. not again

    They should do a tiktok dance for 2:10 and 0:35

  39. who cares

    This song is too good dangg!

  40. Shemz Love

    5 days ago Meme: Turn it up 2 days ago Meme: Turn it off

  41. Bruno Martins

    Muito boa, tá de parabéns 👏👏❤

  42. Yung Curly

    This song must be in his next album

  43. Saint Sasuke

    she looks like his exes 👀

  44. Abstract Reality Tim

    "I know you" is a music chord in the weeknd 's mind like nah brah you are literally saying I know you, Its not just a chord or progression.

  45. Alexander Remgen


  46. Henry Lalnghakliana

    I loved it💙

  47. Amai S2

    A Doja tem uma voz tão bonita 💖💖

  48. Vanes B.

    Every artist bring the 80s 90s back now like wtf

  49. Laila

    shes so talented hjsjf

  50. m z

    Abel pls punch me in the face

  51. gatitod Art


  52. Colin Mae Dejito

    But is he really a virgin? 😞

  53. Leann Stéfan

    now that that whole fiasco is over, im ready for dojas verse

  54. Justin’s WRLD

    This mf spitting

  55. shakeeltv

    Imagine being a non-virgin!🤢

  56. Kaizah

    This proves the weeknd can literally make a good song out of any concept

  57. Poyraz

    subliminal mesaj var amk yine :)

  58. Ducky FNM

    jeff is oddly comfortable with all of this

  59. Kaisha Page

    Weeknd is a badass!!!!! I love this song.😆

  60. Zubair Shah


  61. Iara Abigail Sanchez Robles

    At first the melody sounds like Lauv's song "who"

  62. acacia peroni

    2020: The Weeknd After Hours 2020: Uncle Noon I Wanna Marry You

  63. Gersi T

    One of his best..but no video clip??😮

  64. Madison Bittner

    80s music vibes are becoming trendy...and I’m living🙏

  65. Story Time

    The first thing I said when I heard this song..sounds like the 80's which IMO was the BEST time in music.. and vocal Micheal Jacksonish..

  66. Melokina AChembeze

    I love itt

  67. Benny boy does everything

    The morning:Cali is the mission Tell your friends:Cali was the mission Snowchild:Cali was the mission but now a n**** leaving

  68. Rohit Sharma

    When I get high af, It's beat get damn crazy and low...

  69. تت من


  70. Gisele

    I need a mv with they in a 80's nightclub and all that stuff

  71. Julian Muel

    I love this


    Damn this hits very hard when you recently broke up with someone, knowing that you made the mistake and the reason why they part ways with you, this fuels my regret for losing the my girl, and the chorus of this music is exactly what i want to say to her if i ever get the chance to have her back again in my life.

  73. pretty mamas

    me tryna figure out if it’s wrong that i keep listening to this 👁👄👁

    1. Kyran Roberts

      you’re not wrong to listen to this. everything regarding Doja was debunked, you can watch her live where she addressed it if you search up Doja Cat live

  74. Tony Truand

    "Never did drugs", oh putain xD